The Hellblazer 2

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The new Constantine series chugs along with issue two and unfortunately, not much has changed since the first book. Like many comics nowadays, it’ll probably take 5+ issues before the plot gets any legs. Re-reading Moore’s run, in tandem with the new comics I get on Wednesdays has become a bit aggravating. New books with extremely slow story telling has made it difficult to stay onboard a title. I appreciate following single, monthly issues rather that reading trades but so many books have me feeling like I’m wasting my time and money. I know Moore is an exception and is low hanging fruit to use in a comparison, but he was able to craft an exciting story within a single issue. Even if the goal/plot wasn’t resolved in a single issue, Moore established enough intrigue and character dynamics to make each issue feel whole. Alas, the world keeps spinning and I’ll keep picking up the Swamp Thing appearances as they come out.

The previous generalization aside, I’m excited to see where this story goes. I’m enjoying Moritat’s artwork and Oliver has introduced a few great characters from Constantine’s past.

Cover by Moritat.
I can’t figure out why Mercury is on a motorcycle. This isn’t something that occurs in the book and if Mercury is anything like the character we saw in Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer, she doesn’t seem the type of person to ride a motorcycle. But, people change and this is only a cover… I’m sure we’ll find out as the story unravels.
 photo 3AAEE855-57EF-48CC-A96F-594F33798B70.jpg

variant cover by John Cassaday
 photo 391FD6DE-C2B2-422D-BB34-B3E91462159D.jpg

I am intrigued by a couple of the characters that have made appearances in this series so far. Mercury -an old friend of John’s- seems to be ready to help Swamp Thing. I’m enjoying their dialogue but after two issues, they are still talking where we last saw them in issue 1.
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The Lost Boys 1

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The Lost Boys 1 (2016)

 photo 5C0D5302-52CA-43D6-A768-05B5BCF27E18.jpg

The new Lost Boys book wasn’t on my pull list last week but I was sure to pick it up this evening after learning that Swampy makes an appearance. It’s not exactly an appearance but he shows up in a few panels.
 photo 73F9B5D9-8B73-41D7-A81D-F6D2CECA4DC1.jpg

Like the Lost Boys film, this book is set in 1987. The same year, Swamp Thing 57 Mysteries in Space was released. Any comic shop worth its salt would have it in stock.
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Swamp Thing Film Slides

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Swamp Thing the Motion Picture Production Slides (1981)

Last month I received a large batch of Swamp Thing slides. I finally got around to photographing them and am excited to share them with you. But first, a LIVE COMICS SPECTACULAR is coming up! On November 18, The Panel Jumper LIVE! Episode 3 will be at West of Lenin theater in Seattle. It’s going to be an amazing, comics filled show and I’ll be flying out to talk Swamp Thing. Here’s a preview! It’s going to be a great time.

Tickets are now available at Brown Paper Tickets.

Now, back to the film slides! I have a number of these slides in the form of production stills but there are quite a few that I’ve never seen before. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more slides in the future to fill the gaps in my collection. Enjoy!

 photo CE2AFDB2-B91C-4FDA-9382-900A815B1DA1.jpg

STC 29
 photo E6DC7CA0-C0CC-4DE8-A7C6-3A1B14E80E83.jpg

STC 52
 photo EDDF5D39-CF72-4AD4-80BC-840AE026432E.jpg

STC 89
 photo 3799DC96-2EF7-40B7-BA91-C397038163B7.jpg
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Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 52

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Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 52 (1984)
Years Best Comics Stories

Best of Blue Ribbon collects 1983’s best comics, and Swamp Thing made the cut! The collection of stories includes, Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truths from Swamp Thing 16 (series 2) by Martin Pasko, John Totleben and Steven Bissette.
 photo FC9913BB-13FE-4ADE-99F1-599E3B308853.jpg
What kinds of perks should a “years best comics” character expect when attending the Years Best Gala?
Not much…

Swampy makes the list of best comics but gets roped into slinging drinks all night on the back cover. Talk about a bum deal! At least he looks dapper; kind of like a Bond villain posing as a waiter.
 photo 60A42BCA-2ACE-49B1-9CE8-AF3D793F464E.jpg

Here’s a list of the other stories honored in the book as 1983’s best comics.
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Saga of the Swamp Thing 26

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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 26 (1984)
…A Time of Running

 photo 42B14E7A-B213-4367-8AE7-D8F301132B77.jpg

Swamp Fact:
This issue, along with the previous issue 25, are the only books that deviate from the series two Swamp Thing logo until issue 57, where a question mark was added.

This swamp fact is brought to you by the informative fellas at the
Wednesday Comics Podcast.
 photo 9B603030-BD89-45B7-948C-F66756EF01DF.jpg
I don’t always have time to read the books I want every week which is why the Wednesday Comics Podcast is such a great resource for reviews and to catch up on what’s new. I appreciate good comics podcasts when I find them and I’ve recently teamed up with the Wednesday Comics Podcast to help spread the word regarding Now… onto issue 26!

The book starts out with a frantic foot race to Elysium Lawns; Abby’s new place of employment. Swamp Thing pulls Abby through the marsh, hoping to stop the Monkey King before it’s too late.
 photo 7AFB1FE0-9B67-419E-80AA-0C5B9064E02E.jpg

amazing layouts and beautiful splash pages…
 photo AABE7EE6-2AA0-42A1-A103-D6C7B4F6788D.jpg

“It began with blood.”
Picking up where issue 25 left off: immediately after the marlin skewering of Harry Price, Jason Blood and Abigail Cable visit coffee. « Read the rest of this entry »

Retro Universo

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La Cosa Del Pantano Card
Retro Universo is an Argentinian card game that features a parody version of the DC Universe. It’s based on the old card game, Cromy. For more info on Cromy, visit The World of Playing Cards for a great read.

Fellow Swamp Thing fan and artist, Rofe clued me in on the card game. From Argentina, he knew exactly what the card was when I shared it on Instagram. The illustrations on each card are created by local artists. This Swamp Thing illustration is by El Bruno.

 photo F030F62E-7D87-4915-9606-BAE3C0983516.jpg

Front: Swampy looks sickly but I do enjoy El Bruno’s style quite a bit.
 photo 194DB4B3-9E26-4DAC-9299-86625C721FA4.jpg

 photo 633578E4-35F2-46C6-A87C-3E8505072101.jpg

Saga of the Swamp Thing 25

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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 25 (1984)
“The Sleep of Reason…”

 photo BACCD169-1581-4F33-BF79-EB8334A5E5D3.jpg

Swamp Thing isn’t the only one who’s settling back into Houma. Jason Blood has arrived via Greyhound, Abby is looking for employment and Matt Cable sinks deeper into his psychosis; living nightmare. The Monkey King is introduced, wreaking havoc within the realm of the dark arts and conveniently enough John Constantine makes an appearance; albeit, a small one. This Constantine sighting is a full year before his official first appearance in Swamp Thing 37 (June 1985). He can also be seen in DC Sampler #3 (November 1984), released 8months prior to ST 37. The creative team did a good job of planning the series out well in advance.
 photo C12BE115-7903-4C85-8323-522084FF6877.jpg

Enter: Harold Price…
 photo C3F19C98-204F-4948-A506-99B525A7DE95.jpg

Before we know of his intentions down in Louisiana, Blood uses most of his time to inform random people of their impending doom. …at least he warned them, I suppose.
 photo 46D7A3D1-BD58-45D3-8C75-B2E131876B90.jpg

Jason Blood settles in.
 photo B61D1F58-AD39-4CA0-A040-3319D6F5DE7F.jpg
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