New Shirt for a New Year

Happy New Year! To ring in 2023 I’m sharing this fantastic shirt by Giant Size VR. The shirt arrived yesterday just in time for the New Year celebration. Giant Size VR is almost sold out of the shirts so be sure to check them out. Below are some images of the t-shirt I ordered but the design is also available in long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts.



Front detail, below. The green monotone image on the front of the shirt is by John Totleben. The artwork was originally published in the Vertigo Gallery of Dreams and Nightmares (1995). Totleben’s painting was featured on page 19 of the book. The Swamp Thing painting was done in 1995. I’ve included an image of Totleben’s original painting under the photo of the shirt detail.

Back detail, below.

The back of the shirt is comprised of 5 images collaged together with a quote. The quote is from Swamp Thing 42 “Strange Fruit” (1985). The images are organized in a way that’s inspired by a page from Swamp Thing #30 “A Halo of Flies” (1984) seen blow

2 of the images on the back of the shirt are from Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing #40 “The Curse.” See below (images taken from a reprinted trade paperback)

You probably recognize the center image in the arc of images. It’s from a splash page in Swamp Thing 23 “Another Green World” (1984)

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.

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