Swamp Thing’s Spring, So Far

This Spring has been fun for Swamp Thing fans. The current, The Swamp Thing series reintroduced Tefé Holland in this month’s issue. And-as Im sure you’ve already heard-Perkins and Ram V’s series was extended to 16 issues. I greatly anticipate the delayed Swamp Thing Green Hell #2 (rescheduled to release May 17th), but having Tefé back in the title is helping me forget all about it. The Swamp Thing #11 is beautifully drawn. Below is the cover to this month’s issue #11.

Above: The Swamp Thing #11 covers – 2 variants

Speaking of the recent Swampy series: I received this beautiful Mike Perkins page last week. It’s page #9 from The Swamp Thing #9 (2022). And it features numerous instances of Swamp Thing.

Some of the images on the various monitors look inspired by past Swamp Thing books.

Monitors – Image Detail 1
Monitors – Image Detail 2
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Swamp Things in Space

Ancient Astronauts #7 (Vol 4) August 1978


This fantastic swipe/homage to Bernie Wrightson’s House of Secrets 92 was published in 1978 but was brought to my attention last week. It was like a hidden treasure within Swamp Thing’s history. Unlike House of Secrets 92 where Swamp Thing lurked behind Linda Ridge, this illustration features two Swamp Thing space men! I wonder if Louise Simonson knows about this tribute to her likeness.


The Swampy appearance can be found within Ancient Astronauts #7. I was fortunate enough to find a copy on EBay. I did have to purchase a lot of 8 issues of Ancient Astronauts to obtain the Swamp Thing sighting in #7 but it was well worth it.


The Swampy appearance comes by way of an article about aliens and skin complexion. It’s a random yet delightful sight. This magazine is full of bizarre and funny articles. I’m not sure if all of the content is meant to be funny. Below is the spread for, “Beware of Strange Skin Blemishes.” I believe the House of Secrets 92 homage was illustrated by either, Gene Day or Clifford Spencer. Gene Day illustrated a number of pieces of art throughout this magazine but he typically signed his work.


The above Swamp Thing astronauts sighting reminded me of another spacey scenario involving Swampy. If you were reading Batman in 2014, you may have come across this awesome Swamp Thing preview in the back of Batman #33.


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Swamp Things in the Penthouse

Penthouse Comix #21 (April 1997)

Swamp Thing parody appearances have been known to pop-up in some of the most bizarre books and places. Take a look at those I’ve listed on the Parody page, here. There are quite a few fun ones.


Penthouse Comix #21 from 1997 might be the zestiest book in my Swamp Thing parody collection. Amongst the erotica, 2 Swamp Thing looking creatures made their way into “The Edge”, one of the stories within the book. It’s easy to dismiss the characters as not being Swampy but with the star studded lookalikes within the cast, one of them is bound to be Swampy.

Thor is in Asgard with a huge supporting cast. They’ve all gathered to participate in the Hundred Years Games. The Universes’ finest convene once a century to compete. Within the splash page below, you’ll find an assortment of your favorite characters. The Tick, R2D2, Vader, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ralphie from A Christmas Story, Aladdin, and Darkseid are just a few you’ll spot. 


The first Swamp Thing sighting is within the title page crowd. It just so happens, Swampy is standing next to ALF. Yep, ALF is eating a cat. Everyone is in attendance to try their hand in the Hundred Years Games. Continue reading “Swamp Things in the Penthouse”

Luke Almond as Linda Ridge & Ultraman vs Swamp Thing

Art for Art Sake zine #1 – 2019 UK

This awesome Swamp Thing parody post comes by way of Luke Almond & the Zine Queens. The 12-page zine was released in 2019 and features a great homage to House of Secrets 92 on its cover. Luke Almond looks fantastic as Linda Ridge. Swamp Thing looks delightful as always on the cover of his first appearance. If you’d like to get your hands on issue #1 of Art for Arts Sake, visit Luke’s Etsy page, here.


Luke Almond & the Zine Queens, the Sheffield, UK based creative collective, created this fun, quirky and bizarre collection of illustrations, photography, design, collage and written content. The book features Swamp Thing, FishBats and reviews the “Swamp Thing” film from 1982 as well as Matt Berry’s album, “Television Themes.”


Not only does the zine have a killer cover by Luke Almond, he drew an awesome showdown between Swamp Thing & Ultraman. Mollie Bracey wrote the Swamp Thing vs Ultraman script that the image is paired with.


Swampy shows up a couple more times within the 1982 film review by John Roope. Luke Almond returns to create the Swamp Thing logo, opposite the review. The same logo can be seen on a button, below.

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Wading ‘round the Hall of Doom

Dear DC Super-Villains – 2021

What’s Swamp Thing been up to lately? He’s been wading around the Hall of Doom. Swampy has no bearing on the book but, Gustavo Duarte or Michael Northrop must be fans to sneak him into a couple of scenes within the. 

Whether it’s coffee & a newspaper or eavesdropping on shenanigans at the Hall of Doom, Swamp Thing has his finger on the pulse of what’s going down. Although, the Chili Peppers coffee mug threw me. I thought Alec would be more of a Prog Rock kinda Thing. Not to hate on the Chili Peppers, but it sounds like they’ve been putting out the same album for a couple decades.


