Swamp Thing 17 (1st Series)

Swamp Thing 17 (1975)
The Destiny Machine
 photo ST-17-1.jpg

I’ve always felt that this cover was Swampy’s boston terrier look. His strangely proportioned face and pug nose is a little disturbing. Maybe it’s because this is a dog filled issue.

 photo ST-17-2.jpg
Robot hugs! Some delightful fan hired a sky writer to spell Swamp Thing’s name for this great panel.

 photo ST-17-3.jpg
Bolt, again with the odd insults.

 photo ST-17-4.jpg
The Conclave requires all henchmen to wear the required Phantom uniform.

 photo ST-17-5.jpg

 photo ST-17-6.jpg
I would love to see a comic/short story featuring Ellery’s road to recovery.

 photo ST-17-7.jpg
Behold the Ultra Cerebralociter! the most cumbersome, robotic bed in all the land!

 photo ST-17-8.jpg
This is downright poetry. Such supple words have never graced these eyes in a fortnights length.

 photo ST-17-9.jpg
Amidst the confusion and chaos Conclave goon #132583 is being pantsed by a robotic dog.

 photo ST-17-10.jpg
This issue is a must read for the wheelchair hurling alone.

 photo ST-17-11.jpg
I was hoping Rod Serling would step out from behind a curtain and narrate the rest of the book. The end of this issue reads a lot like the Twilight Zone or Night Gallery.

 photo ST-17-Ads1.jpg
She is in the kitchen wearing an apron which leads me to believe that she is working very hard to keep her ungrateful kids fed, clothed, clean and well behaved. The kids should be ashamed of themselves.

 photo ST-17-Ads2.jpg
Love does spread like germs. You mess with Love, you get the germs.

 photo ST-17-Ads3-1.jpg
Swampy looks like he is ready to party! Boston is exercising his frog style.

 photo ST-17-Ads4.jpg
Finger Chopper/Cigarette Chopper: a must have for kids and adults alike.

 photo ST-17-Ads5.jpg
Family photos are always the best photos.

Letters Page:
 photo ST-17-LP1.jpg
Test the new scripter?
Who is Mark Schmieder from Concord, Massachusetts  trying to fool?


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