DC Bombshells 30

DC Bombshells 30 (2017)
Winter is Coming

As I figure out a solution to replace the thousands of images on this site that will no longer be visible via Photobucket, I am very excited to share Swamp Thing’s most recent appearance in the DC Universe!

The last time Swamp Thing made an appearance in DC Bombshells was last year in issues 5 & 6. Nothing came of his brief cameo and I’d always wondered why he showed in the first place. Maybe this is where the trail picks back up!

The exciting and retro universe that the DC Bombshells title provides is a great conduit to introduce new ideas and storylines. I’ve read a dozen or so issues of the Bombshells series but sadly have not kept up with the narrative/continuity so I read this book going in blind. None the less, I jumped right in and am excited to see where  the crew takes me!

While searching for Raven, Zatanna and Constantine are up against a Game of Thrones/White Walker type scenario and they plan to take a stand against the Killer Frost and Strigo devils! As they make their attack, Zatanna is pinned down by a monsterous tentacle. But guess who comes to her aid?


“Abigel Kholland”, this Bombshells universe’s version of Alec Holland’s wife! She comes with a crew of Un-Men-like animals.



I thought it was real neat how Abigel’s jacket has a decaying leaf pattern on it. She helps Zatanna up and gets acquainted. Before long, an introduction to Swamp Thing is inevitable.


I love Zatanna and Constantine’s reactions. It’s apparently the first they’ve come across Swampy.


This issue was released last week and more appearances are on their way. Look for further Swamp Thing appearances in DC Bombshells 31-33!


The Brave and The Mold

Batman 23 (2017)
The Brave and the Mold

Batman fans and surface level Swamp Thing fans will find the most enjoyment out of Batman 23. There are great comedic and touching moments in this one-and-done murder mystery starring Batman and Swamp Thing but those moments get lost while trying to wrap your head around the character histories you’re accustomed to. Swamp Thing now has unresolved father issues.
– cover and variant cover

One night only. Swamp Thing Live at the Apollo!

It’s  worth asking, which Swamp Thing is this? In the grand history of Swamp Thing and Batman (and even Gotham City) this is another brief encounter between the two DC icons. But, within the first few pages we learn that James Gordon is not aware that Batman and Swamp Thing have been acquainted and that Alec Holland has an estranged birth father. These two items contradict previous DCU/Swampy lore and that’s confusing.

I found this issue to be fun, entertaining and I was not completely surprised by the confusion that came with it. In trying to untie Continue reading “The Brave and The Mold”

Swamp Thing 31

Swamp Thing 31 (1984)
Brimstone Ballet

Brimstone Ballet depicts Swamp Thing coming to terms with Arcane’s arrival into the land of the living (again) and Abby’s sudden departure from the land of the living. Arcane has taken her soul and sent it into the depths of hell. Swamp Thing also comes to terms with his powers in this first issue of… “Sophisticated Suspense”

In issue 30 we last saw Swamp Thing taking Abby’s lifeless body into his arms. this issue continues, with Swampy carrying her down the staircase, outside into the snow and away from the house of horrors that Arcane built. Surrounded by demonic Un-Men, Swampy tries to make sense of it all while Arcane toys with his emotions.

The title page introduces us to a melee erupting from Abby and “Matt’s” new home. Swampy fights his way out.

The little demon/Un-Man (below, left) looks a lot like Baytor from Garth Ennis’ Section 8. The fella’ on the right looks way in over his head.

Arcane turns the screws, toying with Swampy. For a moment, he tries to trick Swamp Thing into ripping off Abby’s head, saying that she is not real, but a construct he created using Matt Cable’s powers.
Arcane continues to taunt Swamp Thing.
Continue reading “Swamp Thing 31”

Swamp Thing 30

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 30 (1984)
A Halo of Flies

The saga continues…

“The returned man smiles…” Anton Arcane is back from the dead and out for vengeance. Like a shockwave rippling across the country, his evil is infectious and spreads. Folks start acting weird, committing violent acts. They start to do very bad things.

In a sick and cruel twist, Abby’s new home (-see SOTST 29) has become the epicenter for evil.

“…and everything bad within two hundred miles finds itself heading for Louisiana without knowing why…”
The story is absolutely chilling. I’ve shared four of my favorite panels so far. The scene the creative team establishes within those four panels alone, is terrifying.

The title page looks like a scene from an EC horror book. Abby’s terror continues as recently resurrected, Anton Arcane launches into exposition. Continue reading “Swamp Thing 30”

Neil Gaiman, Alice Cooper and Michael Zulli?

Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation, book 2 (1994)

Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli team up to create this three issue mini-series starring Alice Cooper. The series was released by Marvel Music but looks like a Vertigo title, front to back. Dave McKean even handled the covers making the books look like a Sandman series.
it’s an interesting series and it doesn’t hurt that I’m quite the Alice Cooper fan. But, what excites me most about this book is seeing Michael Zulli’s Swamp Thing poster in a Marvel title.

It’s not the entire poster but you can find it on the wall, in the background.

Here’s Zulli’s actual poster.
The poster was released a year prior to this book, in 1993. The illustration went on to inspire the limited edition Swampy statues (1996/1999), DC/Vertigo figures (1999) and has appeared on collected editions. Zulli was slated to illustrate Swamp Thing #88 Morning of the Magician but as we all know, the “controversial” book never came to be. The script and rough pages can be found online with a little digging. Zulli’s pages are beautifully done, even unfinished.

Cain ain’t with the swamp monster

Elvira’s House of Mystery 11 (1987)

The “Find Cain” contest comes to a head but Cain is having a difficult time recalling where he’s been. He mentions spending time with, “this swamp monster–” …along with a blue beetle and a house of weirdness.

This little mention/reference is up for debate.
Is this “swamp monster”, Swamp Thing or is it referencing another swamp dweller from any number of DC’s horror books?

I’ve not read this entire Elvira mini-series so I could be missing the boat altogether. I’d like to think the swamp monster in question is none other than Swamp Thing. After all, Swampy’s first appearance was in House of Secrets 92, hosted by Cain and Able.

Transformers vs GI Joe: Kirby to Bissette to Scioli

Transformers VS GI Joe 7 (2015)

Fellow Swamp Thing fan and friend, Marc Wagner brought this awesome cover to my attention a few weeks back. The Transformers vs GI Joe 7 (2015) cover by Tom Scioli pays tribute to Stephen Bissette’s cover of Swamp Thing #62 (series 2).
But, Bissette’s cover in turn pays tribute to a Jack Kirby spread from New Gods 5 (1971), below. Although Scioli’s Transformers cover looks more similar to Bissette’s Swamp Thing cover, Scioli’s rendering style is more reminiscent of Kirby’s technique. His use of Kirby krackle/dots makes it feel like the best of both worlds. This is another wonderful gem buried within the amazing artwork and creative talent that has made its way into Swamp Thing books.