The Brave and the Bold 188

The Brave and the Bold 188 (1982)

As my Poison Ivy research continues, I picked up this Thorn appearance and to my surprise I stumbled upon Swamp Thing! I’ve mentioned it before but I’m collecting and documenting Poison Ivy’s Chronology in order to write a story about an early Swamp Thing and Ivy encounter. I’ve got a ton of notes and some really fun ideas.

Toward the back of the book comes, “an annual tradition!”

I’ve not seen this ad before and am extremely excited to share it with you.  Saga of the Swamp Thing 2 appears in the ad announcing the return of DC Annual. Although it was released six months prior to SOST 2, DC didn’t use the actual cover of the first Swamp Thing Annual …history’s mysteries!

The story featuring Thorn is pretty thin but contains a fun, earth friendly message. Continue reading “The Brave and the Bold 188”

House of Secrets 125 Ad

House of Secrets 125 (1974)
Catch as Cats Can

I watched a live Facebook comic auction last week and found it to be really fun. I only purchased this book but it was entertaining to see all the different books paraded out. I didn’t watch the entire auction but it lasted for hours. I’m looking forward to see what else they have up for auction in the future. Titan Games and Comics Auction

I got a great deal on this HoS book that I didn’t have in my collection and was extremely excited to see that Swamp Thing made his way into the book in the form of an ad.

The ad features a black and white reproduction of the cover of Swamp Thing 13 “The Leviathan Conspiracy” (1974)

Justice League 111 Swampy Crossword

Justice League of America 111 (1974)

I’m very excited to share another Swamp Thing sighting I found while doing some Poison Ivy research. In this issue of the Justice League from 1974, Swampy appears in a crossword puzzle as well as an advertisement! I was reading the book because Ivy makes an appearance as a member of the Injustice Gang. In this issue, she goes to space and her alias is finally revealed to be, Pamela Isley! Pretty cool stuff; more on all that another time.

Last year I wrote about a word search that featured Swamp Thing. The puzzle can be found in the oversized Limited Collectors’ Edition: Christmas with the Super-Heroes DC Treasury Edition from 1975. When I stumbled upon his name in that word search I about fell out of my seat. Well, this sighting got just about the same reaction. I could not believe my eyes… “New Wein-Wrightson comic: SWAMP _____”.

Along with the cool JLA puzzle, Swampy makes an appearance in the back of the book in DC’s “line of super-stars” ad. The ST book being advertised is Swamp Thing 10 “The Man Who Would Not Die” (1974).
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Wonder Woman 61

Wonder Woman 61 (1992)
To Avenge an Amazon

This story from Wonder Woman volume 2 stars a slew of high profile comic characters but not one of them is Swamp Thing. So why would the book make its way on the site?
Swamp Thing ad!! A subscription ad at that.

Swampy can be found at the top of the page, three in from the right.

The Christmas themed subscription ad features a chorus line of D.C. greats as well as a Christmas poem… of sorts. Continue reading “Wonder Woman 61”

The Dark Secret of the Swamp

Unexpected 152 (1973)
The Dark Secret of the Swamp

Kind of looks like a Swamp Thing story but it isn’t. Swampy may not make an appearance in the book BUT he does find his way into a couple house ads!
I enjoy collecting and researching swamp/bog monster related books that’d inspired Swamp Thing or were inspired by Swamp Thing. Last week I received a shipment of books related to the muck-monster genre. A number of the books are from the early 70s. The 70s seemed to be the height of swamp monster comic book characters.
Some of those books promise more monster than what’s actually delivered. Unexpected 152 is one of those comics.

Nick Cardy’s cover along with the title page gives the reader the impression that a swamp monster plays a key role in this issue but that’s unfortunately not the case. None the less, this book certainly delivers mystery, horror and monsters.

Below is about all the swamp monster you get in this story.
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Wonder Woman 295 “Video Mania”

Wonder Woman 295 (1982)
Video Mania

While traveling back home for the holidays we stopped to visit a few comic shops along the way. Digging through the various long boxes at Galactic Comics of Statesboro, GA I came across this issue of Wonder Woman. I’ve been looking for issue 295 for a little while now but have yet to find it in a shop until now. The book contains an in-house ad highlighting Saga of the Swamp Thing 5, The Screams of Hungry Flesh! (1982)

The 4 page spread of ads stands out quite a bit. The pages are located in the center of the book and are printed on glossy paper, a sharp contrast to the pulp-like paper that the rest of the book is printed on. The same 4 pages of glossy ads appears in a number of DC books that were published around this time, including Green Lantern #156 (Volume 2) Judas World (1982)

back cover:

World’s Finest 252

World’s Finest 252 (1978)

Poison Ivy’s origin continues to grow in this oversized, action-packed comic. The book features, “The Will of the Whisperer” starring Batman and Superman, “Blades and Illusions” featuring Black Canary and Green Arrow, “The Keeper of Secrets Is Death” starring The Creeper, and “A Poison of the Heart” featuring Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy.

