JLA Action figure – the best Swamp Thing figure in a while

Justice League Action Swamp Thing action figure
Release Date: To be determined

A new Swamp Thing figure is on its way and there hasn’t been an action-packed Swampy figure like this since the 90s Kenner line. Swamp Thing’s plant club can be shot from his wooden shield. Both items can be used separately, as well as mounted on his back. The figure’s simple design—mimicking the JLA Action series character design—looks great. Paired with the accessories, this is the most fun Swamp Thing figure to be released in a while. But, it isn’t available just yet…



I was tipped-off that a new Swamp Thing action figure was floating around on Ebay earlier this week and immediately looked into it… and purchased it. This 4″ action figure may be an early release of some kind but with a package date of 2017. I asked fellow collectors and did some digging online but my investigating yielded no results. Turns out, googling “justice league action action figure” will provide you with every JLA action figure under the sun, but no trace of a JLA Action Swamp Thing figure. The seller of the figure told me he picked the item up at a Ross store in California and that it was the only one there.
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The Return of Swamp Thing Soundtrack is finally coming!

You’re probably going to need to sit down for this one…

It’s finally happening. The Return of Swamp Thing soundtrack is finally making it’s way to the public and it’s due to the amazing folks at Terror Vision. But, Terror Vision isn’t JUST releasing this amazing item. They’ve built in plenty of bells and whistles to make this long awaited release that much more special.

  • First time the score has been available on any format
  • Audio pulled from original tapes / remastered
  • Liner notes by director Jim Wynorski
  • Gatefold packaging + Swamp Thing bumper sticker (no DL code for this one)

The record is priced at $27, and their even selling the t-shirts separately. Learn more about the various items in their store. I guarantee other, unrelated cool items will catch your eye.

I did not hesitate to spring for Terror Vision’s “Mega-Bundle” coming in at $63. For those who collect vinyl records and have experience with bundle deals, this is an amazing price for what you get. The bundle comes with a black Swamp Thing 3 color tee, a large ST button, your choice of colored or black vinyl, a large screen-printed poster, a Swamp Thing enamel pin designed by Tittybats and an 8 page “DIY” Swamp Thing zine. The enamel pin and poster will be shipped separately and will hit you early March. Everything else will arrive late Feb.

The Enamel Pin Mock-up

The T-shirt!

and the poster

Terror Vision is a company focused on three components… and these are kick ass components.

  1. Release obscure movie soundtracks on vinyl (Horror/Schi-Fi/Oddball)
  2. Release films on VHS – both new and classics (Horror/Oddball)
  3. VHS Rental Shop – Located in Savannah, GA at 9 West 40th Street

It doesn’t hurt that they’re based out of my hometown Savannah, GA. Savannah is where this albums should be coming out of. The movies was filmed there after all.

Ltd Ed Paquette Prints

Limited Edition Yanick Paquette Prints from Librarie Bookstore

Yanick Paquette prefers to sell and share his prints with fans in person, at conventions and events. This, I love, but it makes it difficult to get your hands on some of his fine, fine prints if you live in a remote part of the world where Yanick and conventions dare not go. Fear not! Not long ago, Yanick shared these two beauties and he’s working with a shop out of Canada to distribute them!

The 11×17, artist edition prints come numbered, signed and are limited to 60. I don’t know how they still have any left. The first print features the artwork to the cover of Swamp Thing 1 (series 5).

The second print features the cover of Swamp Thing 7 (series 5)

Librairie Bookstore is responsible for getting these in your hands and they couldn’t be more helpful. Drop them a line to get yours

Swamp Thing Pencils!

I was floored to see these Swampy pencils up for auction last week. Primarily because I didn’t know they existed and that two were available, sealed!
Unlike the very similar Swamp Thing pencil toppers, these pencils are topped with traditional, white erasers.

It’s always exciting to find Swampy collectibles, and discover what other merchandise is out there. The number of merchandised items produced far outweighed the popularity and life of the animated series. Hopefully this year, I intend to publish a catalog of Swamp Thing collectibles, so that other fans and collectors can have a reference for the many Swamp Thing items out there. Stay tuned!


Here’s a little extra for you!
ST artist, Alfredo Alcala created the artwork for much of the early 90s Swamp Thing merchandise. Below is his artwork that was used on many of the items and the packaging above.

Black Orchid Promo Poster

Black Orchid Mini-Series Promo Poster (circa 1989)
art by Dave McKean

This promotional poster was available around the time that Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid mini-series was released. I was told it may have been a freebie/handed out at local comic shops. Until a couple months ago I’d not seen the poster before, and wasted no time in picking it up. Dave McKeans’s artwork is amazing. I love this mini-series and how Gaiman and McKean explore the characters involved in the story. For a glimpse into the series, check out the Gaiman/McKean interview in Speakeasy 91 from 1988.


Swamp Thing on Transformers UK

Transformers Magazine 48 UK (1986)

It’s strange to be sharing a Transformers comic but I’d been looking for this book for a few years, and it arrived this weekend! I wanted to get a hold of it because it’s titled “Swamp-Thing” and “Swamp Thing” is on the cover. Surely if “Swamp Thing” is on the cover… he’s in the book? Unfortunately not, but the book was titled to reference the greatest DC character of all time, our Swampy.

