I didn’t realize GQ was 18+

August 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

GQ (July 2016)

Has RootsOfTheSwampThing.com finally gone off the deep end?

I have an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in my collection because it features a Swamp a Thing sighting (I surely did not foresee that ever happening). Now I’ve added GQ to the list of screwball magazines I never read but must have due to the big green guy being ever-present.

I was not aware that GQ contained a decent amount of nudity in their books; although, the cover should have tipped me off. Again, I only bought this for the pictures… I mean articles… I mean Swamp Thing!!
 photo image.jpeg

Swamp Thing made his way into The Best F*cking Movies Ever article.
What else would he be doing in here?
 photo image_1.jpeg

A sub-section to the article celebrates movies that feature sex with plants and animals
 photo image_5.jpeg
… RootsOfTheSwampThing.com may seem like it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel to find every single Swamp Thing appearance and you may be correct.

Swamp Thing’s got… wood
 photo image_2.jpeg

Here’s the rest of the sorry lot…
 photo image_3.jpeg

Don’t worry, that creepy love scene in Howard the Duck made the cut as well.
 photo image_6.jpeg



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