Challengers of The Unknown 85 (Volume 1)

Challengers of The Unknown 85 (1978)
The Creature From the End of Time
 photo 1.jpg

A giant purple hand!
 photo 2.jpg
Eat at Mama Aponte’s! “I… I can’t!”
oh come on June, sure you can.

 photo 3.jpg
more turmoil amongst the Challengers. Swampy and Deadman are stuck, picking up the pieces

 photo 5.jpg
and playing mediator.

 photo 6.jpg
Are the Challengers on goofy pills?

 photo 7.jpg
was “it’s our meat” ever a popular phrase?

 photo 7a.jpg
Oh boy… the box is opening.

 photo 8.jpg
Monsters from boxes? Good lord!

 photo 9.jpg

 photo 10.jpg
June shoots, Swamp Thing goes smash and the monster goes crash.

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

 photo 13.jpg
The Challengers find a skull of unknown origin and they are on to another case with there buddy Swampy.

 photo 14.jpg
Meanwhile, the recovering prof. is battling more monster filled boxes.

 photo 15.jpg
The first piece of evidence proving that Swamp Thing is claustrophobic!

 photo cotu85ad1.jpg
“That’s giving it to her on the old chinchilla”? I wish Batman would slowly turn to Robin to say, “Please stop talking”

 photo cotu85ad2.jpg
Hey kid, feeling broke? All ya need is grit.

 photo cotu85ad3a.jpg
All 5 lo-res, grainy posters for $2

 photo cotu85ad3b.jpg
This issue is full of ads for great upcoming comics.

 photo cotu85ad4.jpg

 photo cotu85ad6.jpg
mellow kids build the best air forces.

Letters Page:
 photo cotu85letterspg1.jpg
I second the request.

 photo cotu85letterspg2.jpg
Jeff is confusing me. I may have missed the tunnel and tractor salesman.


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