Spin Master Swamp Thing Arrived

Last week the latest Swamp Thing toy figure from Spin Master arrived in the mail. It’s an interesting take on Swampy, looking similar to Doomsday. Like most Swamp Thing kids toys, he comes with a weapon. The toy set is called, Batman vs Swamp Thing – Armory Attack Batcycle. I’m not sure what the narrative is at Spin Master toys but it reminds me of the days when Swampy and Batman would go toe-to-toe in Gotham.

The back of the box features quite the showdown between the two characters.

I’ve not seen this particular Spin Master set in stores near me so I found one online. I hope you have been luck at your local stores.

Exclusive Photos: Spin Master Swamp Thing Figure

Exclusive photos came my way earlier this week from a super-secret Swamp Thing corespondent and I’m excited to share them with you. Toyline, Spin Master is releasing a Swamp Thing figure in the future and the photos below will give you an idea of what it will look like.

Detail of product numbers

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a release date. It’s also unclear if the Swamp Thing figure will be available alone, or exclusively within the Batman Armory Attack Batcycle box set.

I’m not familiar with the Spin Master Universe, but Batman and Swamp Thing must not be friends. I thought the two hashed things out-for the most part-in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing #53.

Swamp Thing appears to be wielding an axe.

The Sophisticated Moves Into Mature Territory in ’86, Letters From Kahn

A couple weeks ago, Stan Chu (a fellow collector from Toronto, Canada) contacted me to share some amazing letters that he’d found at his local comic shop. The first letter, intended for DC Comics freelancers, was written by-then President of DC-Jenette Kahn in1986. Amongst other things, her letter discusses the transition from the “Sophisticated Suspense” label on the Swamp Thing series to the introduction of the “For Mature Readers” label. Check it out below, and thanks again Stan!

DC Comics – Letter to Freelancers

Page 1 of Letter to Freelancers by Jenette Kahn – DC President and Publisher

Below, Kahn mentions Swamp Thing! After all, the wild success and craftsmanship put into the Swamp Thing series helped DC to distance themselves from the Comic Code. “Almost anything in a comic book is acceptable if appropriate to the characters, the storyline and the way the story is told.”

Page 2 of Letter to Freelancers by Jenette Kahn – DC President and Publisher
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Swamp Thing’s Spring, So Far

This Spring has been fun for Swamp Thing fans. The current, The Swamp Thing series reintroduced Tefé Holland in this month’s issue. And-as Im sure you’ve already heard-Perkins and Ram V’s series was extended to 16 issues. I greatly anticipate the delayed Swamp Thing Green Hell #2 (rescheduled to release May 17th), but having Tefé back in the title is helping me forget all about it. The Swamp Thing #11 is beautifully drawn. Below is the cover to this month’s issue #11.

Above: The Swamp Thing #11 covers – 2 variants

Speaking of the recent Swampy series: I received this beautiful Mike Perkins page last week. It’s page #9 from The Swamp Thing #9 (2022). And it features numerous instances of Swamp Thing.

Some of the images on the various monitors look inspired by past Swamp Thing books.

Monitors – Image Detail 1
Monitors – Image Detail 2
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Swamp Thing Figures Giveaway

Welcome back to another fun rootsoftheswampthing.com giveaway.

The What:

  • McFarlane Toys Megafig DC Collector Swamp Thing Action Figure
  • McFarlane Toys Megafig DC Collector Swamp Thing Variant Action Figure

The How:

  • In the comments section below, answer the following: What character would you cast yourself as, in any film or tv show starring Swamp Thing?

I was fortunate and obtained a couple extra McFarlane Swamp Thing figures and I’m excited to give them away. Two people will be chosen at random on March 31st. The first name that is drawn will get their choice of one of the figures. The second name that is drawn will receive the remaining figure. I wanted to pick two names on April 1st but April Fool’s Day might not seem like the most genuine of days to giveaway these two killer figures. Thank you so much for participating and visiting rootsoftheswampthing.com. I hope you are doing well. – John

American Cartoon Hero Trading Cards

American Cartoon Hero #093 – Swamp Thing
Collection Card, Series II, China

These fun cards jumped out at me while fumbling around ebay. All 3 depict the cover of Damage #6 (DC Comics, June 2008) which featured Swamp Thing. The cards came in 3 styles. For the most part, the 3 styles look very similar. Below is the normal/base card from the American Cartoon Hero set.

For reference, I’ve provided the original Damage cover below.

The second trading card in the lot is the hologram version of the base card. I’ve provide a couple photos below to depict how great the card looks with the spectrum of colors.

The third version of the trading card has a foil treatment. It was difficult to capture a good photo due to the texture and reflections but it does the trick.

