Captain Cold is on a Roll

So far Captain Cold has the most accessories in this Imaginext DC Super Friends Advent Calendar. Last night he made his debut in a Christmas robe. On December 3rd, the Captain’s great big snowball dropped. Tonight’s accessory is stone cold. So much so that our son wore his new snow pants and boots in preparation.

Today’s door #15 features a rubber, snap-on accessory. It makes for a fun addition to the play set, allowing you to make figures look like they’ve been blasted by a freeze gun and encased in ice. The accessory looks like a penis at certain angles.

I like how the narrative from the box top illustration plays out when the accessory is applied to the Flash. It’s as if Captain Cold finally hit Flash with his freeze gun.

Thank you for stopping by for another calendar reveal. I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm this winter (or cool for those in the southern hemisphere). If you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas, or even if you don’t celebrate a holiday at all, I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and loved ones this season. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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