Day #24: Bat Snowmobile or Snow Batmobile?

It’s Christmas Eve and the final day for our 2022 Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. We’d like to thank everyone who’s been along for the ride. It’s been a wild month of daily posts and calendar reveals.

The calendar housed a mixed bag of toys and accessories but overall they’ve been entertaining. Later in this post I provide a report card for the Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar.

The 1200 cc, 150 horsepower beauty above was behind door #24 and it’s featured on the calendar box top. Batman’s snowmobile is a really fun addition to the figure set. It’s the largest item and the only vehicle in the calendar. Most of the calendar figures fit on the snowmobile.
On day #20, Ryan let me know that the Batman disk found behind door #20 could be launched using other imaginext weapons. Unfortunately the snowmobile is not able to fire coins. Instead, it resembles Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat guitar and that’s fun too.

Our son and Green Lantern had a blast speeding throughout the house on the snowmobile. They didn’t test it out in the snow outside because the temperature–with windchill–was -35 degrees.

Below is the majority of figures and accessories that make up the scene on the box top. Special thanks to my wife for documenting all of the calendar reveals. The process was a lot of fun and I’m thankful for her help.

Above is a report card for the Fisher Price Christmas calendar.

  • Creativity was low on the grading scale. Most, if not all of the items that were in the advent calendar had been previously released. Some of the items received a new coat of paint for the advent calendar, making the items feel like an after thought. imaginext was more interested in getting rid of inventory than focusing on the user experience of their product.
  • The calendar is Entertaining and serves its purpose by delivering one toy per day. You may not appreciate receiving duplicate figures and accessories if you already collect DC imaginext toys.
  • This product came up short on Delivery and/or execution. Imaginext’s use of reused inventory created a situation where accessories did not pair with included figures nor were they relevant to Christmas. With some forethought, the calendar and accessories could have been fun. 2 examples of missed opportunities and lack of effort were: 2 imaginext Santa accessories were included in this advent calendar but no Santa figure was. And, a gold coin that’s able to be shot from an imaginext toy weapon was in this calendar. But, nothing was included in the calendar that could launch the coin. There was also some confusion as to why some accessories like the hockey stick, are meant for games, while other accessories are weapons.
  • The cost of the calendar was around $43. Price could be less due to reused parts and pieces. But, I did enjoy the box presentation and thought $43 for over 24 parts wasn’t terrible. If Swamp Thing wasn’t included in the calendar, I’d recommend the $43 be spent on 1 better quality figure.

Thanks again for stopping by I hope you have a merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.

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