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McFarlane Multiverse Swamp Thing Figure Preorder

The McFarlane DC Multiverse Swamp Thing Mega Action Figure with accessories is now available for preorder! Visit GameStop or Amazon to order yours today. Below are some specifications and images.

  • Designed with Ultra up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing
  • Design is based on DC Rebirth
  • Comes with an alternate hand and a base
  • Includes collectible art card with figure photography on the front, and character biography on the bacK

Claude’s Swampy Bust & Woodrue’s Hairdo

The extremely talented and generous, Claude Jordan sent me this amazing 3D printed bust a couple months ago and I’m excited to share photos. The head is 6 inches tall and is very detailed. Following Claude’s Instagram feed has inspired me to get a 3D printer (word is that Santa may be bringing me one). Take the time to check out his work, he produces fun creations.


Another great, recent acquisition was one of Jerry Serpe’s color guides to Super-Team Family #14 (1978), page 25. The page features Floronic Man. He’s another one of my favorite characters and I hope to own an original page with him on it. Until then, this color guide will do just fine. Serpe’s colors are painted over the work of, Arvell Jones (penciler) and  Romeo Tanghal (inker)


Floronic Man made his way into this issue as a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. On the page, he’s depicted with Gorilla Grodd, Star Sapphire and Jean Loring. Continue reading “Claude’s Swampy Bust & Woodrue’s Hairdo”

More 90s Swamp Thing Sweatshirts

You’re not seeing double. These 2 Swamp Thing sweatshirts have the same design. Around 1990/1991 they were available in various sizes and colors. I wrote about the size 10-12 sweatshirt from 1991 a couple weeks ago, here

As you can see, the turquoise background texture extends further than that of the sweatshirt released in ‘91. Continue reading “More 90s Swamp Thing Sweatshirts”

New Zealand Honors Swamp Thing’s Birthday with Silver

Justice League Swamp Thing 1 oz Silver Proof – 2021

New Zealand is honoring Swamp Thing with this beautiful commemorative silver coin. Happy 50th Swampy! 


Produced for Niue by the New Zealand Mint, this 1 oz, .999 fine Silver coin features Swamp Thing! Mintage was limited to 1,971 pieces in honor of his first appearance in House of Secrets #92, from ‘71. I’m curious to know why Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing isn’t featured on the coin and packaging. It would have been fitting, but I’m thrilled just to see Swampy getting his moment in the spotlight… in coin form.


The coin features the artwork of Jesús Saíz. The artwork was originally published on Swamp Thing 25, in  2014. It comes in a protective display block with a numbered COA. The coin and packaging are sharp. It’s going to look great on display.


The back of the coin features Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Continue reading “New Zealand Honors Swamp Thing’s Birthday with Silver”

Swamp Thing Sweatshirt… for Kids

Swamp Thing Youth/Kids Sweatshirt – 1991

This Swamp Thing sweatshirt is awesome. Sure I’ll never be able to fit into it, but a future model is in the works. The artwork featured on the front is seldom seen on Swampy apparel. A few different colors of the sweatshirt style exists and pop-up every so often on eBay or Etsy. It took me a little over 5 years to track this little shirt down. An example of the grey version of the sweatshirt can be seen here.


I love this and other promo art that was used on Swampy collectibles relating to the animated series. Like I’ve said in the past, the amount of Swamp Thing merchandise and collectibles produced for a 5 episode animated series is bananas. But, I sure do appreciate it all. Continue reading “Swamp Thing Sweatshirt… for Kids”

1 Sign & a 3 Ring Binder

Two, one of a kind Swamp Thing items were given to me last week and I’m thrilled to share them with you. On the left is a 3 ring binder featuring artwork from the recent Swamp Thing series. The oversized Swamp Thing #1 cover on the right is printed on textured metal sheet stock. The Swamptastic items were the product of a test printing. Both were printed using the sublimation printing process (basically printing using a heat press and transfer paper). Since the test printing utilized unlicensed imagery, the fun items made their way into my collection, free of charge. The creator appreciated the results, how the inks worked with the materials and I’m thrilled they chose Swamp Thing as their subject matter.


The 11” x 15.5” metal sheet stock is coated with a cloth-like texture. The color is vibrant and the metal is thick. I’m excited to hang it on my wall. Below are some details.


In the photo above, you can see the texture that the image was printed on. It feels like heavily textured rice paper. I placed a couple quarters next to the sign to give you a sense of scale, below.


The 3 ring binder is made with black canvas and a white fabric that is able to be printed upon. It’s really cool and I’m looking forward to storing Swamp Thing collectibles in it.