Swamp Thing 9 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 9 (1974)
The Stalker From Beyond
 photo st-9-1.jpg
Swampy has been doing a lot of traveling and he finally makes it back home in issue 9. As you can see he’s still getting used to transportation.
 photo st-9-2.jpg

 photo st-9-3.jpg
Oozing, slime-caked trail sounds awful. I’m glad this character flaw didn’t carry over in other issues.

Meanwhile, Cable & Abigail enjoy the splendors of subpar gulfcoast beaches.
 photo st-9-4.jpg
 photo st-9-5.jpg
…why would this well dressed man choose to walk through the surf?
Find yourself some dry coastline.
 photo st-9-6.jpg
Matt, calm down. Let Smithers wring his pants out on your lap.

Back at the swamp barn turned super secret lab, Swampy figures things out really quickly.
 photo st-9-7.jpg
An alien in the lab!? “It’s huge!”
 photo st-9-8.jpg
“Oh wait, he’s only a few inches taller than me”
 photo st-9-9.jpg
During his struggle with the alien stranger Swamp Thing finally harnesses his powers of regeneration!
 photo st-9-10.jpg
…  and friendship
 photo st-9-13.jpg
Everyone wants the alien while the alien just wants to go home.
 photo st-9-11.jpg

The book has a very strange and abrupt ending. I was really rooting for Swampy’s new friend.
 photo st-9-12.jpg

That red baron is one hell of a fokker.
 photo st-9-ad-5.jpg

Mickey has a smile in his trousers, Goofy is having chest pains.
 photo st-9-ad-2.jpg

I wonder if bullying would decrease if these ads still ran in comics today.
 photo st-9-ad-3.jpg
Joe Weider: transparent, white, destructive and cheap!
 photo st-9-ad-4.jpg

Letters page:
 photo st-9-letterspg.jpg
well then… I’ll keep my money.


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