Swamp Thing Maquette!

Thanks to the Parliament of Trees group, I found out that DC & Side Show Toys will be releasing a Swamp Thing maquette soon! a release date has yet to be announced, details below.

The artwork that’s featured in the promo ad above looks like the work of Swamp Thing – New 52, series 5 artist- Andy Brase or perhaps Jesus Saiz. If the maquette is based on either one of their work, we are in for something special!


Ripped from the headlines of Side Show Toys!
“After a terrible accident left Alec Holland as an avatar of of the Green he found he had the ability to control all plant life and quickly become a proctor of the human and plant worlds! Sideshow is very excited to be bringing the Green known as Swamp-Thing to life in a brand new Maquette! This DC Comics collectible will be available for Pre-Order soon!”

DC Bombshells 30

DC Bombshells 30 (2017)
Winter is Coming

As I figure out a solution to replace the thousands of images on this site that will no longer be visible via Photobucket, I am very excited to share Swamp Thing’s most recent appearance in the DC Universe!

The last time Swamp Thing made an appearance in DC Bombshells was last year in issues 5 & 6. Nothing came of his brief cameo and I’d always wondered why he showed in the first place. Maybe this is where the trail picks back up!

The exciting and retro universe that the DC Bombshells title provides is a great conduit to introduce new ideas and storylines. I’ve read a dozen or so issues of the Bombshells series but sadly have not kept up with the narrative/continuity so I read this book going in blind. None the less, I jumped right in and am excited to see where  the crew takes me!

While searching for Raven, Zatanna and Constantine are up against a Game of Thrones/White Walker type scenario and they plan to take a stand against the Killer Frost and Strigo devils! As they make their attack, Zatanna is pinned down by a monsterous tentacle. But guess who comes to her aid?


“Abigel Kholland”, this Bombshells universe’s version of Alec Holland’s wife! She comes with a crew of Un-Men-like animals.



I thought it was real neat how Abigel’s jacket has a decaying leaf pattern on it. She helps Zatanna up and gets acquainted. Before long, an introduction to Swamp Thing is inevitable.


I love Zatanna and Constantine’s reactions. It’s apparently the first they’ve come across Swampy.


This issue was released last week and more appearances are on their way. Look for further Swamp Thing appearances in DC Bombshells 31-33!

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The Event 6

The Event 6, volume 4 (1991)

I recently purchased a lot of comic related promo newspapers; a few Comic Shop News and a couple Event papers. Unfortunately Swamp Thing doesn’t appear in any of the other papers except for this, Event 6.
 photo 729124C1-764A-4330-867F-67859F392228.jpg
The cover of this entertainment newspaper features a collage of notable comic book charters much like a Comics Buyers Guide. It’s pretty easy to spot the various, notable artist’s work throughout. I was excited to add this paper to my collection because of Bissette’s Swamp Thing in the corner. The artwork -originally appearing in ST series 2- has been used for various DC house ads in the past.

 photo 01225F4E-B1DF-45EC-BF09-282EE3B0AD92.jpg

The Event was a free entertainment newspaper focused on all the action going on in Wasatch county, Utah.

 photo 72AEC099-9FA5-4EEA-A64A-457D45CAD0BB.jpg

Typically the paper doesn’t feature a bunch of funny book characters running wild on the cover. The cover story, “A Brief History of Comic Books” provides an overview of comic book history and delves into the comic craze of the early 90s. Sadly no mention of Swamp Thing but having him on the cover is good enough for me.
 photo 612A2F75-4C04-4E4C-8E67-EB89D1A344D6.jpg

 photo 2DB90CBF-7673-441F-8BAC-4E37A74562E2.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised to find this Big Baby strip in the back of the paper. For those unfamiliar with artist and storyteller, Charles Burns, he’s worth checking out and one of my favorites.
 photo AB6F2556-8804-4F83-B8AA-DC33AC46BD89.jpg

An ad for local comic shop, Night Flight which is still open today.
 photo B61A54AD-4A9C-4E56-90DA-0CB251BD5062.jpg

DC exploded in ’73, Alec Holland in ’72

Justice League of America 105 (1973)
Specter in the Shadows!

While looking through a stack of silver age comics I was thrilled to come across this DC house ad toward the back of JLA 105. I had never seen this style of “DC explodes in 73” ad and was happy to see it featured Swamp Thing 4, Monster on the Moors.
 photo CF99D7F8-6598-4B37-A138-09FE4E470A7C.jpg

Spectre in the Shadows was written by none other than Swamp Thing co-creator, Len Wein. In 2015, the JLA 105 cover was featured on the cover of the Len Wein issue of Alter Ego 135.
 photo FB29BC3C-2C3C-40D1-BE24-ADD3A3B46672.jpg

Swampy is in good company next to Kamandi.
 photo 1A782B29-680B-4C25-A6E3-35878F4B40CF.jpg
 photo D8BCC471-4A7A-40B3-B059-BE21C561933F.jpg
 photo 2E2B2240-49D2-494E-A33E-371B878DCC96.jpg

Swamp Thing Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels DC Comics Swamp Thing Character Car
1:64 scale prototype

Hot Wheels and Swamp Thing fans alike will be excited to hear that a 1:64 scale, Swampy character car will be in stores this summer!
 photo D6F78F69-9217-4016-91FC-5853006573FB.jpg

 photo 39F51DD5-171A-40DC-A742-80D1DA617EB5.jpg
Select Hot Wheels DC Character cars have been available for a little while now but this prototype car showed up on an online auction not long ago. The images are too good to share and I’m looking forward to seeing it fully painted/rendered. As we’ve seen in the past, a prototype doesn’t guarantee the item will make it to production but, here’s to hoping. It would be fun to see Swamp Thing honored in Hot Wheels form.

 photo F9D8D7C8-E487-41ED-AA40-497386EA2691.jpg
 photo 9E8D4A2A-2545-4CE5-A881-509071BB7AF1.jpg
 photo 392FE6E3-D74B-44AF-A787-1C246788AED6.jpg
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Träsk Mannan

Träsk Mannen film poster (1982)

This awesome poster was sent to me by fellow Swamp Thing fan, Peter in Sweden! I was blown away by its condition and can’t wait to get it framed. Peter told me that there aren’t too many of them kicking around since they were usually beat up when being stapled to telephone polls or being ripped down. The poster measures 30cm x 70cm.

 photo FF066AFD-ABAE-4596-982F-DE63983D9CED.jpg
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