1985 San Diego Comic-Con Program

The wonderful Ilke Hincer, over at George-Perez.net sent me an email earlier this week to let me know that Swamp Thing makes an appearance on the cover of the 1985 San Diego Comic-Con Program. I immediately ordered the program upon hearing the news and am extremely excited to share it with you. After giving the program a thorough read, I was thrilled to see that Swamp Thing makes more than one appearance!

1985 San Diego Comic-Con Program


“Welcome to the Pleasure Zone”
I’d imagine the SD Comic-Con is far less pleasurable now than it was in 1985. The comics writers and artists that attended the ’85 conference was very impressive.

The program starts with a series of bios and blurbs for the attending artists and writers. Alan Moore was in attendance and Swamp Thing is briefly mentioned.
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Comics Collector 7

Comics Collector 7 (Spring 1985)

The great, John Nordstrom down at Rainbow Comics amassed a giant stack of comics magazines from the 70s and 80s for me to look through. I thumbed through every issue searching for Swamp Thing ads, articles and comic strip appearances. Out of the 40+ magazines, I found only one instance of Swampy.

Finding the needle in a haystack is always an exciting moment. Stumbling upon oddball illustrations and unfamiliar info, buried within an article, makes Swamp Thing research feel like an Indiana Jones adventure.

The comic strip, buried deep within the book, features Swamp Thing and Man-Thing mucking up the pages of Comics Collector. A great, obscure find for sure!

Amazing Heroes 73

Amazing Heroes 73 (1985)

This issue of Amazing Heroes has everything you need to know about The Eternals, but, you can gather that from the cover.

What you couldn’t have known was that Swamp Thing indulges on fertilizer Bonbons!

Almost as scandalous as when Swampy dropped in on the Crisis cover. Which just happens to be in this issue of Amazing Heroes 73!

Certainly one of his smallest appearances, although there are smaller ones out there.

The Amazing Readers section of the book features work by the great, Herb Trimpe

Along with an antagonistic Darkseid

It was bound to happen, Batman

Amazing Heroes 75

Amazing Heroes 75 (1985)

My amazing morning of Amazing Heroes magazine rolls on with more Swamp Thing sightings!

The UK’s renowned Eagle Awards were good to Swamp Thing ’85 and this issue feature’s DC’s Eagle Awards winners along with a fun Swamp Thing sighting!

This isn’t the first time Axel Pressbutton has tried to get the drop on Swamp Thing. Two years later, Axel will take a slice out of Swampy in Comics Buyer’s Guide 687 from January 16, 1987

DC’s Eagle Awards! Swamp Thing and the creative team did quite well.

The letters page features more hilarity.
Firestorm is up to his old tricks, congenial as always.

I didn’t realize GQ was 18+

GQ (July 2016)

Has RootsOfTheSwampThing.com finally gone off the deep end?

I have an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in my collection because it features a Swamp a Thing sighting (I surely did not foresee that ever happening). Now I’ve added GQ to the list of screwball magazines I never read but must have due to the big green guy being ever-present.

I was not aware that GQ contained a decent amount of nudity in their books; although, the cover should have tipped me off. Again, I only bought this for the pictures… I mean articles… I mean Swamp Thing!!

Swamp Thing made his way into The Best F*cking Movies Ever article.
What else would he be doing in here?

A sub-section to the article celebrates movies that feature sex with plants and animals
… RootsOfTheSwampThing.com may seem like it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel to find every single Swamp Thing appearance and you may be correct.

Swamp Thing’s got… wood
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Fearless Swamp Dog

Fearless Dawn 1 (2016)

While assisting with the orders for new comic book day, I thumbed through some books that I’d typically pass on. I indeed judge comics by their cover, especially if a scantily clad woman dons said cover. I’m not keen on women being objectified and sex is an extremely lazy way to sell comics but I step down from the soap box. I bought Fearless Dawn because my preternatural ability to sniff out oddball Swamp Thing sightings paid off . I just happened to flip through the last few pages and came across this great Swamp Thing parody.

Swamp Dog looks awesome! The roots, flowers and his patented Swamp Thing nose/mouth shape are spot on.

What’s the deal with Swamp Dog?
Swamp Dog didn’t actually play a role in the story. Writer and artist Steve Mannion included the Swamp Dog illustration in the back of the book, as a portfolio/sketch page. A giant out-of-control dog did play a role in the story, but sadly, never turned into Swamp Dog.

…everywhere he roams, mayhem and destruction.

