DC Playing Cards Holiday Gift

DC 2007 Holiday Playing Cards

It’s ten years old but in time for the holidays. I’m extremely excited to share this DC Holiday gift with you. I picked it up from B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Batman, JSA, and many more)!

“DC traditionally sends out a gift or gifts to their freelancers. I’ve written off and on for DC over the years, and in 2007, this was the gift. In other years, they’ve sent custom USB keys, clothes, and so on.”
-B. Clay Moore

As you well know, I’m excited to add this to my collection because Swamp Thing is on one of the cards! The ace of spades at that! …que Motörhead

The illustration depicted on the card is by Michael Zulli. His painting has appeared on TPBs, posters, ads and it even made its way into a Neil Gaiman/Alice Cooper comic as an Easter egg.

The set of playing cards features characters from DC, Vertigo, Mad Magazine and a few other DC imprints.

DC Explodes in ’73 – March

The House of Mystery 212 (1973)

Another great comic with a Swamp Thing ad!

The ad, DC explodes in ’73 features the cover of Swamp Thing 4, Monster on the Moors. This issue was released in March of 1973.

The same ad was featured within various DC titles the month prior, in April.


With Kirby on Kamandi and Wrightson on Swamp Thing, ’73 was a good year for comics.

Some of the stories within

Man or Monster? You Decide

From Beyond the Unknown 20 (1972)

My local comic shop obtained a decent sized collection of Bronze Age DC books and I scoured through a bunch of them, looking for Swampy ads.
This issue of, From Beyond the Unknown features an early series one Swamp Thing ad!

From what I’ve found-long box digging alone-ads for Swamp Thing 1 can be found as early as August 1972 and ran through November 1972. In this book from August of ’72, Swamp Thing 2 is being advertised. I love the copy in the ad, “Man or Monster? You decide…” I’d like to eventually track down an ad for each series one book but so far it’s been slow going. To reference my Swamp Thing ad database, visit the Ads page.

Some of the stories within…

This great Shazam ad couldn’t be more fitting, in light of recent news of Zachary Levi taking on the role in the upcoming series.

Wrightson’s Danish Edition

Wrightson’s Swamp Thing 2 (1979)
Patchwork Manden

Mail call!
These two oversized Danish editions arrived in the mail today and I’m thrilled to finally have Wrightson’s Swamp Thing 2 – Patchwork Manden

I was able to track down issue 1, Alec Hollands Sære Skæbne a while ago and it is as awesome as issue two. Issue 1 and two reprint the first two issues-respectively- of Swamp Thing, series one.
The oversized books show off Wrightson’s amazing ability and talent. I’ve included some of my favorite panels, below.


The Patchworkman makes his debut!
Technically, this isn’t the first panel he appears in, I just love this one.

Bernie’s drawing of the shadows and lighting in the next two panels has always blown me away.

A very early appearance by Abigail Arcane.
It’s no wonder she became such a strong character. In this black & white format, her strong shock of black hair is almost iconic.

Back cover

The Hellblazer 15 features Barley Thing

The Hellblazer 15 (2017)

The latest Swamp Thing appearance comes in the form of a drunken, alternate reality situation. It’s your typical John Constantine story.

The series still hasn’t done much since it began. It’s another Constantine muck-about, feeling like. Place holder. This unfortunately sound more negative than I’d intended, because a greatly appreciate the efforts put into my favorite characters and books but, It feels like each issue has been an uninteresting glimpse into a much more interesting story.

he hops into a cadaver to visit a demon bar, where he drinks mead. The mead allows John to manipulate his reality (booze? really…huh) but not without the demons working on an angle too.

In one of Constantine’s mead trips, he is encountered by the JLA. They’re hoping to retreav John’s spirits. Swampy looks like the Incredible Hulk.
In this reality, Swamp Thing might be in the JLA. He’s helped out plenty already, he deserves a spot.

This issue seems over complicated and repeats scenarios that we’ve seen Constantine in so many times before. Even in recent books like, Section 8 and the New 52 Constantine series. He’s a conman and a drunk, there’s so much more that can be focused upon. Constantine slugging down whiskey, scratching his butt while getting out of bed is like having to watch Bruce Wayne’s origin story. Constantine told through a different lense would been refreshing.

During the melee with the JLA, Constantine finds refuge in a bar. Swamp Thing finds his way in as, Barley Man!

With a few more swigs of magical mead, the fight is over and John’s naked in bed.

Guinness Book of World Records 2018


A friend excitedly messaged me earlier today saying he was at his son’s school book fair. He sent the following image, tipping me off that I should go pick up the new 2018 Guinness Book of a World Records!
Swampy made the cut! Doesn’t hurt that I got in on the action as well.

The folks at Guinness let you know—during the record setting process—that you’re not guaranteed to be in, or mentioned in any of their publications. Makes sense, seeing that their are hundreds of thousands of wacky records out there. But, they also don’t let you know if you did make it in the book. So when and if you do make it in the book, it comes as a complete shock. A small blurb about my collection was in the 2017 Guinness book but this year one of my photos was included. I’m extremely proud to help put Swamp Thing out their for folks to see and get to know.

The Swamp Thing feature is part of the “Superheroes” section of the book. It’s so cool! Check out this guy’s Batman collection!

A Two-page Superheroes Timeline features notable comic characters throughout history. And look who pops up in 1971…
I need to go back and give the book a thorough read. I wouldn’t be surprised if Swampy is mentioned again. The book is full of awesome comics stuff!

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest Ads

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 26 & 27 (1982)

These two pocket-sized digests feature the same ad on their last page. The ad ran in some DC Books leading up to Pasko & Yeates’ series two launch.

The art is amazing. If I had seen this ad when originally released, I would have been so excited.

the books had been on my want list for a few years because I wasn’t entirely sure which ads-relating to Swamp Thing-they housed. I’m glad I finally got them because the ad is printed in black and white (which I hadn’t previously seen) and the books feature some great, classic stories!

Back covers: