Metal & Bombshells

Dark Days: The Casting 1 (2017)

Catching up on reading, I got around to Snyder and Capullo’s, The Casting. It’s the second prelude book for the upcoming Dark Nights/Metal miniseries. It’s certainly captured my attention and I’m looking forward to the six issues to follow.

I was excited to see a metallic variant cover. my iPad case makes a cool effect, reflected in the cover on the right making it look red.

Like most of what is coming out of DC, the story involves a cataclysmic event that is sure to make you question what you thought you knew. It may very well tear a hole in the fabrics of the space tine continu…. um.

I’m ready for the world changing events to be long gone in our rear view mirror , and am looking forward to DC digging their feet in and forgetting about reimagining their universe. Perhaps a website (where you are) focused on a vegetable based anti-hero (Swamp Thing) isn’t the best place to make hotdog analogies, but DC’s universe shuffling reminds me of how a simple hotdog is so great. It’s tried and true. It doesn’t need to be dressed up or reimagined to be enjoyed. Swamp Thing is tried and true like a hotdog, and the more convoluted his environment, the less satisfying he becomes. But, that’s just one muck maniacs opinion… who’s now hungry for a dog.

The book is packed with great references and nods to classic DC characters and teams. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Parliament of Trees/Swamp Thing referenced on the title page. This is one of numerous books, lately, that Swamp Thing has popped up in or been alluded to. Sadly, he does not appear in this book but perhaps will in the 6 books to come.

The writing and artwork is great. In typical fashion, Snyder is setting the table for a big showdown.

DC Bombshells 32 (2017)
Free for All

Staying true to form within the Bombshells universe, Swamp Thing makes his single panel appearances (see DCBS#5, DCBS#6, DCBS#30, DCBS#31).

Although, this time he looks very strange…

Looking like a mix between Killer Croc and Sloth from the Goonies, Swamp Thing picks up a tank. I wish I could say he didn’t more. In this issue, Bombells Universe’s Abigail Holland takes the lead and delivers an empowering speech as they march into battle. It’ll be interesting t see if Swamp Thing is a sentient, articulate monster or if he is at the command of Abigail. Swampy appears in issue 33, next month,


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