I initially purchased this book because it features an early Poison Ivy appearance but upon closer examination I noticed this great ad for the Original Swamp Thing Saga 14! The Swamp Thing edition collects issues 3 and 4 of Wein and Wrightson’s classic first series.

This issue of World’s Finest marks Poison Ivy’s 14th appearance. Over the years I’ve been slowly collecting her appearances and this book has been on my want list for some time now. Continue reading “World’s Finest 252”

Amazing Heroes 56

Amazing Heroes 56 (1984)

This issue of Amazing Heroes houses a couple Swamp Thing items; Alan Moore’s Swampy poem and an advertisement for Comics Journal.

Serving to advertise the series, This is the place, -by Alan Moore with Bissette and Totleben on visuals- appeared in a number of publications in 1984. A full color version of the spread can be found in DC Sampler #2.

The Comics Journal ad features the amazing Swamp Thing cover by, Stephen Bissette and John Totleben.

DC Comics Co-Op Ad Slick

DC Comics Co-Op Ad Slick (1991)

“a variety of ads for your upcoming Yellow Pages contract.”
The folded piece features various generic ads that shops could choose from for their advertising needs.

This sheet is awesome. It’s another great find sent from Ilke over at As you can imagine, I was thrilled to see the Swamp Thing ad.


Interior 1:

Interior 2:


1985 San Diego Comic-Con Program

The wonderful Ilke Hincer, over at sent me an email earlier this week to let me know that Swamp Thing makes an appearance on the cover of the 1985 San Diego Comic-Con Program. I immediately ordered the program upon hearing the news and am extremely excited to share it with you. After giving the program a thorough read, I was thrilled to see that Swamp Thing makes more than one appearance!

1985 San Diego Comic-Con Program


“Welcome to the Pleasure Zone”
I’d imagine the SD Comic-Con is far less pleasurable now than it was in 1985. The comics writers and artists that attended the ’85 conference was very impressive.

The program starts with a series of bios and blurbs for the attending artists and writers. Alan Moore was in attendance and Swamp Thing is briefly mentioned.
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Roots makes George Perez’s website! Oh, and Horror 11

I received an email last week from the wonderful folks that run George Perez’s website. My Fandom Feature #1 post came up on their radar and they asked if I could send them a photo of George’s Silver Surfer sketch that he drew, from the book. I was happy to oblige and it is up on!

In other news, It’s been a great week for mail and I’m excited to share the new Swamp Thing goods with you. A lot of film production slides, books, autographs and more are coming your way… hopefully later this week.

First up is this great Italian edition featuring Swamp Thing #7 (series 1) Night of the Bat

Horror 11 (1981) Italian
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The Hellblazer & Swampy Holiday Hint

In other news, Kelley Jones shared this illustration on his social media page today. The caption read, “Halloween is coming…”. Kelley may be hinting that a new Swamp Thing series is on the horizon or a Swampy related book will be hitting shelves this Halloween.
I’ve heard rumblings that a new series isn’t out of the question for the last, veteran creative team.

The Hellblazer 1 (2016)
The Poison Truth Part One

The new Hellblazer series has begun and I’m enjoying it so far. The debut issue focuses on Swamp Thing and John, at it again like old times. They’re making shady deals and are up to something big!

The book was released with a variant cover, below.

The story kicks off in 1914 amid the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It isn’t quite clear what the antagonist’s master plan is but a story involving historical events is intriguing.

I was pleasantly surprised to see elements of my favorite painting, Guernica (Picasso 1943) within the page below. I appreciate the historical significance and narrative a great deal. Including elements representing such a tragic event may be foreshadowing of the terror that is to come in… THE HELLBLAZER!!
Guernica Wiki

I’m glad Constantine’s Swamp Thing tattoo is still on his rear. One day I’d like to get a butt tattoo.
Constantine -back in London from New York- wakes up from a night of debauchery to receive his old friend, Swamp Thing growing in his greenhouse.

There are a number of really cool moments throughout the issue, this scene being one of them. The book was a quick read and wasn’t filled with exposition. There’s enough intriguing plot threads to get me jazzed about future issues. And, of course, Swamp Thing is in the mix.
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Fangoria 117

Fangoria 117 (1992)

Just in case Fangoria scares the ever-living pants off you and you just can’t continue looking at scary images… this is why we’re here.

This issue of Fangoria promises 8 pages of Halloween masks but I only want one.

The ad for these awesome masks doesn’t exactly state that visual effects great, Tony Gardner designed the masks but he certainly had his hand in the pot. The masks produced by The Alterian Ghost Factory are really good looking. This book came out in 1992 which coincides with the Swamp Thing television series. I sure wish I got my hands on one when they were available.


I’ve been in contact with some folks in North Carolina who have the original cast from this Swamp Thing mask. Their price tag is far too rich for my blood but I certainly enjoy looking at their photos. Below are some of the images.

The back features a company stamp that reads, “The Alterian Ghost Factory Inc.”