The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom 439

The Buyer’s Guide to Comic Fandom 439 (1982)

The newspaper with the most. The Buyer’s Guide has it all and if you sit up straight while reading it, it looks like you’re reading the New York Times.
 photo 5FFC755C-CB91-44A9-8480-D902599F7751.jpg
The cover is fantastic. Redondo does it again with Swampy giving Man thing the business.
 photo D35CC220-4552-4E59-A38F-5227038CFF71.jpg

 photo imagejpg18.jpg
Here is a great Cedar Rapids Comic Con ad. The guide is full of great art.

 photo imagejpg17.jpg
Yeah… Dummy

 photo imagejpg16.jpg
Nope, this is crystal clear

 photo imagejpg10.jpg
Quinby’s take on Man Thing getting the drop on Swamp Thing.

 photo imagejpg15.jpg
I’m interested in these Spicy Animal stories I’ve heard so much about.

 photo imagejpg12.jpg
 photo imagejpg11.jpg
I enjoy science fiction and western comics quite a bit. These are great.

 photo imagejpg8.jpg
Tom Johnson and the Howdy Doody Times.

 photo imagejpg13.jpg
I think this is a comic distributor’s logo.

 photo imagejpg14.jpg
This is their ’82 price for ST 1

 photo imagejpg9.jpg
The strange phantom balloon

 photo imagejpg7.jpg
“See March Playboy page 211”? Mars attacked

 photo imagejpg5.jpg
Still in business, I am a big fan and frequent customer

 photo imagejpg1.jpg
Big D writes it all out

 photo imagejpg3.jpg
 photo imagejpg4.jpg
Oh, Thor

 photo imagejpg2.jpg
Batman and Superman, sad together

 photo imagejpg6.jpg


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