I didn’t realize GQ was 18+

GQ (July 2016)

Has RootsOfTheSwampThing.com finally gone off the deep end?

I have an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in my collection because it features a Swamp a Thing sighting (I surely did not foresee that ever happening). Now I’ve added GQ to the list of screwball magazines I never read but must have due to the big green guy being ever-present.

I was not aware that GQ contained a decent amount of nudity in their books; although, the cover should have tipped me off. Again, I only bought this for the pictures… I mean articles… I mean Swamp Thing!!

Swamp Thing made his way into The Best F*cking Movies Ever article.
What else would he be doing in here?

A sub-section to the article celebrates movies that feature sex with plants and animals
… RootsOfTheSwampThing.com may seem like it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel to find every single Swamp Thing appearance and you may be correct.

Swamp Thing’s got… wood

Here’s the rest of the sorry lot…

Don’t worry, that creepy love scene in Howard the Duck made the cut as well.

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