Wooley’s and the Swamp Thing Bust

Wooley’s Auction Gallery Magazine – circa 1982

Wooley’s Auction Gallery used to produce paperback catalogs to accompany their auctions. The books were typically filled with original comic book art, film props, comic books, etc. This issue caught my eye because the back cover features a familiar looking Swamp Thing bust.


Below is the back cover. It features THE Swamp Thing bust by Bill Munns. I acquired the bust from a fellow Swamp Thing fan in 2016. I wrote all about it, here. It’s a thrill to find this auction magazine with even more details about the bust.


Below are some photos from the inside of the auction catalog.


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The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2

Swamp Thing (Series 2) #36: “The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2”

Swamp Thing 35 was part 1 of The Nuke-Face Papers storyline. The book introduced the effects the Lombard Coal Mine (in Pennsylvania) had on the environment by dumping toxic waste. A former mine employee named, Bob took to drinking the toxic waste as if it were alcohol. He was given the nickname Nuke-Face. He’s made his way down to Louisiana, destroying everyone he comes in contact with. Unfortunately Swamp Thing was one of the last to see Bob. At the beginning of Swamp Thing 36, we find Swamp Thing in rough shape.



Dreaming of Abby, Swamp Thing rots away the whole night and into the following day. The effects of Bob’s toxic waste has him struggling for his life.

Abby finds Swamp Thing and is terrified by the sight of him rotting away. He tells her that he plans to rebuild another body before dying but isn’t sure how long it will take, or if they’ll ever see each other again.


Wallace Monroe is being haunted by his past. The role he played in the Lombard Coal Mine dumping in Pennsylvania and elsewhere has caught up with him and it’s destroying his life and family. He hears children chanting the familiar name, Nuke Face. The kids back in Pennsylvania did the same thing.  Continue reading “The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 2”

DC Through the 80’s

DC Through the 80’s – The Experiments: A Storied Survey of the Decade that Changed Comics Forever

This installment of DC Through the 80’s was released last month and I was eager to get my hands on the 504 page hardcover. I love editions that collect various DC stories (see DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest circa 1980), and this book includes fun insight into the stories and what was happening at DC Comics at the time of their release. DC Through the 80’s sheds light on the creative choices, business decisions, and industry environment of the era. DC was allowing artists and writers to make bold choices in their craft/trade and the results provided some of the best comics ever created. From the cover alone, you know you are in for a treat. This book is the follow up to, DC Through the 80s: The End of Eras which was released in 2020. You can find a copy here.


Swamp Thing appears in two stories within this edition. He kicks off the Vertigo section of the book with, Swamp Thing #40 “The Curse” from 1985. The Moore, Bissette, Totleben story was part of the wildly engaging and inspired story arc, An American Gothic.


In his book, Writing for Comics (2003) Alan Moore discussed Swamp Thing issue #40: “This story was about the difficulties endured by women in masculine societies, using the common taboo of menstruation as the central motif. The plot concerned a young married woman moving into a new home built upon the site of an old Indian lodge and finding herself possessed by the dominating spirit that still resided there, turning her into a werewolf.” Even though issue #40 of Swamp Thing is overlooked/underrated by many, it’s an excellent example of the inspired level of thought going into the comics being made. These were not run of the mill stories involving caped crusaders, but rich tales with themes involving cultural history, relationships, and what it means to be human. 


The second story within
DC Through the 80’s – The Experiments to feature Swamp Thing is Wolfman & Perez’s, “History of the DC Universe – Book Two.” Swamp Thing is featured on the cover within the word, “the” as well as within the story.

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Swamp Things in Space

Ancient Astronauts #7 (Vol 4) August 1978


This fantastic swipe/homage to Bernie Wrightson’s House of Secrets 92 was published in 1978 but was brought to my attention last week. It was like a hidden treasure within Swamp Thing’s history. Unlike House of Secrets 92 where Swamp Thing lurked behind Linda Ridge, this illustration features two Swamp Thing space men! I wonder if Louise Simonson knows about this tribute to her likeness.


The Swampy appearance can be found within Ancient Astronauts #7. I was fortunate enough to find a copy on EBay. I did have to purchase a lot of 8 issues of Ancient Astronauts to obtain the Swamp Thing sighting in #7 but it was well worth it.


