Day #23: Santa’s Christmas Sword, No Santa

I was hoping that the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar would end with a bang. I thought doors 23 & 24 would hold some really fun items. I still have hope for door #24.

Need a blue knife in your life? Perhaps blue swords for your horde?
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a blue sword. The handle of the sword reminds me of a cane, which makes me wonder why the Penguin isn’t included in the calendar.

Our son was not thrilled at first, but…

His sinister side emerged. He began to plot.

We think he sharpened the edge and is hiding it up his sleeve like a shiv.
That was a joke. I hope my corny sarcasm shines through. At no point is our son playing with dangerous toys. Photos are staged and taken in a safe manor. Speaking of safe, we hope everyone has a safe travel experience during the holidays. We spent most of yesterday at the airport until leaving for home in sporadic whiteout conditions. Our flight was canceled and our airport closed due to a blizzard. It’s -38 Fahrenheit (wind chill included) today. It looks like we’ll be staying home this Christmas. Today would have been our son’s first airplane ride and he would have met his cousins in South Carolina for the first time. But, it’s easy to stay positive being safe at home and a future trip is already in the works.

Additional sword info: The sword was originally released with the Winter Warrior Santa imaginext figure, pictured below. In looking up info about the sword, I also found that the robe/head piece from day #14 was part of the Warrior Santa figure set as well.

I wish Santa was in this calendar, but since only 8 characters are included, here is the lineup. Flash, Riddler, Cyborg, Batman, Captain Cold, Batgirl, Green Lantern and Swamp Thing. Tune in tomorrow for the last door before Christmas!

Door #22 is a Flash Staff

It’s December 22nd and it’s time to open door #22 of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. Swamp Thing arrived behind door #21 yesterday and I’m not sure anything can top that kind of excitement.

When our son opened door #22, I was thrilled to see what looked like a Swamp Thing accessory.

Swamp Thing looks really great holding the staff but it was originally produced for the imaginext DC Super Friends Flash & Reverse Flash figure set in 2017.

As you can see from the image below, Flash and hsalF have battle staffs. It seems that imaginext created a green staff for 2022 Christmas battles.

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#21 Giveaway Day – Swampy Arrived

Oh joyous day! Swamp Thing has arrived and today is more exciting than Christmas. It’s also time to announce the winner of the Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway! Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway and those who visit this site. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share in my Swamp Thing fandom with you. It’s also been an honor to get to know so many of you outside of the website.

Swamp Thing looks great and I’m excited that the exclusive Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar figure finally arrived! It looks like a coat of Kelly green paint and multi-colored lights were applied to the original Swamp Thing imaginext figure from 2018. The lights are not on a string, but painted along the roots of the figure.

Below is a side by side photo of the 2018 figure vs. the 2022 Christmas version.

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Door #20 Might Be A Dud

After yesterday’s surprise in the bathtub we were excited to push through and open door #20. Well, door #20 provided a gold Batman coin and we’re not sure what to do with it.

After the initial excitement that comes with a surprise wore off…

We were left scratching our heads. What is the Batman coin used for? The scene was dramatic as you can see.

My wife and son looked at the box for clues. They thought they found a lead but it was a Goldfish cracker crumb stuck to the box. Of course he ate it.

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It All Started as Good Clean Fun

Door #19 of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar was opened this evening and everyone was thrilled to see Cyborg. Paired with his hockey stick, he’s ready to play a game and kick ass (based on a number of weapons that are included in the calendar). Like I said in a previous post, I’m not sure why the calendar characters are coming together. I don’t believe a Christmas party was in the works based on the box art but a party is what’s happening at our house.

The party at our house would have been fully photo documented but it got out of control. The party spilled into the bathtub. All of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Calendar figures were invited and my son was thrilled. That lasted for about 20 minutes. The DC Super Friends were then visited by a turd and the bathtub was evacuated.

All of the figures have been disinfected thoroughly and are in good spirits. Just not the kind of spirit you’d typically expect around Christmas. Thank you for stopping by. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Day #18: Swamp Thing’s Still Missing

It’s December 18th and the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar yields another accessory.
Today, door #18 is for Batgirl.

The blue grappling hook gun looks like a weapon and I’m not sure why Batgirl would need it when battling in a field. Assuming the illustration on the box relates to why she has it, what’s she going to grapple to/with?

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The 17th is for Slalom

It wouldn’t be Winter without cold weather and the season wouldn’t be complete without outdoor activities in the snow. Cue the snowboard!

The Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar has delivered fun toys all month and today’s door #17 was no exception. Our son has been hitting the slopes with the Riddler and there’s no stopping them.

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Not the Green I Wanted, but the Green We Needed

And the Spirit Award goes to, Green Lantern! Jessica Cruz has been put through the ringer this afternoon but her Christmas cheer and willingness to go on endless adventures with our son has been an heroic effort. Schools and Daycares were closed due to snow storms today and Green Lantern was the perfect winter companion this afternoon.
She has teeth marks all over her and is covered in slobber.

Welcome back to another Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar reveal. It’s the 16th day/door of December and everyone is holding strong with posting everyday. It’s truly a family effort and I appreciate my wife’s help very much. As you can see from the image above, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz was behind door #16. Of all the figures Green Lantern has been our son’s favorite figure to play with.

