Manfredini Signed Swampy Sountrack

A while back, I spoke with the fellas from the Underground Inc podcast. When they came to visit, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this cd from co-host Billy. A first for my collection, the cd book is signed by ST film composer Henry Manfredini!

I have other versions of this album but to have it signed by Manfredini is really special. Not only did he score Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing, Manfredini is more known for composing the Friday the 13th series, House 1 & 2 and Deepstar Six.


The Forever People 11 House Ad

The Forever People 11 (1972)

An instagram friend tipped me off to this great Swamp Thing house ad and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Luckily my local comic shop has a huge supply of back issues.

I’m always on the look out for early, series one ads and this one is perfect! This issue of The Forever People has the same cover date, of November of 1972, as Swamp Thing #1. As for the actual in-store release, I’m not certain. I believe it was closer to November than what the ad reads; August.


I knew there was a Swampy ad within the book but was pleasantly surprised to see this Demon ad! Demon 1 was released in September of ’72.


side note: Another great house ad for the debut, Swamp Thing #1 can be found in Forever People 10! This ad features custom type and layout from the legend, Gaspar Saladino. Saladino designed the Swamp Thing logo, along with a seemingly infinite amount of other title/character logos, house ads, and everything under the sun.

La Cosa del Pantano – Parte 1

La Cosa del Pantano – Parte 1 (2014)

This awesome Brazilian edition is part one of a seven book series collecting some of Alan Moore’s greatest ST stories. Parte 1 features issues 21-24.

I’m very grateful in receiving this book, along with two other Brazilian Swamp Thing editions, from fellow Swamp Thing fanatic, @palta_heart! He had some extra copies and I was happy to give them a home.
I’ll share the other two Brazilian reprints in the future.

ST 21 The Anatomy Lesson

ST 22 Swamped

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Swamp Thing’s Metal 2

Dark Nights: Metal 2 (2017)

Like most of Swampy’s recent appearances, this one is fleeting and seemingly random, but very cool! JR Jr even drew a variant cover featuring Swamp Thing (above).

The Parliament of Trees was referenced in the prelude to Dark Nights: Metal and we didn’t have to wait long to see Swamp Thing within this, issue 2!

For those unfamiliar with the Metal series, Batman is in search of a powerful, ancient, other-worldly metal substance and he’s found himself in a, ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ scenario. The planet is at risk and all hands are on deck. Some DCU Heroes aim to stop Batman from finding the metal that could destroy mankind and who knows what else. Those allied with Batman are doing all they can to assist him in finding the metal, to destroy what lies behind it. It’s a little convoluted but I’m on board and am enjoying the series so far.

Batman is being tracked by the JLA within the Amazon Rainforest.
Sound familiar? That’s right, it’s home to the Parliament of Trees! It appears, Batman and his crew of helpers have lured the JLA into the Amazon and they’re in for a surprise!

prepare for “the terrible Green beat-down”!
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Swamp Thing: The Gortons Fisherman

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special 1 (2017)
Harley Quinn & Friends in… Somewhere That’s Green
Within Harley’s Anniversary issue lies a short story featuring Swamp Thing. This story is bonkers in the best way! I stopped a few times to laugh and ask, “what the hell is going on?”. I waited a week to write about it, hoping folks have had a chance to check it out. If you haven’t yet, please notice spoilers await.

I’ve not heard much chat about this appearances from fellow muck maniacs. It’s an extremely fun and flippant Swampy appearance that seems fitting, in light of his recent, random appearances (comics as well as film). I’m thinking it may fall in the ol’ parody category.

New York is in a panic, bracing for impact as hurricane Jenny approaches. Harley and Ivy are cool as cucumbers, while the locals are shedding their humanity.

Harley and Ivy navigate through the pre-storm chaos to the produce section.
Speaking of cool cucumbers, Swampy doesn’t spring from produce stands enough. More of that would be great.
Swampy’s come for Dr Isley, looking to take her within the Green to assist in stopping hurricane Jenny. I bet he’s thinking, “with our powers… combined… we can… pull a Captain Planet… maneuver!”
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