The Swampy appearance comes by way of an article about aliens and skin complexion. It’s a random yet delightful sight. This magazine is full of bizarre and funny articles. I’m not sure if all of the content is meant to be funny. Below is the spread for, “Beware of Strange Skin Blemishes.” I believe the House of Secrets 92 homage was illustrated by either, Gene Day or Clifford Spencer. Gene Day illustrated a number of pieces of art throughout this magazine but he typically signed his work.


The above Swamp Thing astronauts sighting reminded me of another spacey scenario involving Swampy. If you were reading Batman in 2014, you may have come across this awesome Swamp Thing preview in the back of Batman #33.


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Swamp Things in the Penthouse

Penthouse Comix #21 (April 1997)

Swamp Thing parody appearances have been known to pop-up in some of the most bizarre books and places. Take a look at those I’ve listed on the Parody page, here. There are quite a few fun ones.


Penthouse Comix #21 from 1997 might be the zestiest book in my Swamp Thing parody collection. Amongst the erotica, 2 Swamp Thing looking creatures made their way into “The Edge”, one of the stories within the book. It’s easy to dismiss the characters as not being Swampy but with the star studded lookalikes within the cast, one of them is bound to be Swampy.

Thor is in Asgard with a huge supporting cast. They’ve all gathered to participate in the Hundred Years Games. The Universes’ finest convene once a century to compete. Within the splash page below, you’ll find an assortment of your favorite characters. The Tick, R2D2, Vader, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ralphie from A Christmas Story, Aladdin, and Darkseid are just a few you’ll spot. 


The first Swamp Thing sighting is within the title page crowd. It just so happens, Swampy is standing next to ALF. Yep, ALF is eating a cat. Everyone is in attendance to try their hand in the Hundred Years Games. Continue reading “Swamp Things in the Penthouse”

More 90s Swamp Thing Sweatshirts

You’re not seeing double. These 2 Swamp Thing sweatshirts have the same design. Around 1990/1991 they were available in various sizes and colors. I wrote about the size 10-12 sweatshirt from 1991 a couple weeks ago, here

As you can see, the turquoise background texture extends further than that of the sweatshirt released in ‘91. Continue reading “More 90s Swamp Thing Sweatshirts”

Luke Almond as Linda Ridge & Ultraman vs Swamp Thing

Art for Art Sake zine #1 – 2019 UK

This awesome Swamp Thing parody post comes by way of Luke Almond & the Zine Queens. The 12-page zine was released in 2019 and features a great homage to House of Secrets 92 on its cover. Luke Almond looks fantastic as Linda Ridge. Swamp Thing looks delightful as always on the cover of his first appearance. If you’d like to get your hands on issue #1 of Art for Arts Sake, visit Luke’s Etsy page, here.


Luke Almond & the Zine Queens, the Sheffield, UK based creative collective, created this fun, quirky and bizarre collection of illustrations, photography, design, collage and written content. The book features Swamp Thing, FishBats and reviews the “Swamp Thing” film from 1982 as well as Matt Berry’s album, “Television Themes.”


Not only does the zine have a killer cover by Luke Almond, he drew an awesome showdown between Swamp Thing & Ultraman. Mollie Bracey wrote the Swamp Thing vs Ultraman script that the image is paired with.


Swampy shows up a couple more times within the 1982 film review by John Roope. Luke Almond returns to create the Swamp Thing logo, opposite the review. The same logo can be seen on a button, below.

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New Zealand Honors Swamp Thing’s Birthday with Silver

Justice League Swamp Thing 1 oz Silver Proof – 2021

New Zealand is honoring Swamp Thing with this beautiful commemorative silver coin. Happy 50th Swampy! 


Produced for Niue by the New Zealand Mint, this 1 oz, .999 fine Silver coin features Swamp Thing! Mintage was limited to 1,971 pieces in honor of his first appearance in House of Secrets #92, from ‘71. I’m curious to know why Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing isn’t featured on the coin and packaging. It would have been fitting, but I’m thrilled just to see Swampy getting his moment in the spotlight… in coin form.


The coin features the artwork of Jesús Saíz. The artwork was originally published on Swamp Thing 25, in  2014. It comes in a protective display block with a numbered COA. The coin and packaging are sharp. It’s going to look great on display.


The back of the coin features Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Continue reading “New Zealand Honors Swamp Thing’s Birthday with Silver”

It’s a Mi Gran Aventura Sunday

It felt like a great day to pull out some of my Mexican, Mi Gran Adventura pocket books… so I did! These little beauties measure 14cm x 19.37cm, and were published by National Periodical Publications, Inc. The logo, EN can be seen in the corner of each book cover. It stands for Editorial Navaro, the imprint. 


