Indonesian Swamp Thing

Indonesian Swamp Thing
Comic book merchant Ahmad contacted me earlier this month regarding an Indonesian Swamp Thing reprint he had. He couldn’t have been more accommodating and I am happy to have this little reprint in my collection.
 photo AD7A1B3A-6DDF-4EA2-AB62-22FC19F548B8.jpg

Although the front and back covers feature issues 4 and 15 of series 2, the book collects the first four issues of series 1.
 photo AE48681C-E3EC-4DC4-B11B-6213890E3C51.jpg

“Dark Genesis”
 photo 8CD65F60-5512-40ED-8DD4-9B6854284245.jpg
 photo 85C430D5-18B8-4676-917F-97EF0A0990ED.jpg

“The Man Who Wanted Forever”
 photo CF5199A3-5B74-4C0B-857A-D91E8053C03D.jpg

“The Patchwork Man”
 photo 5E8C9E5A-2EA4-43B8-B5D9-EA40169D6B11.jpg

“Monster on the Moors”
 photo 97D49E97-6EB4-4DDB-9EC4-81E6791D18D5.jpg

“I will make him pay!”
 photo 519D2BCF-01E5-4BD7-8A08-D30FBCCE832A.jpg


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