Watching the Watchmen

Watching the Watchmen (2008)

Watchmen is a fun series but I purchased this book for Dave Gibbons’ work on Swamp Thing.

In this comprehensive hardcover, Dave Gibbons discusses his path into comics, as well as his work with Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein.

While working on various comic strips for books like 2000 AD, Gibbons was approached by Marvel UK and DC for prospective projects. Due to his busy schedule, Gibbons was unable to contribute to Marvel UK’s new Warriors magazine. Soon after, Gibbons signed with DC to work on their Star Trek series. The Star Trek gig never came to fruition but Gibbons began work as back-up artist on Flash and Green Lantern.

Gibbons was eventually offered lead on the Green Lantern book which caught Len Wein’s eye as a prospect to revive Swamp Thing, which had been steadily losing readership. Gibbons created the sample page below but he and Len Wein agreed that, “the page I produced would only have sunk the muck monster deeper in the mire.” I would have loved to see Gibbons take over the Swamp Thing series, but as he said, his lack of enthusiasm would not have helped the series to get back off the ground.


Historia de los Comics 33

Historia de los Comics 33 (1982)

The Spanish magazine provides a glimpse into the history of comics, including profiles of some of comics greatest artists. This issue highlights Swamp Thing and features a portion of Swamp Thing 2, The Man Who Wanted Forever. The reprinted story is translated and recolored.

Bernie Wrightson’s profile:

Below, I attempted to translate the featured Wrightson interview:
“In the horror stories that I draw, the characters perish more to real people than Kirby characters, or that of much of the publications of Marvel. Many of the Marvel magazines present superheros, the local means that the type that hits is super strong and, what is equally important, the one that receives the blow is also super strong, is able to endure it. It is as if two brick walls hit each other. What I want to say is that there is a lot of action and fights and dazzling lights and vigorous lines. I prefer the cause and the effect. I prefer that each action has an equal and opposite reaction, which means that if someone hits your head, your brain falls to the ground. and you die bleeding.

Action and violence are so difficult to define. If I take an objective look at my work, it does not seem too violent. I think there is a lot of climate. I think the violence in it is justifiable.

The industry system besieged around an asexual world. I do not think about putting a bit of shoehorn sex into a story. Probably what goes into it is subliminal and I do not realize it. That is very Freudian. I think that the industry, considering its position, would find it difficult to get sex and get it to work, and that it was in good taste. Of course, you can make a sex comic book just for the fun of it”
– Berni Wrightson, from an interview by Don McGregor from “MediaScene” 1974

I’ll need to confirm with the book in my collection, but I believe the interview was featured in MediaScene 16.

El Hombre Que Queria Inmortal
For more on Swamp Thing issue 2, visit here

“si… ¡QUIERO!”
Unfortunately the story ends abruptly. I’m not sure if the story continues in the next issue. I’ll need to do some digging

“Where the young giants met
The “prozine” announces a new generation of comics artists in the seventies” by Kim Thompson is one of a couple articles highlighting comics legends. 

I snapped photos of the artist profiles featured in the book.

Back cover:

Gateways 13

Gateways 13 (March 1989)

I came across this great role playing game magazine a little while back and was thrilled to find an insightful Swamp Thing article within.

Along with the Swampy related article, there are a number great RPG related articles and game scenarios, as well as awesome reader-submitted illustrations like the one below.

Forces of the Night: Dark Fantasy Returns to the DC Universe by Vincent Cocolini.

I’ve tried to provide large enough photos so that you can read the majority of the article as well. Cocolini provides a thorough recap of Swamp Thing’s history, as well as peripheral characters such as John Constantine, Black Orchid, Sandman, etc.

I can’t quite place the article’s illustration below, nor a credit citing an artist but I love it!

Although this article doesn’t provide any new info or insight into the characters, it is a strong examination of Swamp Thing and those who helped to evolve the character throughout his history.

The featured call-out on the right side of the page below references the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game from the same year (1989). The game features some fun supplemental info about Swamp Thing, as well as a Swamp Thing playing card.

this “no-holds-barred” interview with Chris Claremont sounds intense. I just wonder if it’s no-holds-barred for Claremont or fans?

Arken Sword 19

Arken Sword 19 (1986)

I’ve not posted or shared any new items in about a month and am looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. All sorts of fun stuff has been going on. Holland Files 2 successfully shipped around the world and it was more in demand this year than last, if you can believe it. I certainly didn’t. It’s a surprise and a thrill to have the opportunity to share such fun material by so many talented people. I can’t thank you all enough. Other Swampy news, but more of a personal item, I’ve made great progress on the Swamp Thing museum. I’ve turned the second floor of my house into a Swamp Thing museum and it will eventually be open to the public (by appointment only). One of the best parts of loving Swamp Thing is being able to share info with fellow ST fans. It’s the greatest feeling and the museum has been something I’ve been wanting to share for a while now. I’ll be posting pictures soon along with more info. Now, on to Arken Sword 19…

Swamp Thing is getting fresh within the British comics magazine, Arken Sword.

Like many issues of Arken Sword, this book is filled with interesting/insightful interviews, articles and great artwork. Take this Alan Davis collaboration for instance…

I tracked this issue down for the ads. Swampy pops up in two separate advertisements that play off of each other. Mike Higgs drew both of the ads, for Nostalgia & Comics and The Place. I love Higgs take on Swampy as well as the other classic comic characters.


Elvira’s House of Mystery 5

Elvira’s House of Mystery 5 (1986)

Swamp Thing pops up in another Elvira book! This very small appearance/reference to the Swamp Thing series is pretty neat and you may miss it if not looking close enough. Swamp Thing was also referenced in Elvira’s House of Mystery 11.

Elvira provides the interstitial entertainment for a couple horror stories within the book. While she is chatting with Cain and about the stories, Swamp Thing #48 “A Murder Of Crows” can be seen more than a few times amongst her pile of comic books. The book appears twice on the page below.

The book appears three times on the page below.

Elvira even takes the time to enjoy the sophisticated suspense of issue #48!

“y’know–he looks familiar! I think I might have dated this guy!” I would not be surprised at all if Elvira and Swampy had a tryst at some point. They seem like they’d be a good couple.

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Horror 32

Horror 32 (1989)

This amazing, black and white, oversized, Yugoslavian, Swamp Thing edition is awesome! The racy cover distracts from the killer Swamp Thing stories within but it is beautifully done. For those offended by the female form, and the dragon monsters who love them, I’ve blocked out the woman’s breasts. On to the book!

The Yugoslavian Edition reprints Alan Moore’s #25+26 of the second series. The oversized book, with its black and white artwork is stunning. As if it didn’t before, John Totleben and Stephen Bissette’s artwork really jumps off the page in this format. Below are some of my favorite pages from this edition. To read more about these specific issues, visit, Swamp Thing 25 and Swamp Thing 26.

“Čudovište iz Crne Lagune” rougly translates to, “A Monster from a Black Lagoon”
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Swamp Thing imaginext

Imaginext: DC Super Friends – Batman & Swamp Thing (2018)

The Swamp Thing imaginext figure is finally out and from what I’ve heard, can be found at major retail stores. Next time you’re stollinging through the store be on the lookout for this really fun Swampy and Batman combo pack. Batman is equipped with a backpack and green/plant machete, perhaps provided by Swampy. Detailed photos below.