Swamp Thing’s Lights are Strung

Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar – 2022

When I was a kid advent calendars were a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas. Most of the time they were filled with cheap chocolates that I would impatiently eat by the second week of December. Nowadays advent calendars are more unique and specialized than ever. If you’re a fan of Pop figures, Die Hard, Dolly Parton, booze, cigars, you name it–there’s an advent calendar for you. And, I found mine.

This 2022 Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar features Swamp Thing, along with 23 DC figures and/or accessories. The 24-piece calendar was released in September and I’ve been anxiously waiting for today (December 1st) to open the first calendar door with my son. Be sure to stop by rootsoftheswampthing.com everyday in December to see which figure or accessory shows up. I’m not sure when Swamp Thing will appear but when he does, I’ll have a fun Swamp Thing related giveaway to celebrate.

Before we get to the December 1st advent figure, below are some photos of Swamp Thing from the advent calendar packaging. Swamp Thing appears to be DC’s Christmas tree and he made his way on the front and back of the box.

If the advent Swamp Thing figure looks familiar, it’s because Imaginext released a similar figure in 2018 within the Batman & Swamp Thing figure set (left image, below). Christmas lights were added to the advent calendar version of Swampy. Swamp Thing’s eyes are yellow on the advent figure, while the 2018 Imaginext Swamp Thing has red eyes.

Now that the Swamp Thing business has been taken care of, I present to you, the December 1st advent figure.
It’s none other than… Christmas Batman! I’m not sure I’ve seen a more festive Batman. And, it almost looks like he’s smiling.

My son had a blast opening the first advent door and he’s not letting go of Batman anytime soon.
As always, thank you for stopping by the site and stay tuned for more fun DC advent action figures throughout the month of December.

26 thoughts on “Swamp Thing’s Lights are Strung

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    little guy is getting big. makes me laugh that in every picture he’s touching things. i used to love taking my niece and nephew to toy stores when they were small. they had to touch everything too! merry x-mas to you and the family.

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