Congrats Mark & Gene!

It’s Match 15th and two winners have been chosen at random for the Ides of March giveaway and I’m excited to announce that Mark and Gene won! Mark will receive a copy of West of Sundown #1, seen below, along with Holland Files 1-4. Gene also won issues 1-4 of Holland Files. Thank you to everyone who participated. As always, it’s a blast to interact and get to know fellow Swamp Thing fans.

5 thoughts on “Congrats Mark & Gene!

  1. thank you mr. cruz
    wtg gene
    hi john! thanx bro! the problem is i already own #1-4 and the homage cover. so let gene have the homage cover too and if you send me #6 we’ll call it even.

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  2. thanx john
    omg so sorry to hear about your website woes. i sure hope you don’t have to start all over again from scratch. good luck


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