Superband 9: Swampy’s in Germany

Batman – Superband 9 (1979)
Ein Monster Sieht Rot!

Swamp Thing appears in this fantastic, oversized German edition. It collects a number of Batman stories and Swampy’s appearance falls within “Ein Monster Sieht Rot!” , originally printed in Swamp Thing 7 (1973). A fellow Swamp Thing fan let me know that this is Swampy’s first appearance in a German comic. I thought that was pretty darn cool!
 photo EC962BA0-749B-4969-A0C5-C64C8BFA487C.jpg

The cover of the book is unique in that it references the Swamp Thing story, “Night of the Bat” but does not use the original cover. I love finding non-US editions that feature reinterpreted Swamp Thing covers.
 photo C72BD78A-C23D-4A15-98DF-4E952EB85BCF.jpg

I was really surprised to see this cool centerfold spread of Batman. The image comes from “Night of the Bat”, drawn by Bernie Wrightson (who draws my favorite Batman).
 photo 1224F523-5211-4118-9AC3-25840FD1B13B.jpg
Below are some other tales featured in the edition.

From The Brave and the Bold 93 (1970) comes…
“Red Water Crimson Death”
 photo 86DD4651-147B-4980-B91E-B020D5488818.jpg

From Batman 250 (1973) comes…
“The Batman Nobody Knows!”
 photo 29846FC1-32E7-4CBB-9879-3DA3DD5DAE5E.jpg

From Batman 227 (1970) comes…
“The Demon of Gothos Mansion!”
 photo DEC505BD-6C2B-4B25-9981-C4F9D84456F4.jpg

Detective Comics 410 (1971) comes…
“A Vow From the Grave!”
 photo 527DA3CA-EB2A-423F-99A9-CD1F45D9E6E5.jpg

back cover:
 photo 4794D726-1EFB-4038-B22D-E9A95E0E5925.jpg


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