Gigant 7!

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Dr. Alec Holland – class of 1968

Gigant 7 (1982)

I act as if I know how to pronounce the title of this fantastic Swedish edition. It’s fun to pronounce differently every time you say it. I’ve got about 5 pronunciations at the ready at all times. I’ve written about Gigant (1, 2) in the past and I’m always thrilled to get my hands on a copy that features Swampy. This issue features two Swamp Thing stories, an article spotlighting the first Swamp Thing film and an issue of Superman.
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Much like Swamp Thing #2 (series 2), the cover features a photo of Dick Durock as Swamp Thing from the motion picture. He looks much less menacing in this photo.

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 1 – series 2 (1982)
What Peace There May Be In Silence
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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 2 – series 2 (1982)
Something To Live For
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I appreciate Martin Pasko and Tom Yeates’ talents during their stint on Swamp Thing but the Demonic/Nazi/Karen storyline -issues 1 through 13 of series 2- felt quite drawn out. I know plenty of folks that adore the run but it just never clicked with me.

below is a fairly accurate depiction of me reading the run.
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Still going?
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Gigant included this awesome feature on the major motion picture! I’m currently working on the translation.
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I love the side-by-side comparisons of the movie characters and comic characters.
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To wrap things up, Superman takes on the Joker in
DC Comics presents 41 (1982)
The Terrible Tinseltown Treasure-Trap Treachery!
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Amazing Heroes 112

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Amazing Heroes 112 (1987)

I’ve been going through my large stack of recently acquired Amazing Heroes books and almost gave up all hope on this issue. Until…
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…I stumbled upon this scathing letter in the Amazing Readers column. The author seems to have deep seeded issues with Swamp Thing and the creative crew.
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Here’s a bit more from the over-the-top hate mail…
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I’ll spare you from the rest of the drivel. Somehow “Nick” thought his letter could inspire something in someone.
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The editor’s response to the letter is terrific.
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Concrete is on the cover and is the focus of the feature article. A bunch of cool Chadwick sketches and illustrations run throughout the book.

There’s also a great Spectre article as well!
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Adventure Comics 431

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Adventure Comics 431 (1974)
The Wrath of the Spectre

This unlikely Swamp Thing sighting was brought to my attention last month and I’m finally getting around to writing about it. I was sure to read the story thoroughly in an attempt to figure out how this interesting Swampy sighting could possibly work within the established continuity; it doesn’t.
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Fritz and his crew rob an armored car and murder the drivers. It’s a grim tale of death and retribution.
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Lt. Jim Corrigan is on the case! Quite frankly, he’s on a vengeful warpath.
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He runs one of the bandits off a cliff and visits another at his apartm… wait just a second! What’s that on the wall?
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Armed robber, Hank has a poster on his wall depicting the cover to Swamp Thing 5 (1973), The Last of the Ravenwind Witches. Naturally leading me to wonder, In what world/DCU Earth would the story of Swamp Thing’s escapades in New England, a year prior to this Spectre story, become so popular that it would warrant the production of a poster? Surely it was added without concern for continuity but rather a fun homage to Swampy …right? Either way, who cares? It’s an awesome little sighting that I’ll be sure to bury deep down in the Swamp trivia portion of my brain.
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Abby ranks amongst 80’s ladies

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Back Issue 90 (2016)

Deep within the bowels of Back Issue, Prince Street News features Eighties Ladies and Abby made the cut!
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I love Karl H. Jr’s illustration of Swamp and Abby hanging out.
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Saga of the Swamp Thing 22 (series 2)

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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 22 (1986)

As the cover indicates, the book has it all. It features many of Swamp Thing’s old adversaries. It also exemplifies the amazing turn that the title takes with Moore, Totleben and Bissette at the helm. This is a book with a lot to see and digest. It’s a story that feels much larger than a single issue. Bissette and Totleben put on a clinic with their beautifully crafted panels while Moore constructs two worlds -psychological and physical, both depicting the depths of despair- tightly woven together. The book gives us a heaping helping of Alan Moore’s rambling descriptions that sometimes may not enhance the story but are greatly appreciated.

This era of Swamp Thing tends to warrant a closer look. As I previously mentioned, the book has it all.
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Refresher: last we saw Swamp Thing in issue 21, he learned that he is no longer human but merely a sentient vegetable. Upon learning the news he kills General Sunderland and escapes  Sunderland Corp. HQ with the help of Dr Woodrue. Swamp Thing hightails it from Virginia down to Houma, Louisiana where this whole mess started. Swamp Thing returns home to try and put the pieces together. Abby and Matt Cable have been looking for Swamp Thing ever since he went missing after the shooting.
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In an interview with Amazing Heroes 39 (1984) Moore says, “…we’re taking him a lot, lot further. We have him stay in the same place for probably a month, he doesn’t even move”.  Moore builds an extremely compelling story even though the lead character is incapacitated.
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Swamp Thing has returned to Houma, severed ties with humanity and resides in a rooted, sedentary state; painfully deep in reflection.
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Amazing Heroes 73

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Amazing Heroes 73 (1985)

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This issue of Amazing Heroes has everything you need to know about The Eternals, but, you can gather that from the cover.

What you couldn’t have known was that Swamp Thing indulges on fertilizer Bonbons!
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Almost as scandalous as when Swampy dropped in on the Crisis cover. Which just happens to be in this issue of Amazing Heroes 73!
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Certainly one of his smallest appearances, although there are smaller ones out there.
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The Amazing Readers section of the book features work by the great, Herb Trimpe
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Along with an antagonistic Darkseid
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It was bound to happen, Batman
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Amazing Heroes 75

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Amazing Heroes 75 (1985)

My amazing morning of Amazing Heroes magazine rolls on with more Swamp Thing sightings!
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The UK’s renowned Eagle Awards were good to Swamp Thing ’85 and this issue feature’s DC’s Eagle Awards winners along with a fun Swamp Thing sighting!
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This isn’t the first time Axel Pressbutton has tried to get the drop on Swamp Thing. Two years later, Axel will take a slice out of Swampy in Comics Buyer’s Guide 687 from January 16, 1987
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DC’s Eagle Awards! Swamp Thing and the creative team did quite well.
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The letters page features more hilarity.
Firestorm is up to his old tricks, congenial as always.
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