Captain Tacolicious and the Temple of Food

Captain Tacolicious and the Temple of Food (2013)

Joey Peters is a Boston based comic creator and writer. He’s also the creator of one of my favorite Swamp Thing parodies. Peters’, Alec Hollandaise IS… The Wisconsin Cheese Beast!

Rather than summarizing Peters’ comic I thought I’d share his wonderful synopsis from his website. “Beantown City’s foremost diabetic duo, Captain Tacolicious and Candyman have faced many threats—but none so strange as the one they face now. After a confrontation with Mr. Dracula, Candyman’s powers go haywire. The only solution? He must travel to the Food Pyramid in distant Mexico and face off against the elementals of food—Durian Gray, Bake Master, Meat Head, the Wisconsin Cheese Beast, and Cap’s arch-nemesis Mister Asparagus. Can our heroes discover the delicious truth? Or are they doomed to go hungry?”

Peter’s altered Swamp Thing origin cracks me up. Like Alec Holland, Dr Hollandaise is working on a restorative formula. The Dr’s dairy based formula would end world hunger but it proves to be a problem for “a consortium of dairy chefs enraged by the potential culinary effects”. Similar to Alec Holland, goons thwart the Dr’s plans and leave him for dead. In this version of the legend Alec falls into boiling cheese and emerges The Wisconsin Cheese Beast!

The comic does not solely focus on the familiar looking Wisconsin Cheese Beast but I certainly did while reading the book. The plot is much more elaborate than the panels I’ve provided and I recommend visiting Joey’s site and ordering your copy of the comic.

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