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Captain Cold is on a Roll

So far Captain Cold has the most accessories in this Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. Last night he made his debut in a Christmas robe. On December 3rd, the Captain’s great big snowball dropped. Tonight’s accessory is stone cold. So much so that our son wore his new snow pants and boots in preparation.

Today’s door #15 features a rubber, snap-on accessory. It makes for a fun addition to the play set, allowing you to make figures look like they’ve been blasted by a freeze gun and encased in ice. The accessory looks like a penis at certain angles.

I like how the narrative from the box top illustration plays out when the accessory is applied to the Flash. It’s as if Captain Cold finally hit Flash with his freeze gun.

Thank you for stopping by for another calendar reveal. I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm this winter (or cool for those in the southern hemisphere). If you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas, or even if you don’t celebrate a holiday at all, I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and loved ones this season. We’ll see you tomorrow!

The Captain’s Robe & Giveaway Info

Welcome back for day/door #14 of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. December feels like it’s flying by but we’re thrilled to share a little of each day with you during the countdown to Christmas. We’re also excited for our Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway. To enter, I’ve been asking readers to comment on this site with the day/door they think Swamp Thing will show up. Whoever guesses correctly will be the winner. If multiple people guess the same correct day, I will choose one person at random from those who chose the correct day. If no one guesses the correct day, we’ll implement Price is Right rules (closest without going over). A winner will be announced the day after Swamp Thing shows his muck encrusted face in the advent calendar. What will you win? See the bottom of this post to find out. Now, back to door #14!

Captain Cold arrived yesterday evening behind door #13. He wasn’t looking very festive, as you can see from the image below. He’s the only figure within the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar that isn’t donning Christmas colors. I have high ho-ho-hopes that door #14 will help get the Captain in the Christmas spirit.

The excitement was palpable. Our son threw open door #14 faster than Santa can say “naughty” or “nice.”
The night was about to get a lot more festive. It’s a good thing the Captain is wearing his Gogo boots.

The Captain looks pretty good! He’s ready to hit the Christmas clubs. Captain Cold may be the most festive figure within the calendar so far. I hope he’s able to avoid freezing someone to death long enough to spread some good cheer.

I’m assuming this Christmas robe and head piece pairs with Captain Cold, but it could belong to Cyborg. I believe he’s the only other figure that could fit in the robe.

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The Captain Is In

Welcome back to another Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar reveal. The countdown to Christmas continues and everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for Swamp Thing to show up with his 8 flying reindeer. He had wings in the New 52 series, I don’t see why he couldn’t be accompanied by a few magical caribou once a year. He’d distribute presents in a much more efficient way than the traditional Santa. Anyway, obviously a great topic we can discuss another time.

If it feels colder than normal this evening it’s because Captain Cold emerged from behind door number #13.

The appearance of the Captain is extremely exciting. I bet kids around the world were just as excited in 2015 when the figure and snowball were originally released. I wish the large ice cannon (pictured below) was included in the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar as well.

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December 12th is for The Flash

We’re halfway through the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar and tonight we opened door #12. Swamp Thing hasn’t shown up yet but we did find another fun figure!

The Flash was behind door #12. His costume is similar to Batgirl, going with the red and white motif.

Flash showing up on the 12th deviates from the pattern I thought the calendar stuck to:1 figure followed by 3 doors of accessories, then 1 figure and so on. This might change how people guess when Swampy will arrive for the Swamp Thing giveaway. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit this post for more information, and to enter to win the Swamp Thing Christmas giveaway.

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Swamp Thing Looks as Confused as Dr Sam Beckett

This December 11th Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar item has inspired me to reevaluate the narrative within this calendar. Based on the illustration on the front of the box and the various weapons that have been revealed so far in the calendar, I assumed that once all doors were open and accessories were accounted for, the stage would be set for an epic Christmas battle between DC’s heroes & villains.

After our son found this hockey stick behind door #11, I’m not sure what to think. Maybe some of these DC heroes received the wrong memo regarding a Christmas battle? On the box, Cyborg is wielding the hockey stick. With an arsenal like his, I don’t think Cyborg would rely on a hockey stick while in battle. Swamp Thing would always be ready based on his skill set and powers (obviously) but dressed in Christmas lights makes me think he and Cyborg are the only DC heroes who are caught off guard in this winter wonderland scenario. I’d love to know what was going on before the melee occurred.

On the box, Swamp Thing reminds me of Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap–spontaneously forced within a precarious situation… dressed in Christmas lights, not at all prepared. Maybe Constantine summoned him. Meanwhile, Bat Girl & Batman are prepared for a fight with content expressions, oddly enough.

Are we overthinking this? 100%
It’s fun to ponder the decision making processes involved in making a product like the Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. I think this calendar is a case of putting the cart before the horse. I think it’s main function was to sell/use imaginext surplus inventory (figures and accessories) and then a thin narrative was built around the items and figures. Regardless, the narrative remains consistent at our house. Christmas calendar accessories are toothpicks and we will continue to remove them from our son’s mouth. Thank you for stopping by. We’ll see you tomorrow.