Super Friends 28 (Volume 1)

Super Friends 28 (1980)
The Spacemen Who Stole Atlantis
 photo 1.jpg
Party fight! The Wonder Twins are hosting a crazy party which results in fighting.

 photo 2.jpg
It’s masquerade madness and everyone dressed as their favorite DC superhero. Someone thought dressing like the tormented, mutated and deformed Dr Holland would be a good idea. Is that big green monster in the center the Hulk? I thought this was a DC party.

 photo 6.jpg
The first visual depiction of ST dancing. A special moment for us all.

 photo 3.jpg
At the stroke of midnight, guests try to remove their masks to find they have become one with their costumes!

 photo 4.jpg

 photo 5.jpg
Jimmy Olsen is disguised as a werewolf and is putting the moves on Jayna.

 photo 7.jpg
The Wonder Twins, Jimmy Olsen and Superman know Batman’s true identity. What is the point of even wearing the cowl anymore?

 photo 8.jpg
Swampy’s facial features change a few times throughout the book. He reminds me of Croc on the cover and this page.

 photo 9.jpg
Does Swampy kill Aquaman? No, but this is ST and Aquaman’s very first altercation.

 photo 10.jpg
Jimmy & Superman are getting fresh.

 photo ad1.jpg
These look like loads of fun.

 photo ad2.jpg
Stoney eyed Medusa and her darn fruit pies.

 photo ad3.jpg
This is a glorious spread.

 photo ad4.jpg
The comic advertising world imploded on itself in this book. An ad inside the book features the book that I hold in my hands.


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