Farewell Len

earlier today, Len Wein passed on. There is so much to say about his greatness and contributions to comics, literature and culture; but I’m having a difficult time wrapping my brain around his abrupt passing. I don’t think I can put words together to do Len the justice his greatness deserves. It’s a sad day and Len will be greatly missed. He and Bernie opened up a world to me that changed my life, and has allowed me to express myself on this site, and meet all of you.

thank you, Len



Textured Swampy Sharpener

Swamp Thing Pencil Sharpener – Textured Variant (1991)

I have the other two variants-sealed, on card- but this illusive booger finally made it’s way into my collection today!

Along with the pencil toppers and stampers, the sharpeners also feature little angry Swamp Thing busts.

There’s something morbid and cannibalistic about this piece

DC Bombshells 33

I’m having a tough time keeping the ST pull list updated with all of the recent Swamp Thing appearances. Not a bad problem to have for us muck maniacs. This week, DC’s Bombshells, “The Seige of Leningrad” came to a conclusion. Numerous plot points were woven together and written quite beautifully. From the strife and termoil within the storyline grew an uplifting message. Since I’ve only been reading the issues that feature Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy, I’m looking forward to circling back and fill in the gaps of what I’ve been missing out on.

I’m happy to announce, that after 3 issues of single panel appearances, Swamp Thing has been upgraded to multi-panel status! When I started reading the book last night, I did think that this first page could surely be the only panel he’d appear in; still wrestling with those damn tanks.

“Swamp Thing, the most reliable Nazi ass-kicking character in the DCUs! Tanks? No problem. Villains? Gulp…” Yes! Swamp Thing gets to eat someone in this issue!

If you have not read this book and plan to do so, there be spoilers ahead, matey.

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Batman and Harley Quinn

This movie is Swamp Thing Easter egg heaven! I was so excited by all the references that I’ve rewatched the move twice already. To top it off, my other two favorite characters, Poison Ivy and Floronic Man are the featured villains! My blinders were on for this one. It would take a whole lot for me to dislike the movie.

Critics and fans will no doubt be miffed by aspects of this film. Zany and unorthodox are descriptors that popped in my head as I watched. It’s surprisingly sexual, violent, funny, and the language -I’d consider to be- for adults. The movie is filled with goofy, whimsical non-sequiturs that feel surreal at times, like something out of Twin Peaks. For these reasons, and so much more, is why I enjoyed this movie so much. Bruce Timm and the creative team present a fun adventure surround by beautiful animation and fun characters. It isn’t quite the world we know from the Batman animated series, but it’s familiar enough that it feels like home.

The intro sequence is really fun. It was animated by Nate Theis, a college classmate of mine.

The skinny: Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue have teamed up to save the earth. Their dangerous and unorthodox plan involves synthesizing Alec Holland’s bio-restorative formula and unleashing it upon earth. But first, they’ll need to find the formula. As Jason Woodrue and Pamela Isley leave a wake of destruction, Batman and Nightwing join the case. The two crime fighters need help tracking down Ivy, and no one knows Ivy better than Harley Quinn!

The movie opens at S.T.A.R. Labs. Woodrue wastes no time in killing the security guards while Ivy scours the Lab’s database for information on Holland’s groundbreaking work in the field of Biology.

Within minutes of the film starting, Alec Holland is revealed! S.T.A.R. Labs has the lowdown on Alec and Linda. The case files are retrieved by Ivy and later explained by Batman at the scene of the crime.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead
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Swampy & Hot Wheels

DC Hotwheels Character Cars – Swamp Thing (2017)

It’s been a great weekend for mail and I’m looking forward to sharing my new finds. First up is the Swamp Thing car from Hot Wheels!
This beauty is an oversized Hot Wheels car with some cool details! This car and the Thomas and DC Friends train are some of the more creative collectibles that we’ve seen in some time. It should be in stores but like the train, I have a feeling it’ll be a tough item to track down.

The bog truck dealer’s sales pitch…

I’d test-drive this monstrous muck mobile but I’m going to bet, it’d be more harmful to the environment than the description let’s on.

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SDCC Justice League Action Poster

I received some exciting mail yesterday and I didn’t have to wade through the crowds of SDCC to get it! This SDCC exclusive features Swamp Thing along with the cast of Justice League Action.

For those not keeping up with the DC animated world, Justice League Action is a kid-friendly animated series that features some of DC’s most exciting characters. Swamp Thing (voiced by THE Mark Hamill!) has joined the ranks in four episodes already and I believe more Swampy appearances are on the horizon! The show is very entertaining, whimsical, and I can’t recommend it enough.

For those in the know; Swamp Thing has a much more comprehensive dental plan than what is depicted in the JLAction series. And, Supergirl has a nose in real life. Booster Gold is really that gold in person. This much, we know.

In related Swampy news, be sure to check out Batman and Harley Quinn, the animated movie; out this Monday, August 14th! Swamp Thing will be making an appearance along with Plantmaster (Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man/Floro)! I can not wait to see Floronic Man in action. Along with Swamp Thing, Floronic Man and Poison Ivy are favorites of mine. I’ve not found footage of Swamp Thing yet but what I’ve seen of Floronic Man, he isn’t his typical mad scientist, wild-eyed self. He looks to be s much stronger and sane villain.

Metal & Bombshells

Dark Days: The Casting 1 (2017)

Catching up on reading, I got around to Snyder and Capullo’s, The Casting. It’s the second prelude book for the upcoming Dark Nights/Metal miniseries. It’s certainly captured my attention and I’m looking forward to the six issues to follow.

I was excited to see a metallic variant cover. my iPad case makes a cool effect, reflected in the cover on the right making it look red.

Like most of what is coming out of DC, the story involves a cataclysmic event that is sure to make you question what you thought you knew. It may very well tear a hole in the fabrics of the space tine continu…. um.

I’m ready for the world changing events to be long gone in our rear view mirror , and am looking forward to DC digging their feet in and forgetting about reimagining their universe. Perhaps a website (where you are) focused on a vegetable based anti-hero (Swamp Thing) isn’t the best place to make hotdog analogies, but DC’s universe shuffling reminds me of how a simple hotdog is so great. It’s tried and true. It doesn’t need to be dressed up or reimagined to be enjoyed. Swamp Thing is tried and true like a hotdog, and the more convoluted his environment, the less satisfying he becomes. But, that’s just one muck maniacs opinion… who’s now hungry for a dog.

The book is packed with great references and nods to classic DC characters and teams. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Parliament of Trees/Swamp Thing referenced on the title page. This is one of numerous books, lately, that Swamp Thing has popped up in or been alluded to. Sadly, he does not appear in this book but perhaps will in the 6 books to come.

The writing and artwork is great. In typical fashion, Snyder is setting the table for a big showdown.

DC Bombshells 32 (2017)
Free for All

Staying true to form within the Bombshells universe, Swamp Thing makes his single panel appearances (see DCBS#5, DCBS#6, DCBS#30, DCBS#31).

Although, this time he looks very strange…

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