Swamp Thing Giveaway!

This week we celebrated Swamp Thing’s 50th birthday by hosting a virtual birthday party. Next week I’ll be continuing the festivities by holding a great big Swamp Thing giveaway!


As a thank you to all those who visit this site and its corresponding social media avenues, I’ll be giving one lucky person a great big care package of Swamp Thing goodness. The giveaway will include Swamp Thing comics, Holland Files fanzines, Swamp Thing collectibles, a Swamp Thing Fanclub mug and more! To spread the cheer, 2 other lucky people will be randomly selected to receive copies of the Holland Files Swamp Thing fanzine.

How do you enter to win all this Swamptastic stuff? All you need to do  is comment on this post. Let me know your favorite story/book that Swamp Thing has appeared in. I’ll be picking the 3 winners Saturday,  June 5th on World Environment Day. Be sure to visit this site next Saturday for the list of winners. Thank you so much for swinging by and I can’t wait to read your fun answers. Swamp Thing has a long history of fantastic appearances to draw from.


125 thoughts on “Swamp Thing Giveaway!

  1. For me Alan Moore’s run is the best Swampy ark. But my favorite appearance is not by Swamp Thing but Burnie and Len in Black Hammer issue 6.

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  2. My favorite Swamp Thing book is my first book I ever got – the movie adaptation! It was fun seeing Adrienne Barbeau in comic form! 😄🌱

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  3. I love Swamp Thing and your dedication to him! For me, my favorite run (appearance) was the Alan Moore run. When he made Swamp Thing an elemental, he transformed him into more than just a monster. He added depth and background to him and made him powerful.

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  4. Vol. 2 #35-36. Nukeface creeps me the hell out and I hate what he does to Swamp Thing, but I just love the idea of a villain addicted to drinking radioactive waste.

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  5. Swamp thing is the best, loved my introduction to him during new 52 and then reading through the Alan moore run, but my favourite issue would swamp thing #75 1988, due to the amamzing art and the glimpse of t-rex swamp thing from a past protector of the green.

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  6. Well, I started Swamp Thing in a well out of order manner. I believe I picked up the first volume of the Bronze Age trade, then I read the issues of Wein’s run through the end, and jumped far forward to New 52 Swamp Thing. My favorite appearance then is when he’s a cute little sea leaf, telling Aquaman to calm down. For Wein/Wrightson, possibly his first solo issue, where he’s Alec Holland. For Moore’s run, which is a bit too adult at times, Anatomy Lesson is insane all over, as is Arcane’s return and banishment to Hell. Swamp Thing figuring out that death lives, both on Earth and in Hell (his shocked face upon seeing Sunderland being tortured sticks with me). There’s just so many brilliant scenes regarding Swamp Thing, I can’t choose a particular favorite. His appearance in Justice League Dark by James Tynion IV was amazing as well.

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  7. Happy 50 years to my favorite DC character of all time!

    One of my favorite Swamp Thing stories is the winter special. It was such an amazing tribute to Len Wein and I definitely cried.

    Thank you guys for what you do!

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  8. While I will always champion the Rick Veitch run (and how it could have gone on), the single most scariest comic I ever read as a kid was Swamp Thing #39, aka the “fish vampires” wrapup issue. Just truly haunting for a little kid in the 80s, every panel and scenario.

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  9. So hard to choose obviously, but I’m going to go with Swamp Thing #62, as it was Rick Veitch’s first solo shot at Swamp Thing in the midst of the Moore run, contains an incredible little tableau with bits of what was to come in his run (such as the Abby-John tryst), and makes me wistful that Veitch never got to work with the Fourth World characters more frequently.

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