USD OLLI Presentation: Lunch with Swamp Thing

Last month I was contacted by the University of South Dakota’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. They were interested in my Swamp Thing collection and thought it would be fun if I presented to their program attendees in February. I’m always game to talk about my obsession for muck monsters, organizing, documenting and collecting so I joined them on zoom during lunch yesterday. It made my day and we had a lot of fun. If you missed the live zoom presentation, you’re in luck. It was recorded. My presentation can be viewed on YouTube below:

Thank you so much, Thea and Stacey of USD’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program. I had a blast presenting and connecting with so many wonderful people. If you’d like to learn more about the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program and get involved, please visit their website here: OLLI

Incase you didnt yet get your fill of Swamp Thing in the video above, a new (to me) t-shirt arrived in the mail this week. The shirt was produced exclusively for a Loot Crate bundle back in April 2022. Unfortunately I was unable to find the artist’s name whose illustration is on the shirt. I would like to give them credit. Below are photos.

Below is a Loot Crate promotional photo.

As always, thank you for stopping by. -John

2 thoughts on “USD OLLI Presentation: Lunch with Swamp Thing

  1. hey buddy
    you did great! congrats!
    one thing i noticed was you say your guiness record was set with 800 items in your collection and you have over 4000 now. If the 800 includes comics, then i already have your record beat. So if i went through all the bother and submitted my collection, i could force you to resubmit to regain your record. Actually, it could go on for decades so forget it! just don’t tick me off. LOL

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