Luke Almond as Linda Ridge & Ultraman vs Swamp Thing

Art for Art Sake zine #1 – 2019 UK

This awesome Swamp Thing parody post comes by way of Luke Almond & the Zine Queens. The 12-page zine was released in 2019 and features a great homage to House of Secrets 92 on its cover. Luke Almond looks fantastic as Linda Ridge. Swamp Thing looks delightful as always on the cover of his first appearance. If you’d like to get your hands on issue #1 of Art for Arts Sake, visit Luke’s Etsy page, here.


Luke Almond & the Zine Queens, the Sheffield, UK based creative collective, created this fun, quirky and bizarre collection of illustrations, photography, design, collage and written content. The book features Swamp Thing, FishBats and reviews the “Swamp Thing” film from 1982 as well as Matt Berry’s album, “Television Themes.”


Not only does the zine have a killer cover by Luke Almond, he drew an awesome showdown between Swamp Thing & Ultraman. Mollie Bracey wrote the Swamp Thing vs Ultraman script that the image is paired with.


Swampy shows up a couple more times within the 1982 film review by John Roope. Luke Almond returns to create the Swamp Thing logo, opposite the review. The same logo can be seen on a button, below.


Luke included some awesome buttons and stickers with the zine when he shipped it to me.


I love the Swamp Thing button!


Visit Luke and follow his creations trough his social media outlets, below.



Below are the book credits. It’s a great achievement to publish a zine and I appreciate the effort that goes into making them. They’re inspired, homemade, passion projects and I thank all of the contributors for making such a cool book.


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