December 3rd, Countdown to Christmas

Welcome back to another Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar reveal! A countdown to Christmas and for when Swamp Thing will be revealed within the calendar. I should have started a pool to place friendly wagers on which door he’s behind.

Note: I placed a tube of chapstick next to the box to give you an idea of how large this fun calendar is.

This afternoon my son was eager to pop open door #3 which contained a plastic snowball. I was underwhelmed but he thinks it’s the best. He likes it more than the Christmas Batman that was behind door #1.

The Batman in the image above was not part of the calendar. I just wanted bendable Batman to be of use.

If the snowball looks familiar, it may have been a leftover accessory from the Imaginext DC Super Friends, Captain Cold & Ice Cannon that was released in 2015.

Our son likes the snowball so much that he’s currently napping with it. Way to go Imaginext!

Swamp Thing showed up only once in this post (tattoo) so I thought it’d be a good idea for an extra dose.
A little while back I ordered this beautiful print from artist, Mark Todd. His 6″ x 8″ “Saga of the Swamp Thing with Gold Foil” print is gold foil stamped and limited to 500. Each print is signed by Todd (on the back). The prints are only $10 at funchicken.

“The artists behind Funchicken are Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, artists and authors of many zines and books including Whatcha’ Mean, What’s A Zine?, a guide to producing zines and mini-comics.” –funchicken

My photos don’t do the print justice, it’s beautiful and looks amazing amongst my Swampy collectibles. The back of the card is pictured below.

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