Swampy Christmas sweater is here!

Surrounded by Tees is doing another Christmas sweater!!
If you missed out on the first one, don’t miss this.
Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 8.26.09 AM copy.jpg
Visit their shop for more info.


DC Postcards Galore

The Art of Vintage DC Comics Postcards

I was searching for a gift at my local antique store a couple months back and was thrilled to see this box, tucked away within a display case.
In celebrating their 75th anniversary, DC Comics released this box of 100 postcards featuring some of DC’s greatest comics and covers.

This large collection features a single Swamp Thing postcard!
Swamp Thing #1!

back of card:

I thumbed through the stack of postcards to share some of my favorite books.

back of packaging/box:

DC Playing Cards Holiday Gift

DC 2007 Holiday Playing Cards

It’s ten years old but in time for the holidays. I’m extremely excited to share this DC Holiday gift with you. I picked it up from B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Batman, JSA, and many more)!

“DC traditionally sends out a gift or gifts to their freelancers. I’ve written off and on for DC over the years, and in 2007, this was the gift. In other years, they’ve sent custom USB keys, clothes, and so on.”
-B. Clay Moore

As you well know, I’m excited to add this to my collection because Swamp Thing is on one of the cards! The ace of spades at that! …que Motörhead

The illustration depicted on the card is by Michael Zulli. His painting has appeared on TPBs, posters, ads and it even made its way into a Neil Gaiman/Alice Cooper comic as an Easter egg.

The set of playing cards features characters from DC, Vertigo, Mad Magazine and a few other DC imprints.

Manfredini Signed Swampy Sountrack

A while back, I spoke with the fellas from the Underground Inc podcast. When they came to visit, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this cd from co-host Billy. A first for my collection, the cd book is signed by ST film composer Henry Manfredini!

I have other versions of this album but to have it signed by Manfredini is really special. Not only did he score Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing, Manfredini is more known for composing the Friday the 13th series, House 1 & 2 and Deepstar Six.

Textured Swampy Sharpener

Swamp Thing Pencil Sharpener – Textured Variant (1991)

I have the other two variants-sealed, on card- but this illusive booger finally made it’s way into my collection today!

Along with the pencil toppers and stampers, the sharpeners also feature little angry Swamp Thing busts.

There’s something morbid and cannibalistic about this piece

Swampy & Hot Wheels

DC Hotwheels Character Cars – Swamp Thing (2017)

It’s been a great weekend for mail and I’m looking forward to sharing my new finds. First up is the Swamp Thing car from Hot Wheels!
This beauty is an oversized Hot Wheels car with some cool details! This car and the Thomas and DC Friends train are some of the more creative collectibles that we’ve seen in some time. It should be in stores but like the train, I have a feeling it’ll be a tough item to track down.

The bog truck dealer’s sales pitch…

I’d test-drive this monstrous muck mobile but I’m going to bet, it’d be more harmful to the environment than the description let’s on.

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