Manfredini Signed Swampy Sountrack

A while back, I spoke with the fellas from the Underground Inc podcast. When they came to visit, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this cd from co-host Billy. A first for my collection, the cd book is signed by ST film composer Henry Manfredini!

I have other versions of this album but to have it signed by Manfredini is really special. Not only did he score Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing, Manfredini is more known for composing the Friday the 13th series, House 1 & 2 and Deepstar Six.


Textured Swampy Sharpener

Swamp Thing Pencil Sharpener – Textured Variant (1991)

I have the other two variants-sealed, on card- but this illusive booger finally made it’s way into my collection today!

Along with the pencil toppers and stampers, the sharpeners also feature little angry Swamp Thing busts.

There’s something morbid and cannibalistic about this piece

Swampy & Hot Wheels

DC Hotwheels Character Cars – Swamp Thing (2017)

It’s been a great weekend for mail and I’m looking forward to sharing my new finds. First up is the Swamp Thing car from Hot Wheels!
This beauty is an oversized Hot Wheels car with some cool details! This car and the Thomas and DC Friends train are some of the more creative collectibles that we’ve seen in some time. It should be in stores but like the train, I have a feeling it’ll be a tough item to track down.

The bog truck dealer’s sales pitch…

I’d test-drive this monstrous muck mobile but I’m going to bet, it’d be more harmful to the environment than the description let’s on.

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There goes the rest of my money!

Talk about the summer for Swamp Thing statues, and fans!
They’ve been teasing a statue for a little while now but finally -and on the heels of Sideshow’s maquette unveiling– Prime 1 Studios brings us yet another amazing statue. This beast is slated to be 1:3 scale, come with two additional heads, sets of hands, an additional arm, and a wood club. There could be more included; more info to come.
Information regarding release date and price was not readily available or maybe has has not been announced yet.

Time to pick up some extra mowing gigs this Summer, or maybe open a lemonade stand… yah, that’s the ticket! With all the cool Swamp Thing items coming out, how do you decide??

Bleepers! 3

Bleepers! 3 (1981)
Bleepers Meets the Monsters

Swamp Thing learns the woeful lesson of substituting margarine for _________ (noun), in Bleepers! a Mad Libs-like game that uses beautiful Bernie Wrightson art in an unconventional way. You’ll most likely recognize Mike Kaluta’s House of Secrets 101 (1972) being used for the Bleepers cover.

For those unfamiliar with how the game works, here’s the low down!

In case you forgot your parts of speech and lost your grammatical way…

Before reading any further, I need to warn you that what you knew as Swamp Thing is about to change. The story begins, and the edible remains of Alec Holland -the cookie making mad scientist- rises up as a mixture of… stuff
In a world… where Nobel Peace (plural nouns) are given out like candy, Alec Holland is on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie!
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Swamp Thing Maquette!

Thanks to the Parliament of Trees group, I found out that DC & Side Show Toys will be releasing a Swamp Thing maquette soon! a release date has yet to be announced, details below.

The artwork that’s featured in the promo ad above looks like the work of Swamp Thing – New 52, series 5 artist- Andy Brase or perhaps Jesus Saiz. If the maquette is based on either one of their work, we are in for something special!


Ripped from the headlines of Side Show Toys!
“After a terrible accident left Alec Holland as an avatar of of the Green he found he had the ability to control all plant life and quickly become a proctor of the human and plant worlds! Sideshow is very excited to be bringing the Green known as Swamp-Thing to life in a brand new Maquette! This DC Comics collectible will be available for Pre-Order soon!”

Swamp Thing Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels DC Comics Swamp Thing Character Car
1:64 scale prototype

Hot Wheels and Swamp Thing fans alike will be excited to hear that a 1:64 scale, Swampy character car will be in stores this summer!

Select Hot Wheels DC Character cars have been available for a little while now but this prototype car showed up on an online auction not long ago. The images are too good to share and I’m looking forward to seeing it fully painted/rendered. As we’ve seen in the past, a prototype doesn’t guarantee the item will make it to production but, here’s to hoping. It would be fun to see Swamp Thing honored in Hot Wheels form.

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