Swamp Thing Tab & \ Keycap

Artist and toy maker, Neil Ewing might have handcrafted the most wonderfully obscure item to my collection. I’m thrilled to have his custom keyboard capThe cap is hand cast, glow in the dark, neon green resin, with second cast neon red eyes. That’s a mouthful but this little Swamp Thing face is pretty damn adorable and unique. It’s limited to 10 units. There may be more available on Neil’s site, here.


Sized for 1.5U for tab & \ keycaps. I wasn’t sure what a u is but found the following info online. “1u is a standard alpha keycap size. 1.5 is the standard tab or pipe key size.” Continue reading “Swamp Thing Tab & \ Keycap”

DC in the 80s Fanzine: Baxter Stock

Mark from DC in the 80s sent me all 3 issues of his awesome fanzine, Baxter Stock! Swamp Thing is featured on the cover of issue #3 and Rick Veitch is interviewed in issue #1. DC in the 80s posts really great content on Facebook and Twitter. I recommend checking out their website as well.486A1C09-2B29-4650-AC4C-08EC50F1AE22C5DC5CC2-6636-46EB-81D3-063309EC4F75

Josh Bayer illustrated Swamp Thing on issues #3, above. Below, “Vertigo Top 10” lists Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run #1.



Fanzines back in the day had really fun extras and Baxter Stock does not disappoint in representing the greatness. Below is an awesome Depeche Mode parody ad. Continue reading “DC in the 80s Fanzine: Baxter Stock”

Swamp Thing TV Show AD Dept. Vest

I was fortunate enough to find this 2019 Swamp Thing TV show AD (Assistant Director) Department vest last week. The down filled vest was manufactured by Calvin Klein. It will pair nicely with the 90s Swamp Thing TV show crew member jacket I picked up some years back. Here’s a link in case you haven’t seen it on the site. Since this vest is a size medium, my wife gets to sport it.



The back of the vest features the 2019 Swamp Thing tv show logo. Below the logo reads, “Season 1 AD Dept.” The front of the vest is less exciting, featuring the CK logo.  



Dr Anton Arcane Custom Figures

Custom toy maker, @dr.antonarcane makes extremely fun and creative figures. I purchased a Swamp Thing & Arcane figure from him in the past but this new neon/glow in the dark figure is ELECTRIC!
the above image was taken from @dr.antonarcane Instagram page. Follow his work for more amazing photos.

“Neon Fall Swamp Thing” has 4 points of magnetic articulation and included a custom, signed backer!

@dr.antonarcane stays true to the figure style by pairing it with artwork inspired by Swamp Thing #57 “Mysteries in Space” – see below. The figure that inspired this custom was the Kenner Bio-Glow Swamp Thing. Both the Kenner figure & Swamp Thing #57 depict the character with a cactus body. The two great depictions merge together to make this fantastic, inspired custom action figure!


Below is a process photo of the figure being made. It was taken from @dr.antonarcane Instagram page. Continue reading “Dr Anton Arcane Custom Figures”

The Grail Keepers Podcast

The Grail Keepers Podcast asked me to join their live YouTube show tomorrow night, Tuesday April, 6. I’m thrilled for the opportunity. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about comics, Swamp Thing and collectibles as a whole. Join us for a fun Swampy filled chat. Ask question, live while you watch. Watch live here.FE7153BE-5370-4D94-981C-3D48BE63C5B2

Matt hosts the show on his YouTube channel, Count Von Strange IV. You can keep up with the show on YouTube & Instagram.


DC Direct Heroes of the DC Universe Bust

DC Direct: Heroes of the DC Universe Bust – Series 2, 2011
Statue: s12, Box: s11, NOV110245

Around the time the New 52 was kicking off in 2011, this beautiful statue of our beloved Muck Monster was released. I made sure to pick one up around the time of its release, anticipating that it’d sell like hot cakes. It’s one of my favorite statues. 

Statue Detail Images:
Swamp Thing’s abs are nuts! I love the details throughout, the wildlife clinging to him look great. I often think of this statue as the Ron Perlman/Party Swamp Thing.


Continue reading “DC Direct Heroes of the DC Universe Bust”

V2K Preview

V2K Preview (February 2000)
This 8-page comic shop giveaway helps highlight my Swamp Thing obsession. It’s nothing to write home about (as I write this to you) and I can’t imagine it’s highly sought after. But, I’ve been on the lookout for about 8 years and finally found a copy. The piece promotes DC’s V2K (Vertigo 2000) branded collection of 3 limited series and 2 one shots. “Totems” featuring Swamp Thing is one of those one shots within the ad.


The cover kind of pushes your head in, being backward. The only thing that isn’t backward is the product code in the bottom left corner, promo8190. Swamp Thing is featured in the top left corner. His image is from the cover of “Totems.” I’ve not written about the book on the site yet but I’ll get around to it eventually.

