Fifty Who Made DC Great

Fifty Who Made DC Great (1985)
1A860C5C-C8DF-4597-9EAE-D31B07F6F79F (1).JPG
A great reference book, spotlighting the early movers and shakers that made the best comics publisher what it is today.
As you can see, the list is full of comic greats but one name is most intriguing to me, Emile Keirsbelk. His publishing company and efforts helped bring DC to the non-English speaking world. Keirsbelk’s Arédit produced countless, classic editions. The large number of non-US editions keeps me busy hunting for all of the ones that feature Swamp Thing. So far it’s seemingly endless.

It’s nice to see House Of Secrets #92/Swamp Thing made the cut of the 28 classic and influential books that are featured. After all, that is the reason the book is on my site and in my collection. I do recommend it otherwise though.

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