How cool is that? Swamp Thing’s popularity crosses over into Marvel and Transformers by way of a UK trade’s title. It’s worth mentioning, Transformers Magazine was a weekly UK publication that reprinted/serialized portions of Marvel’s 1984 Transformers series.  The “Dinobot Hunt” storyline was meant to help bridge the continuity gap between the US and U.K. Transformers series.
“To Slay the Swamp Thing!” is not something that occurs in the book. In fact, the story in question takes places in Littlewood, California; “Northern California… amidst redwoods, inland waterways and rivers”. The thing in the swamp is Sludge, the Dinobot.


Autobots and Decepticons are on the hunt for Sludge;  with differening methods.
The dicepticons get the drop on the autobots and capture Sludge.

The only visual reference to Swamp Thing (or any monster for that matter) is the panel below. Like so many Swamp Thing scenarios, a bruised and battered figure emerges from the murky swamp with a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Much like the images below

The HSPPA Collectibles Prop Pin

My Swamp Thing legs arrived!
This amazing limited edition pin is available from The HSPPA. It’s adhered to a backing card signed by Daniel Emery Taylor! I love this wacky idea of ST legs as a pin. A tuber pin would be great too!

Head over to their store to get these fun looking legs. I bet they can get them to you in time for Christmas!

“The HSPPA presents:  collectible prop pins

These pins are caricatures of the actual screen used props in The HSPPA’s Museum of Screen Used Movie Props.

Seen in the classic horror-comic sequel, THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING!!!

This is a LIMITED EDITION, of 100!! Each pjn ckmes with a Card Back signed by DANIEL EMERY TAYLOR, who played “Darryl,” Swamp Things little buddy, in The Return of Swamp Thing!!!
• Enamel Pin
• Card Back, Autographed
• 2.25-in
• dual post (rubber backers)
• Original Art by: Dani Romero”

Swamp Thing Cross Stitch!

A fellow Swampy fan tipped me off about artist, Jenny Savage, and that she creates these really cool cross stitch illustrations. I saw that Jenny had a Swamp Thing available and had to have it!

I love her work and the fun that cross stitch brings to the character.
If you’d like to pick up a piece by Jenny Savage Studio, visit her shop!

DC Postcards Galore

The Art of Vintage DC Comics Postcards

I was searching for a gift at my local antique store a couple months back and was thrilled to see this box, tucked away within a display case.
In celebrating their 75th anniversary, DC Comics released this box of 100 postcards featuring some of DC’s greatest comics and covers.

This large collection features a single Swamp Thing postcard!
Swamp Thing #1!

back of card:

I thumbed through the stack of postcards to share some of my favorite books.

back of packaging/box:

DC Playing Cards Holiday Gift

DC 2007 Holiday Playing Cards

It’s ten years old but in time for the holidays. I’m extremely excited to share this DC Holiday gift with you. I picked it up from B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Batman, JSA, and many more)!

“DC traditionally sends out a gift or gifts to their freelancers. I’ve written off and on for DC over the years, and in 2007, this was the gift. In other years, they’ve sent custom USB keys, clothes, and so on.”
-B. Clay Moore

As you well know, I’m excited to add this to my collection because Swamp Thing is on one of the cards! The ace of spades at that! …que Motörhead

The illustration depicted on the card is by Michael Zulli. His painting has appeared on TPBs, posters, ads and it even made its way into a Neil Gaiman/Alice Cooper comic as an Easter egg.

The set of playing cards features characters from DC, Vertigo, Mad Magazine and a few other DC imprints.

Manfredini Signed Swampy Sountrack

A while back, I spoke with the fellas from the Underground Inc podcast. When they came to visit, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this cd from co-host Billy. A first for my collection, the cd book is signed by ST film composer Henry Manfredini!

I have other versions of this album but to have it signed by Manfredini is really special. Not only did he score Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing, Manfredini is more known for composing the Friday the 13th series, House 1 & 2 and Deepstar Six.

Textured Swampy Sharpener

Swamp Thing Pencil Sharpener – Textured Variant (1991)

I have the other two variants-sealed, on card- but this illusive booger finally made it’s way into my collection today!

Along with the pencil toppers and stampers, the sharpeners also feature little angry Swamp Thing busts.

There’s something morbid and cannibalistic about this piece

Swampy & Hot Wheels

DC Hotwheels Character Cars – Swamp Thing (2017)

It’s been a great weekend for mail and I’m looking forward to sharing my new finds. First up is the Swamp Thing car from Hot Wheels!
This beauty is an oversized Hot Wheels car with some cool details! This car and the Thomas and DC Friends train are some of the more creative collectibles that we’ve seen in some time. It should be in stores but like the train, I have a feeling it’ll be a tough item to track down.

The bog truck dealer’s sales pitch…

I’d test-drive this monstrous muck mobile but I’m going to bet, it’d be more harmful to the environment than the description let’s on.

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