Interior Cover: “In stores the last week of the Millennium.” The world didn’t end when the ball dropped for 2020, but at the time many people were concerned. I recall News outlets hyping the Y2K fallouts and how the world could change over night.


The interior introduces V2K along with a series of covers from the V2K line of books.
7E48A42B-04E3-4535-9FC7-105E72284528 Continue reading “V2K Preview”

Abby Arcane FINALLY has an Action Figure

This week, Figures Toy Company finally released their Abby Cable figure. It’s part of their DC Comics Retro 8 inch Action Figure Series. I’m pleased as punch because it’s the first time an officially licensed Abby action figure has been released. It’s the perfect match for the Swamp Thing Mego-style figure that was released last year.


Abby is one of my favorite characters within Swamp Thing canon. She is the backbone of the title character, and the glue that binds numerous story arcs throughout Swamp Thing’s history. Amongst other things, Abby anchored Swamp Thing when his humanity and spirit were adrift. She suffered through-what seemed like-endless struggles, trauma and loss since she appeared in Swamp Thing #3 (1973). Abby is a reminder (to me) of how humanity can suffer and endure, living within the world of monsters. There are so many reasons to love the character. I’m really psyched to add this Abby figure to my collection.

And, of course Swamp Thing made his way onto the packaging! The artwork on the packaging is great, and economical. Figures Toy Co used the same artwork that was used on their Swamp Thing figure, but they reconfigured it a bit. On this packaging Abby takes center stage while Swampy makes for great wallpaper.

Figure detail:


Back of packaging detail: I don’t understand the hyphenated name below. Abby didn’t keep the Arcane name after marrying Cable. 


Now that Abby finally has a figure, it’d be so cool to see a Floronic Man and Chester Williams in Mego style. It would be a dream come true to have a two in one figure set of Rose & Thorn, one of my other favorite DC characters.

DC Editorial Presentation

“The Time is Right…” DC Comics 1994 Editorial Presentation

Pal and purveyor of comics, John Nordstrom brought over a fun gift last night. It’s 336 pages of Editorial Presentation goodness and of course Swamp Thing made it in the book. In fact, this giant book contains a never before published illustration by Phil Hester.

Amongst the seemingly endless spreads of upcoming comic books-which is all this book features-the Swampy illustration called to me! No, it didn’t but it certainly felt unfamiliar. So much so that I thumbed through every Swampy book that Phil Hester illustrated. Not finding it in his books, I figured I’d send a tweet to my friend, Phil. Below is his response.

As always, he provides fun insight. Continue reading “DC Editorial Presentation”

A Swamp Thing DIC Ad, Finally!

Animation Magazine #2 Vol. 6 (1992)
I finally found a DIC ad featuring Swamp Thing. The ad promotes DIC’s line of animated tv series from the early 90s. Swamp Thing the animated series was part of DIC’s lineup so Swampy made the roster within the ad.

For crossover appearance fanatics, Swampy is depicted with Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, New Kids, Hammer, Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Evel Knievel, 3 Stooges, Inspector Gadget, Battle Toads, Toad Stool, Princess Peach and more!



Below is the cover of the magazine that the ad is featured in.

The Comic Report Fanzine

I bought this lot of Comic Report fanzines to finally obtain issue #2, which features Swamp Thing on the cover. The Canadian zine from 1976 is produced by Jeff Zinger but features a great deal of artwork from Dave Sim and Gene Day.


The Comic Report #2 – May 1976, cover by Dave Sim


The interior features an illustration by Vince Lavarello. I think it’s Swamp Thing but your guess is as good as mine.


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Flash Facts… Swamp Facts

A couple weeks ago, Flash Facts was released and I was excited to purchase a copy for the Swamp Thing appearances. Swampy appears in 2 educational, scientific based stories.
Swamp Thing’s first sighting comes in Chapter 3, “Facts of Life.” Amy Chu writes and Ile Gonzales handles the artwork.
In “Facts of Life”, Poison Ivy and her three sprouts Rose, Thorn and Hazel have a late night “field trip” to the Gotham Botanical Gardens. Their presence is detected by a security guard and they find themselves in a bit of trouble.526F0DED-DBA7-4DD7-8302-256CB77F21E2
Swamp Thing to the rescue! Swampy shows up to teach a lesson about GMOs.

Facts of Life” is a really fun story, and you can’t go wrong when Poison Ivy & Swampy share a panel. Although… there was that one time in JLA: Created Equal #1 “The Fall” Elseworld (2000). Page 22 from the Elseword book is below.903D51B6-D647-43D0-A17C-B7850B924D7A

Continue reading “Flash Facts… Swamp Facts”