BGCF 358 & Swamp Nipples

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic fandom 358 September 26, 1980
 photo image_1.jpeg

I love this cover by Mitch O’Connell. Anyone familiar with O’Connell knows that he’s no stranger to drawing Swampy. I’ve seen this illustration reproduced in a few fanzines and publications but this evening I took a closer look and found some very funny muck-encrusted anatomy details

Swamp Thing nipples!?!
Folks talk about the ridiculousness of Bat nipples, still, to this day. Imagine if this scandalous evidence makes it out of the bayou? Whatever shall the neighbors say?
 photo image.jpeg

Ok, back to the adult table. This scene is pretty awesome. Swamp Thing erupts from the thick, murky swamp, surrounded by Arcane and his Un-Men. I love O’Connell’s detail, line work and Arcane’s exaggerated form. The cover being printed in red ink was a pretty cool choice.
 photo image_5.jpeg

This Pulpcon ad is great. I love the Shadow
 photo image_3.jpeg

Scrooge McDuck, at it again. Trying to take our hard earned money so that he can swim in his vault.
 photo image_2.jpeg

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