Swamp Thing appears in chapter 5 and 8. Chapter 5 focuses on the DC villain Giganta, while chapter 8 presents a story focused on Black Manta. Again, Swamp has no role in any of these stories. The Hall of Doom is in his neck of the Bayou so he propped on by.

The page Swampy appears on within Chapter 5, “Dear Giganta” is below.


Small, obscure, bizarre-whatever you choose to call them-Swamp Thing appearances are the best. I’ve always intended on making a list of the smallest Swamp Thing appearances. There are quite a few fun ones: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, etc. Below, Swamp Thing is being as creepy as he wants to be. Continue reading “Wading ‘round the Hall of Doom”

Swamp Thing: Houseplant That Looks Like a Man

Swords of Cerebus Vol. 3 (Fall 1981)

Have you ever wondered, what happened between Cerebus issues 20 and 21?” I can’t say that I have because I’m not invested in the Cerebus series/universe. In fact, the only Cerebus books I’ve read are the ones that feature Dave Sim’s Swamp Thing parody,
Sump Thing. If you’ve not had a chance to check out, Sump Thing in Cerebus, 25, 82, 105, 106 and 107 you’re  not missing a great deal. But, as a Swamp Thing completist they’re enticing for your collection.

This trade paperback collects 4 Cerebus comics (issues 9-12 from 1979) and features a previously unpublished 8-page story. The story is titled, “What Happened Between Issues 20 and 21” and it features a small, bizarre Swamp Thing appearance/parody. Continue reading “Swamp Thing: Houseplant That Looks Like a Man”

Swamp Thing has cake!

Comics Feature Magazine #50 – 1986

Hey everyone, Swamp Thing has cake! This extraordinary display of celebratory Swamp Thing is brought to you by Comics Feature Magazine. Illustrator Martin Cannon-on cover duty-does a bang up job of all the characters depicted, front and back. Fellow Swamp Thing fans on Instagram thought Tom Yeates was responsible for the artwork… that’s a mighty fine testament to Cannon’s work. I’m always thrilled to see an illustration of Swamp Thing smiling, with cake to boot! The celebration is upon us because it’s Comics Feature’s 50th issue.

The book features industry highlights from 1986, with Alan Moore and Frank Miller receiving due praise.

This snippet below had me chuckling.

Martin Cannon’s centerfold features (L-R) Swamp Thing, Stan Lee, Daffy Duck, Jack Kirby, Donald Duck, Saturn Girl, Captain America, Superman, Howard the Duck,  She-Hulk, Miracle Man,  The Spirit and Cerberus. The ducks-in typical fashion-are worked up into a lather.

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Swamp Thing‘s Beer Break

Blandman #1 (1992)

Eclipse Comics takes a poke at DC/Vertigo’s poor sales and struggles with readership in this one-off spoof comic. The comic features a parody of Swamp Thing (Swamp Thug), John Constantine (Hellrazor), The Doom Patrol, Shade the Ch… you catch my drift.IMG-0479

The books creators, Fred Schiller, Bill Maus and Bob Hanon depict The Vertigo cast setting out to increase their sales. Dicey Comics (DC Comics) put the imprints characters in a home and they are ready to get out.

Constantine frantically ruminates while Swamp Thing assumes the booze drinking, laid-back type. Constantine wants his big break, he wants to be popular again.

Swampy and Constantine share a beer while reminiscing about their salad days. Even Abbygull Arcada and Alex Hollandaise make an appearance. Swampy references Melon Smore’s (Alan Moore) epic run and how his career dipped considerably once he departed as writer from the title.
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Flashback ’96 – Wizard 62, Swamp Thing on a Calendar

Wizard #62 – 1996

Flashback to 1996! Wizard Magazine is five years old and another Swamp Thing series comes to an end. October of 1996 saw the final issue of Swamp Thing series 2 with, #171 “Trial by Fire”. But that’s not why this book is Swamp Thing gold. Wizard #62 is special because it features a Swamp Thing parody image along with an article related to the NES game

Within the magazine is a fold-out calendar and poster, Wizard’s 1996 “Spooky Calendar” to be exact. Swamp Thing and Batman start October strong, featured as the 1st day of the month. Highlighted in this parody panel is Alan Moore’s notable story, “The Garden of Earthly Delights” from Swamp Thing #53. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to write about that issue-and its surrounding story arc-but it’s one of the greatest Swampy arcs. It holds a special place in Swamp Thing fans’ hearts. It features one of many defining moments in Abigail & Swampy’s relationship. Swamp Thing also brings Gotham City to its knees and battles Batman.

“It’s a jungle out there! Alec visits Gotham City in Swamp Thing #53, October 1986” Swamp Thing looks on, unhappy while Batman begrudgingly cleans up Gotham City-post issue #53. Note: although the cover of Swamp Thing #53 reads October 1986, it was published on July 17, 1986.

The back of the Wizard “Spooky Calendar” features a poster of the Fantastic 4 by Jim Lee.