The gigantic dog eludes Dawn in the Swamp. In a perfect world, this would be the point in the story where the giant dog goes to school, trains to be a scientist, marries his college sweetheart (who of course would be a scientist dog named Linda) and begins his life’s work on a biorestorative formula only to have it stolen by thugs who leave him for dead, deep in the swamps of Louisiana and buried within this lengthy run on sentence. But like I said before, that doesn’t happen in this story.
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Parody & an Appearance in One Atom

The All New Atom 3 (2006)
My Life in Miniature (Part III of VI) – Binding Energies

NOTICE: Within this book lies a Swamp Thing appearance as well as a Swampy parody. I was excited and a little confused when I picked it up today at my local shop. It is my honor to warn you of this rare occurrence in The All New Atom #3. In this universe Swamp Thing 8 (series 1) The lurker in Tunnel 13 was an actual event that intrigued the right type of people to warrant a film; a poorly produced film depicting Swamp Thing and the almighty M’Nagalah battling it out at the bottom of a mine.

I’d gladly watch a string of low-budget Swamp Thing movies.

A lot is going on here so I’ll jump right into the juicy muck-encrusted parts. This is Dwarfstar. He is an expert with that hunting knife.

Those familiar with series 1 are aware that M’Nagalah just won’t go away. Well, he’s back and is just as long-winded as he was in Perdition, PA back ’74.

Ryan Choi, The Atom, has been deemed worthy and suitable by the almighty M’Nagalah. While providing his lengthy exposition, a flashback reveals a familiar form.
Swamp Thing lurks in the shadows within M’Nagalah’s  monologue.

Swamp Thing, an unsuitable mind.

Ryan Choi tries to enjoy his date at the drive-in. The title of the movie on the marquis reads, Terror in Tunnel Thirteen. It’s the story of Swamp Thing vs M’Nagalah, as seen in Swamp Thing #8.

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Wasteland 18

Wasteland 18 (1989)
The Casebook of the Dead Detective: “86”

I love using instagram as a reference tool and as a platform to share my ST collection. If I don’t have time to write a post on this website I’ll usually take a few quick photos and share items on instagram. I have an awesome group of followers and have found new friends that share my passion for Swampy and fandom. Fellow Swamp Thing fan and instagram friend, RJ found this Swampy parody appearance in Wasteland 18. I knew Swampy showed up in Wasteland 5 but this issue was news to me!

Needless to say, John and Del are up to their old tricks in this issue of Wasteland. As you can imagine, psychedelic tubers are involved.

Del Close points out, “haven’t we passed this way before?”. They sure have.
In Wasteland #5 Del and John frantically try to write a new story for a quickly approaching deadline. The two wind up falling into a psychedelic dreamland much like the one in this issue.

It looks like the gang is all here; most importantly, Swamp Thing!
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Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease LP

Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease LP
Various Artists

I recently found out about this killer, UK, rockabilly compilation that features a certain muck monster with a mop top! I had no idea our big green friend could play the drums.


Track list
Side A
1 The Phantom – Love Me
2 The Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird
3 The Sonics – Psycho
4 The Novas – The Crusher
5 The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralysed
6 Hasil Adkins – She Said
7 The Meteors – My Daddy Is A Vampire

Side B
1 Jimmy Dickinson & The Cramps – Red Headed Woman
2 The Meteors – Radioactive Kid
3 Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – Dateless Night
4 The Gun Club – Jack On Fire
5 The Geezers – Folsom Prison Blues
6 The Sting-Rays – Cat Man
7 The Guana Batz – Just Love Me

Apparently there was another pressing of the release, in a black sleeve.

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #18

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #18 (1990)


I haven’t forgotten to write a post regarding Swamp Thing #6 (series 6) and how it concluded the six issue mini-series quite well. I’m hoping to write about the final issue this weekend. I plan to reread the six books in one sitting to get a better feel for the stories’ pacing. In the meantime…

This great issue of Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers features a fun Swamp Thing parody! Fellow Swamp Thing fan, Paul came across this book and graciously sent it to me. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the book. I was a big fan of the Rescue Rangers animated series.

The story is reminiscent of Swamp Thing #4 Monster on the Moors
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2000 AD 1327 & Grassface

2000 AD 1327 (2003)


This issue of 2000 AD features the Swamp Thing parody known as Grassface! Grassface appeared in a few Bec and Kawl stories in the mid 2000s.

Bec and Kawl
by Simon Spurrier and Steve Roberts

Bec and Kawl summon the “dark and pagan dieti” Grassface.

Bec wants to understand the meaning of the universe but will have to settle for a story.
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Cerebus 107

Cerebus 107 (1988)
Walking on the Moon

Been wondering what happened to Fred and Ethel? Well, this issue of Cerebus fills us in on where the conjoined Swamp Thing/Man Thing lovers have gone to.

Did you forget or don’t have a clue who Fred and Ethel are? Here are some other appearances I posted a little while back.
Cerebus 25
Cerebus 82
Cerebus 105 & 106


Another beautiful, surreal book by Sim and Gerhard.

Fred and Ethel: The Conclusion
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