Holland Files all around the world

The debut issue of Holland Files -the international Swamp Thing fanzine– has been popping up all around the world! A hundred more books will be shipping out this weekend and that’ll conclude the run of Holland Files #1. I’ve already started organizing a line-up for issue two and am excited to keep the Holland Files fanzine going into the future. In the meantime, thank you for your patience as your Swampy package arrives.
 photo 0B24A853-34CF-4DDE-AC59-DE58989A0A9D.jpg

I heard from Casey Lau in Hong Kong (image above) and Joost Bohnen in Amsterdam (image below). They took these great photos of the book with their hometown in the background. Share your copy of Holland Files and I’ll share them with everyone here on the site.

Thank you,

 photo 0D0D9FF5-B16C-40BC-B370-504AD3BF44AA.jpg

From Stan in Tasmania!
 photo FullSizeRender.jpg

From Bryan in Hawaii!
 photo BB94D905-347D-4B03-ACED-697F55DC56A5.jpg

From Rodrigo in Brazil
 photo E5DDC73E-C5DF-43D7-BC6D-EAA297537FDF.jpg

From Tim in Kentucky. He sells these!
 photo IMG_5217.jpg

From Tyson in Canada!
 photo Canada.jpg

From Gianni in Vermont!
 photo 9EA91BD4-AC1C-4BA6-97BE-B01B6F3DE31F.jpg

From Willie in Mississippi
 photo 7CDC57C8-16F3-4F8D-A6D4-E07DFFFD5B4F.jpg

From the folks at Monster Masks in Pennsylvania
 photo 1EE2043E-90CA-47CE-9BC8-3CC038445C27.jpg


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