The Saga of the Swamp Thing 1 (Series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 1 (1982)
What Peace There May Be In Silence

 photo 1780CF3F-0166-4960-9D12-22A513E501C8.jpg
Series 2! I like to think Swampy stepped out of the Tardis. The monument in the center of town has the same general shape… without the general on the top
 photo D85C4759-FE8D-4D90-B5E6-C01CE2BA0541.jpg
 photo 8F0BE0AA-AFF3-440F-B979-C1B0A3EF4CCB.jpg
I like to think a tree slapped Swampy in the back of the head.
 photo FF6F2D69-16F8-4D65-89A0-BD29A75E2D25.jpg
one of my favorite Swampy panels. Contemplative Thing
 photo 6146E50D-C999-491B-9F7B-F2697A7C464E.jpg
The first origin story of series 2.

unrelated to the origin, series two introduces Swamp Thing in North Carolina, Limbo to be exact. I’m excited to keep track and update the Swamp Route for series 2
 photo 2B9CB70B-6284-44C3-9B0E-17550346D424.jpg
It looks as if Swamp Thing has stumbled upon a beer ad.
 photo 6D4B6431-F498-4631-B982-75F32F617B23.jpg
Swampy saves the bear from the hunters and the hunters from the bear.
 photo 47A3D1A8-5215-45CE-A7BD-0CA36A6FA1C6.jpg
Swampy and the stink eye
 photo F0E588F3-F51A-4613-AEEA-641029DB69CE.jpg
after an intense altercation with the drunk hunters, Swamp Thing moves on to another nearby scene of horror without his left hand
 photo 8A0199EB-AB3F-4E1A-9447-6D07715FCA4D.jpg
 photo ACE7F6E3-191A-4861-8203-A2BFD8AD562D.jpg
These panels are so great. I would love to see the original penciled pages
 photo BFDF99DC-4BD8-4184-967F-DE70F65A9332.jpg
Swamp Thing saves the little girl from her father. The scene is grim
 photo 0508EF11-C913-4E64-885B-AB87DEBA1E7B.jpg

Liz Tremayne is a name that comes up a lot in series 2. Dr. Kay sticks around for a little while.
 photo 3B485B15-7EF2-46D7-AC8F-E8FE060A9776.jpg
Series 2 does not waste time with car smashes, much like series 1
 photo C8432A62-E2B0-40AB-ABBF-09991D414387.jpg
man in black, hand in a box, series two has begun

 photo B92F1E6E-BF0B-4E4B-91E6-176548D93834.jpg

Bubble Yum blows the top off of classic magic trick, magicians everywhere up in arms

This ad sure is successful. Got it, read it.
 photo DAFCD0FF-EE9D-46BB-B84A-A3ABFAD4DA35.jpg
“We need the money!”

 photo 5FE73137-5A69-471A-863E-E9B71B388EE3.jpg


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