Door #20 Might Be A Dud

After yesterday’s surprise in the bathtub we were excited to push through and open door #20. Well, door #20 provided a gold Batman coin and we’re not sure what to do with it.

After the initial excitement that comes with a surprise wore off…

We were left scratching our heads. What is the Batman coin used for? The scene was dramatic as you can see.

My wife and son looked at the box for clues. They thought they found a lead but it was a Goldfish cracker crumb stuck to the box. Of course he ate it.

As you can see from the box top below, it appears to be just a coin in the ground.

I wish door #20 had a happy ending. But, it doesn’t. The gold Batman coin was found discarded. The coin should have been behind door #19 instead of Cyborg. It would have spared him from the 2022 bathtub disaster. He didn’t deserve that.

4 thoughts on “Door #20 Might Be A Dud

  1. I have some imaginext sets that shoot disks like that. Can’t tell from the renderings of the snowmobile if it has a shooter on the front but that would be my only hope for it being an interactive piece this time around.


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