Cracked Collector’s Edition 90

Cracked Collector’s Edition #90 Sci-Fi Special (1992)
 photo 832DBB73-B5BD-4905-9F78-905FE420DE18.jpg

While digging through long boxes at my LCS this morning, I spotted a very small Swamp Thing parody appearance.
 photo 6AC49F54-A17A-4BF9-BAE6-248203E49DC7.jpg

This may be the only depiction of Swamp Thing at a strip club.
 photo BF0ADC68-C605-43C8-B696-750815044E0E.jpg

… a very unique strip club
 photo 5CED3F9D-FA4F-444C-8B04-DB71BE330EA9.jpg

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