Dossier Negro – Spanish Collected Edition

Dossier Negro was a Spanish comic magazine published between 1968 and 1988. The series featured original stories but for the most part, it collected and reprinted horror comics. Swamp Thing appeared in Dossier Negro issue #207 in 1987. I’ve been on the hunt for issue #207 for a number of years but this edition is the closest I’ve come to obtaining it. This book collects issues 204-207 and was published in 1988.

The last and best comic in this book, as you can see from the image below, features a painting by Bernie Wrightson. The cover of Dossier Negro Issue #207 may look familiar because it first appeared on the wrap-around cover of issue #1 of DC’s Roots of the Swamp Thing-a five-issue limited comic series that reprinted the first 10 issues of Len Wein & Berni Wrightson’s classic first Swampy series.

Oddly enough, Dossier Negro #207 does not reprint Wein & Wrightson’s work, but features the seminal sotry, ”Anatomy Lesson” by Moore, Totleben & Bissette. Below are photos from the interior.

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Secret of the Swamp Thing

Secret of the Swamp Thing (2005)

This wonderful pocket-sized digest collects Wrightson’s first series run. It features 10 of the greatest Swamp Things stories. As I’m sure you’re well aware, the writing and artwork quickly put Swampy in position to be one of the greatest comic book characters. The book is broken up into chapters, each chapter representing Wrightson’s 10 classic issues.
 photo 633C8208-DFF4-4672-9193-90D8956FC622.jpg

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Swamp Thing 24 (Series 1)

Swamp Thing 24 (1975)
The Earth Below
I feel as if cake and balloons should accompany this post. I should have posted this last week but I have been swamped with work and can finally take the time to present…
the last issue of Swamp Thing series 1! The rendition of Swamp Thing on the cover is one of my favorites. I think the artist was going for motion blur but Swampy’s face looks mossy and shaggy, how I’d imagine a swamp monster would look.
It is interesting that they depicted Swamp Thing fighting Thrudvang yet Alec Holland is in the background. It is strange that Thrudvang is speaking on the cover but the issue hints at him being mute. If I remember correctly, he doesn’t speak in issue 23 & 24.
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Swamp Thing 23 (Series 1)

Swamp Thing 23 (1976)
Rebirth and Nightmare
I’ve always enjoyed the last two issues of series 1. Leading up to these issues it becomes very clear that the book was struggling. The issues don’t string together very well and Swamp Thing’s adventures/mishaps are all over the place. Joe Orlando continuously mentioned the numerous creative team changes in the letters pages. I guess the quality of the book suffered with all of the changes and issues in flux. NEVERTHELESS, That’s what makes your favorite characters great. Their portrayal amid shortcomings can be as endearing as their most noble book.
Swamp Thing’s never ending misfortune has now become comical. He has endured 23 issues of agony and bewilderment. Most comic book heroes have a place of sanctuary. Batman has the Bat Cave, Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, Spider-Man has his bedroom but Swampy is just roaming around. and he’s been kidnapped… a few times. 24 issues is a pretty decent streak for bad luck.
They changed the Swamp Thing title design on the cover! The title went from the traditional horror font to this goofy, nondescript title.

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Swamp Thing 17 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 17 (1975)
The Destiny Machine
I’ve always felt that this cover was Swampy’s Boston Terrier look. His strangely proportioned face and pug nose is a little disturbing. Maybe it’s because this is a dog filled issue.

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