Above are issues #153, 155 and 158 of the Aguila series. “Aguila”, is an indicator of the size of the book. If I recall, Navaro released Mi Gran Aventura books in a couple different sizes.


I’m not a Mexican comics wiz/know-it-all, but the kind folks over at the Global Comic Safari are. Check out this link where they break down some of the Mexican Navaro formats.

Mi Gran Aventura #2-153, Serie Águila (June 1977)

This copy of #153 has seen better days but I’m thrilled just to have a copy in my collection. The book reprints, Swamp Thing #9 The Stalker From Beyond (April 1974) along with a backup story. The Stalker From Beyond was written by Len Wein. Bernie Wrightson handled the artwork.


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Swamp Thing Sweatshirt… for Kids

Swamp Thing Youth/Kids Sweatshirt – 1991

This Swamp Thing sweatshirt is awesome. Sure I’ll never be able to fit into it, but a future model is in the works. The artwork featured on the front is seldom seen on Swampy apparel. A few different colors of the sweatshirt style exists and pop-up every so often on eBay or Etsy. It took me a little over 5 years to track this little shirt down. An example of the grey version of the sweatshirt can be seen here.


I love this and other promo art that was used on Swampy collectibles relating to the animated series. Like I’ve said in the past, the amount of Swamp Thing merchandise and collectibles produced for a 5 episode animated series is bananas. But, I sure do appreciate it all. Continue reading “Swamp Thing Sweatshirt… for Kids”

Black Orchid #17 Swamp Thing Promo Card

Black Orchid #17 (January 1995)


Unfortunately I won’t be writing about this Black Orchid story. Instead, I’m excited to share with you the fun promotional Swamp Thing trading card that was included within the book. It’s certainly not a Swamp Thing appearance but a fun promo collectible. I keep the book listed on my ads page so it’s often overlooked.


John Mueller was the artist in charge of depicting Alec Holland and Swampy for this card. You probably remember Mueller illustrating most of the covers in the 1994 Swamp Thing series. He created 9 Swampy covers in all. All of them were for the Morrison/Millar/Hester era of Swampy.


As part of a promotional campaign for the 1994 Vertigo trading cards by Skybox, this Swamp Thing card was featured as an insert in The Black Orchid #17. It’s a pretty fun addition to an already good comic (Black Orchid). The promo card number/identifier is SP1, which is indicated on the back of the card. John Constantine is featured on promo card SP2, and Sandman is on SP3. Continue reading “Black Orchid #17 Swamp Thing Promo Card”

1 Sign & a 3 Ring Binder

Two, one of a kind Swamp Thing items were given to me last week and I’m thrilled to share them with you. On the left is a 3 ring binder featuring artwork from the recent Swamp Thing series. The oversized Swamp Thing #1 cover on the right is printed on textured metal sheet stock. The Swamptastic items were the product of a test printing. Both were printed using the sublimation printing process (basically printing using a heat press and transfer paper). Since the test printing utilized unlicensed imagery, the fun items made their way into my collection, free of charge. The creator appreciated the results, how the inks worked with the materials and I’m thrilled they chose Swamp Thing as their subject matter.


The 11” x 15.5” metal sheet stock is coated with a cloth-like texture. The color is vibrant and the metal is thick. I’m excited to hang it on my wall. Below are some details.


In the photo above, you can see the texture that the image was printed on. It feels like heavily textured rice paper. I placed a couple quarters next to the sign to give you a sense of scale, below.


The 3 ring binder is made with black canvas and a white fabric that is able to be printed upon. It’s really cool and I’m looking forward to storing Swamp Thing collectibles in it.


The Gang is All Here in ’87 – Limited DC History Print

I’ve been meaning to post this beautiful 15″ x 30″ print for some time now. Rearranging the Swamp Thing room provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

Swamp Thing is looking pungent smelling, surrounded by some flies. Phantom Stranger doesn’t seem phased, but Martian Manhunter appears to be struggling.


The art jam was created in conjunction with a deluxe, hardcover-version of the History of the DC Universe book. It was included in the book as a gatefold. The eclectic crowd of DC characters were illustrated by some of the top artists and creators. The art was used to produce the 15″ x 30″ print that I’m holding in the photo above. DC distributed a postcard providing the opportunity to send away for the rolled poster. I was able to procure this limited, mail-away, 1 of 10,000 poster from my good friend John Nordstrom.


John Totleben and Stephen Bissette provided the Swamp Thing illustration.


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