Spanish Bootleg del Pantano

Super Monstruos – Spain 1992
El Monstruo del Pantano figure

I was really hoping to come up with a fun title for this post, riffing on Dylan’s song, “Spanish Boots of Leather” but that took too long and now it’s not funny, but… check out this sweet Spanish bootleg Swamp Thing figure. The Silver Surfer looking Monstruo was produced by Comansi/Yolanda Toys. I was excited to find the figure along with its packaging and product card.

Foil packaging

Figure front

The figure looks quite similar to one of Bernie Wrightson’s more obscure renderings of Swamp Thing.
The illustration on the right was published on the cover of Australian edition, Swamp Monster #2 in 1981. It’s interesting to see similarities between the two.

Back of figure

Each Super Monstruos figure comes with a product card, below.
It appears the toy line consisted of 24 characters, most based on famous Hollywood/pop culture monsters.

El Monstruo del Pantano
The Swamp Monster
My rough translation: “Sewage Disposal. Martyred because of several physical coincidences, he is forced to live among filth.”

Back of packaging


Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 52

Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 52 (1984)
Years Best Comics Stories

Best of Blue Ribbon collects 1983’s best comics, and Swamp Thing made the cut! The collection of stories includes, Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truths from Swamp Thing 16 (series 2) by Martin Pasko, John Totleben and Steven Bissette.
What kinds of perks should a “years best comics” character expect when attending the Years Best Gala?
Not much…

Swampy makes the list of best comics but gets roped into slinging drinks all night on the back cover. Talk about a bum deal! At least he looks dapper; kind of like a Bond villain posing as a waiter.

Here’s a list of the other stories honored in the book as 1983’s best comics.
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DC Blue Ribbon Digest 35

DC Blue Ribbon Digest 35 (1983)
Years Best Comics Stories


This issue of the Blue Ribbon Digest features the best comics from 1982. Swamp Thing made the cut along with other notable characters.

The wrap around cover by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano features some great characters

The table of contents lists the winners.

Swamp Thing 4
In the White Room
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