Day #23: Santa’s Christmas Sword, No Santa

I was hoping that the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar would end with a bang. I thought doors 23 & 24 would hold some really fun items. I still have hope for door #24.

Need a blue knife in your life? Perhaps blue swords for your horde?
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a blue sword. The handle of the sword reminds me of a cane, which makes me wonder why the Penguin isn’t included in the calendar.

Our son was not thrilled at first, but…

His sinister side emerged. He began to plot.

We think he sharpened the edge and is hiding it up his sleeve like a shiv.
That was a joke. I hope my corny sarcasm shines through. At no point is our son playing with dangerous toys. Photos are staged and taken in a safe manor. Speaking of safe, we hope everyone has a safe travel experience during the holidays. We spent most of yesterday at the airport until leaving for home in sporadic whiteout conditions. Our flight was canceled and our airport closed due to a blizzard. It’s -38 Fahrenheit (wind chill included) today. It looks like we’ll be staying home this Christmas. Today would have been our son’s first airplane ride and he would have met his cousins in South Carolina for the first time. But, it’s easy to stay positive being safe at home and a future trip is already in the works.

Additional sword info: The sword was originally released with the Winter Warrior Santa imaginext figure, pictured below. In looking up info about the sword, I also found that the robe/head piece from day #14 was part of the Warrior Santa figure set as well.

I wish Santa was in this calendar, but since only 8 characters are included, here is the lineup. Flash, Riddler, Cyborg, Batman, Captain Cold, Batgirl, Green Lantern and Swamp Thing. Tune in tomorrow for the last door before Christmas!

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