On page 42, the staff of Wizard magazine casts Kingdom Come with acting greats. “Since Alex Ross painted these heroes to look like regular folks, it’d be a cinch to cast, so we did.” Quite a few of their pairings are dead on. I’ve included a couple of the pages below.
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Post Veitch Swamp Thing Parody

The publication is Comics Buyer’s Guide. The date is March 13, 1992. Financial magazine, Barron’s influences Marvel stock prices, The Shadow of the Bat is the talked about ongoing series, and Peter David is in search of heroes. In March of 1992, Nancy Collins’ intriguing and fun Swamp Thing #117 “The Lord of Misrule” (Series 2) is released. Yet, noticeably on the Editorial page of this CBG is a satirical cartoon knocking DC comics, referencing Rick Veitch’s unpublished, “Morning of the Magician” from 1988. DC’s controversial decision in not releasing the story still circulates in conversations today.


Veitch, Christ and DC’s inability to handle “mature” subject matter are on the table thanks to cartoonist, David Goehner. 3 years after Veitch left Swamp Thing and DC due to the mishandling/treatment of his story, “Morning of the Magician”, Swamp Thing #88. Fans still talk of its release. Perhaps one day a finished copy will make its way into our hands. In the meantime you can read the script and see the rough pages by Michael Zulli over on 20th Century Danny Boy’s website, here.



Archie & Predator in the House of Secrets

Two fantastic books were released recently and I’ve been waiting on the Archie book to arrive in the mail before sharing them. House of Secrets 92, the book that started it all for our favorite character, Swamp Thing is represented through parody and reproduction!

House of Secrets Facsimile Edition – 2019
It’s wonderful to see House of Secrets 92 (1971) reprinted once again. The book is excellent exposure for Swamp Thing and for fans to finally get their hands on a copy… without the hefty price tag of an original. Len Wein & Bernie Wrightson’s masterpiece lives on in this fresh release. The book was in stores August, 28 and I’d guess they’re readily available at most local comic shops.

The reproduction includes ads and all. I suppose it should be noted that the five stories within (“Snipe Hunt”, “Swamp Thing”, “After I Die”, “It’s Better to Give” and “Trick or Treat”) have been recolored.

The back cover

Archie vs Predator II – 2019 (Marco D’Alfonso cover)
As soon as I saw this book last month, I had to have it. Although limited to a print run of 300 copies, it was easy to obtain on-where else but-eBay. There’s also a virgin version of this variant cover, also limited to 300 copies.

Marco D’Alfonso crafted this amazing homage to the cover of Swampy’s first appearance. This whimsical take on HOS 92 includes the same subtle textures Bernie Wrightson used on the original; note the items in the foreground, on the vanity.

I’ve not read an Archie comic since Afterlife with Archie began (2013) so I’ve got some catching up to do but the setup of this first issue is fun and dark.

A fella named Dilton purchased a mask off of eBay. What he’d hoped to be a costume for dance night becomes a beacon… for Predators.

I got a kick out of seeing Predators messing with Opportunity, the Mars Exploration Rover.

And with the original

Harley Quinn 64

Harley Quinn 64 (2019)

Even though Swamp Thing and the Justice League Dark are busy battling forces of evil in their own title, they’ve found time to make an appearance in the new Harley Quinn 64.

The quirky and beautifully written story focuses on Harley Quinn reading to her mother who is in intensive care, battling cancer. In the imaginative story, Harley eludes Lex Luthor as he tries to convince her to join his villainous cause. Unfortunately, Lex has an offer Harley can’t refuse.

Lex is wrapped up in his Year of the Villain mission. In keeping her distance, Harley jumps from story to story, trying to focus on reading to her sick mother. While story jumping, Harley pops-in on The Justice League Dark who are in the midst of their own adventure.

While visiting Rocky Point Beach, Swamp Thing and the JLD investigate the case of Captain Cutler’s Ghost! The team is depicted as various members of the Scooby-Doo crew. This parody provides a fun connection to when we found out that Shaggy was Chester Williams’ nephew.
full page

It’s a brief, zany, one-page cameo for the JLD.
Zatanna plays the part of Daphne, Wonder Woman is Velma, Man-Bat is Fred, Detective Chimp plays the part of Scooby, and Swamp Thing is Shaggy.

I’m excited to see how this plot turns out for Harley in future issues. The subject matter and what’s at stake for Harley and her mother is quite intriguing.

Poison Ivy fans will be excited to hear that Ivy make an appearance in this issue as well!

Wild Animals 1 (1982)

Wild Animals 1 (1982)

I stumbled upon this book a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised to find a Swamp Thing parody within it. It’s also interesting that the illustration that features the Swamp Thing parody was originally printed in The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom #184 in May, 27 1977.

Clark the Collector is celebrating the popularity of Funny Animal books when he hears a No-Luck Duck sobbing. When asked why he is crying, the duck goes on to tell them about his failed career in comics. One of those failed attempts was Barnyard Bog!

Based on No-Luck Duck’s account, “Barnyard Bog lasted 5 issues before cancellation” and it is not spoken of again within the Clark the Collector and the No-Luck Duck comic strip.