DC Comics Co-Op Ad Slick

DC Comics Co-Op Ad Slick (1991)

“a variety of ads for your upcoming Yellow Pages contract.”
The folded piece features various generic ads that shops could choose from for their advertising needs.
 photo A4FC4D92-E6AC-40E1-9763-582234B4F6AF.jpg

This sheet is awesome. It’s another great find sent from Ilke over at George-Perez.net. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to see the Swamp Thing ad.
 photo E898247E-6EB1-4548-BEFE-CAEA6495426A.jpg
 photo C0856160-AD29-4A49-AC9B-FFBE2A8EB563.jpg

 photo 54F4F924-B44D-40EE-8EFA-E6CA2CD300B0.jpg

Interior 1:
 photo 3AC948E2-F97E-4DD6-8413-97998F1F7F07.jpg

Interior 2:
 photo 60BF9BE2-743C-4DA8-9A76-380D0EC6EF97.jpg

 photo 8F5AAE72-6028-474D-A0E1-C413C00A730A.jpg


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