Roots makes George Perez’s website! Oh, and Horror 11

I received an email last week from the wonderful folks that run George Perez’s website. My Fandom Feature #1 post came up on their radar and they asked if I could send them a photo of George’s Silver Surfer sketch that he drew, from the book. I was happy to oblige and it is up on!

In other news, It’s been a great week for mail and I’m excited to share the new Swamp Thing goods with you. A lot of film production slides, books, autographs and more are coming your way… hopefully later this week.

First up is this great Italian edition featuring Swamp Thing #7 (series 1) Night of the Bat

Horror 11 (1981) Italian
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Superman & Swampy Go Dutch

Superman Pocket Nr. 2 (1979) Dutch

I recently received a stack of non-US editions featuring Swamp Thing and am hoping to get through them all this weekend. I still need to document all of them on the foreign editions page.

This Dutch pocket book is quite similar to the German and UK editions which contain the same stories and are the same size/format.

DC Comics Presents #8 (1979)
The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy
For info and pics of the original release of DC Comics Presents #8 can be found here, on a past post.
The book reprints four other classic stories as well…

World’s Finest Comics #212 (1972)
And So My World Begins!
Proving that Telly Savalas would not only make a great Lex but also a decent J’onn J’onzz.

World’s Finest Comics #256 (1979)
The Werewolf of Krypton!
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Swamp Monster 4

Swamp Monster 4 (circa 1982)

I’ve been looking for this book for a few years now and I’m happy to say that it’s finally in my collection! This is the last of 4 Australian publisher, Murray Comics editions that I’ve had trouble tracking down. This copy happens to be in great shape and was purchased at a very reasonable price.

The over-sized, Australian edition collects 6 stories, 5 are Swamp Thing stories.

Swamp Thing 21 (1976)

Swamp Thing 14 (1975)
The Tomorrow Children
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Swamp Monster 1

Swamp Monster 1 (1981)

There are a few Swamp Thing related books on my short list of must haves. Most of those books are non-US editions and fanzines. I’ve been looking for this issue of Swamp Monster for a few years now and finally this sought after Australian edition made its way into my clutches!

Murray Publishers, out of Australia, released numerous comic editions in the 80’s. Many of them came in the form of albums featuring multiple stories and titles. I’m not quite sure if they continued into the 90’s or if they are still at it to this day.

This edition reprints Swamp Thing 1-4 of series 1. In case you forgot your series 1 staples they are: Dark Genesis, The Man Who Wanted Forever, The Patchwork Man, Monster on the Moors

I just can’t get enough of these oversized black and white Wrightson reprints
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Superman Pocketbook 11

Superman Pocketbook 11 (1979)

This UK edition, the same as its German counterpart  Superman Taschenbuch, reprints DC Comics Presents #8.

DC Comics Presents #8 (1979)
The Sixty Deaths of Solomon Grundy
The book reprints four more classic stories as well

World’s Finest Comics #212 (1972)
And So My World Begins!

World’s Finest Comics #256 (1979)
The Werewolf of Krypton!

Superboy #194 (1973)
The Super-Merman of the Sea

This edition also includes Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #246 (1978) Will the Last One to Leave Mercury Please Close the Planet?. I didn’t bother to snap a photo of the title page since this edition is almost identical to the German edition I wrote about in the past.

French Edition – House of Secrets 92

Spectral Trimestriel No. 8 (1979)
La Créature

This French pocket comic reprints Swamp Thing’s first appearance from House of Secrets #92. I recieved the book in the mail last week from my friend Zac. I’ve mentioned Zac in the past but in case you forgot, he runs the Swamp Thing site Seeds and Leaves. I highly recommend stopping over and checking out his amazing database of information. He is another big Swampy fan that loves research. Thanks again Zac!

The 164 page book reprints numerous other stories relating to ghosts and monsters.
image_4 (1)

La Créature

I’ve always enjoyed how cinematic this panel looks.

The back cover features a great ad for a Hulk edition.


Phantastic Comics #57 – Sumpfding (1987)
Ein Leben für die Ewigkeit

This great, German, magazine-sized edition reprints Swamp Thing #1 and #2 of the first series
image_1 (1)image

I don’t know much about the Phantastic Comics line but I’ve been waiting to get a hold of this specific book for some time now.

Dunkle Entstehung

This is one of my favorite Wrightson panels. The details are beautiful. Although impossible, I would love to find out what books the government provided the Hollands for their research. A fan generated list would be fun to create.

Ein Leben für die Ewigkeit

“what’s that Mutt? A green muck-monster tied to the undercarriages of a plane?”

Another classic Wrightson panel. an interview that will be featured in the upcoming Swamp Thing zine, Wrightson sheds some light on his influence for this panel. I’m extremely excited to have an interview with Berni in the book. I can’t wait to share it.

The first appearance of Patchwork Man

Back cover:

Spectral #3 French Edition

Spectral #3 – Avec La Creature du Marais (1985)
La Creature de Cristal

This French, pocket-sized edition reprints the two part story featuring Nat and Sally Broder, Phantom Stranger and Swamp Thing. Like Swamp Thing, Nat was transformed into a monster after a lab explosion. After Nat’s accident, he tries to use his new found powers to control the world. For more information on the two issue story arc, see my previous posts: ST #14, ST #15.

Besides the wonderful black and white reprints these non-US editions offer, I love the reconfigured page layouts. Above is a great example of new artwork added to a reprint so the layout works within the new format. In the original issue, the bottom panel doesn’t display Swamp Thing’s full face. An artist drew the rest of his face for this edition giving us a pretty good idea of how exceptional Swamp Thing’s dental plan is. Continue reading “Spectral #3 French Edition”

Supercomic Los Temerarios

Supercomic (1984)
Los Temerarios

This great, pocket-sized Mexican edition was published by Editorial Novaro. It features Challengers of the Unknown #84 To Save a Monster/When Deadmen Walk, originally printed in 1978.
 photo FE492071-D3DA-4A74-9AFF-7053720FCA2D.jpg
I believe Los Temerarios translates to The Reckless. For a refresher on this Challengers #84 see my previous post here.
 photo CB0CAB7D-27CD-46C4-8CC6-BF184A59C90C.jpg
 photo B6AA365B-A50E-4E24-94C1-464F3B0F4F0E.jpg
 photo C0B9EFDB-3485-40B0-AC3E-D95227E26705.jpg
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Comikaze 24

Comikaze #24 (2014)
Another issue of the Mexican comic magazine, Comikaze arrived last week. I was eager to pick this book up because of the great Swamp Thing illustration on the cover as well as an article about the history of Vertigo comics.

Julian Van Bores created this awesome take on Swampy. The design would be fun to see animated.
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