Swamp Thing 7 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 7 (1973)
Night of the Bat
 photo 7cover-1.jpg

Swamp Thing and Batman finally meet.

Swampy is in Gotham City looking for his abducted friends. The fedora and trench coat are the perfect disguise to blend in.
Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is wondering why a creepy claw is wearing his suit.
 photo st-7-2.jpg

No look Bat punch.
 photo st-7-5.jpg

A floor routine fit for the olympics.
 photo st-7-6.jpg

And a monster crotch shot. Batman has it all.
 photo st-7-13.jpg

A good disguise may be compromised if you draw too much attention.
 photo st-7-9.jpg

Or if you leave little mossy pieces of yourself throughout downtown Gotham.
 photo st-7-10.jpg

Abby & Matt are doink splendidly.
 photo st-7-8.jpg

Batman is not doink as well.
 photo st-7-14.jpg

That crazy mustached dog was doink pretty well until the Conclave ruined everything.
 photo st-7-16.jpg

For the most part, no one is doink as well as Swampy in this issue.
He certainly is laying down the law.
 photo st-7-17.jpg

Favorite panels in this issue:
 photo st-7-15.jpg
Batman & Swampy ascend.
Swamp Thing cautiously peaks into the stairwell window at Batman.

 photo st-7-11.jpg
I feel like this is one of many scenarios where Batman curses his cape.

 photo ad.jpg
Worlds ugliest hands is a tough sell.
You might have fun but your friends will disappear forever.

Letters Page:
 photo letterspage7.jpg
Implant, exploit, enough with the name calling. The Batman issued worked out just fine and we are all better for it.


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