DC Explodes in ’73 – March

The House of Mystery 212 (1973)

Another great comic with a Swamp Thing ad!

The ad, DC explodes in ’73 features the cover of Swamp Thing 4, Monster on the Moors. This issue was released in March of 1973.

The same ad was featured within various DC titles the month prior, in April.


With Kirby on Kamandi and Wrightson on Swamp Thing, ’73 was a good year for comics.

Some of the stories within


Man or Monster? You Decide

From Beyond the Unknown 20 (1972)

My local comic shop obtained a decent sized collection of Bronze Age DC books and I scoured through a bunch of them, looking for Swampy ads.
This issue of, From Beyond the Unknown features an early series one Swamp Thing ad!

From what I’ve found-long box digging alone-ads for Swamp Thing 1 can be found as early as August 1972 and ran through November 1972. In this book from August of ’72, Swamp Thing 2 is being advertised. I love the copy in the ad, “Man or Monster? You decide…” I’d like to eventually track down an ad for each series one book but so far it’s been slow going. To reference my Swamp Thing ad database, visit the Ads page.

Some of the stories within…

This great Shazam ad couldn’t be more fitting, in light of recent news of Zachary Levi taking on the role in the upcoming series.

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest Ads

The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest 26 & 27 (1982)

These two pocket-sized digests feature the same ad on their last page. The ad ran in some DC Books leading up to Pasko & Yeates’ series two launch.

The art is amazing. If I had seen this ad when originally released, I would have been so excited.

the books had been on my want list for a few years because I wasn’t entirely sure which ads-relating to Swamp Thing-they housed. I’m glad I finally got them because the ad is printed in black and white (which I hadn’t previously seen) and the books feature some great, classic stories!

Back covers:


The Forever People 11 House Ad

The Forever People 11 (1972)

An instagram friend tipped me off to this great Swamp Thing house ad and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Luckily my local comic shop has a huge supply of back issues.

I’m always on the look out for early, series one ads and this one is perfect! This issue of The Forever People has the same cover date, of November of 1972, as Swamp Thing #1. As for the actual in-store release, I’m not certain. I believe it was closer to November than what the ad reads; August.


I knew there was a Swampy ad within the book but was pleasantly surprised to see this Demon ad! Demon 1 was released in September of ’72.


side note: Another great house ad for the debut, Swamp Thing #1 can be found in Forever People 10! This ad features custom type and layout from the legend, Gaspar Saladino. Saladino designed the Swamp Thing logo, along with a seemingly infinite amount of other title/character logos, house ads, and everything under the sun.

DC exploded in ’73, Alec Holland in ’72

Justice League of America 105 (1973)
Specter in the Shadows!

While looking through a stack of silver age comics I was thrilled to come across this DC house ad toward the back of JLA 105. I had never seen this style of “DC explodes in 73” ad and was happy to see it featured Swamp Thing 4, Monster on the Moors.

Spectre in the Shadows was written by none other than Swamp Thing co-creator, Len Wein. In 2015, the JLA 105 cover was featured on the cover of the Len Wein issue of Alter Ego 135.
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Justice League of America 174

Justice League of America 174 (1979)

When Mike Sterling mentions a Swamp Thing reference you can trust that I’m going to hunt it down. He is an everflowing geyser of comic knowledge; especially when it comes to Swamp Thing fandom. I’ve been a fan and reader of Mike’s site for a few years. Be sure to check out all of his great content.

On his site, Progressive Ruin, Mike featured this ad last week. He cited the month and year (January 1979) in which the ad ran in certain DC publications. I was thrilled to see his post because I’d never seen this ad before. I took the information down to my local comic shop and dug through numerous Long boxes before finding a book from January 1979 that contained the ad. It was an exciting moment to find it. The ad features Super Friends 28. Swamp Thing doesn’t necessarily make an appearance in this issue because most of all the characters in the book are actually folks masquerading as their favorite super heroes.

I wrote about the issue in further detail here.