Swamp Thing 23 (Series 1)

Swamp Thing 23 (1976)
Rebirth and Nightmare
I’ve always enjoyed the last two issues of series 1. Leading up to these issues it becomes very clear that the book was struggling. The issues don’t string together very well and Swamp Thing’s adventures/mishaps are all over the place. Joe Orlando continuously mentioned the numerous creative team changes in the letters pages. I guess the quality of the book suffered with all of the changes and issues in flux. NEVERTHELESS, That’s what makes your favorite characters great. Their portrayal amid shortcomings can be as endearing as their most noble book.
Swamp Thing’s never ending misfortune has now become comical. He has endured 23 issues of agony and bewilderment. Most comic book heroes have a place of sanctuary. Batman has the Bat Cave, Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, Spider-Man has his bedroom but Swampy is just roaming around. and he’s been kidnapped… a few times. 24 issues is a pretty decent streak for bad luck.
They changed the Swamp Thing title design on the cover! The title went from the traditional horror font to this goofy, nondescript title.

I believe the passion is derived from his Rick James boots.

But don’t hold my breath? Sooo it may take a long time or you might not do what you said you would do? A trifle bit obscure indeed good sir.

“We promise you’ll understand everything by this issue’s end. Just hold on a while longer” The narrator provides plenty of hand holding in this issue.

Swamp Thing breaks into his brother’s place.
Edward is a trip. He is coming up in…

“Good lord!” “Edward!”

dear “brother!”, “Dear God!”

I’m not sure if an explanation is really needed but I think he is going to do it anyway.

And he does. Edward preaches to the choir, repeating Swampy’s story back to him.

Swamp Thing: “Yep, that is what I told you”

Swamp Thing: “Yes, you have proven that you were indeed listening now lets get started on…”

Swamp Thing: “you are nailing every single detail. It’s like you were right there. You’re going to recite this at every cocktail party aren’t you?”

Swamp Thing: “a moment of silence would be nice”

Edward has so much confidence.

After days of scientific tinkering by the great Edward Holland MD, He comes to the conclusion that to change his brother back into his human form he will have to undergo the exact same process that made him become Swamp Thing. Edward is recommending Swamp Thing be covered in chemicals, exploded, set afire and thrown into a large inflatable swimming pool. It feels like Edward Holland is confusing the concept of two wrongs making a right with fight fire with fire.

Swampy sat through Edward’s audible reenactment, his multiple biological tests and now he just wants some piece and quite outside but…

She does a fantastic job of making Swamp Thing feel that his problems aren’t so bad. Her uncle was also an onion but that’s for another time.

Twelve hours of traveling via hovercraft would be the worst not to mention conspicuous.

Back to the above-ground inflatable pool.
oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!

I completely understand Saber’s apprehension toward Holland and his crew. They did trick him by staging a funeral for Swamp Thing. If they would fake his death by holding a funeral, I wouldn’t put it past them to stage the Holland accident in the Louisiana swamp again… as they are here.

This is one of my favorite panels from series one.
John Zero was a government stooge who had nothing. Swamp Thing came along and ruined all of that. So it stands to reason that John Zero benefited by having Swamp Thing around to free him of his misery?

Swampy put this poor guy through the ringer.
Next issue is the 24th, the last in series one. It feels like a seminal moment for this blog. I am looking forward to moving on to series 2.

I think the image is a finger in a Venus fly trap?

I am a really big fan of super goodies.

This is a great item.

Jack Davis

Letters Page:
Unpredictability for all!
It sounds like no one quite knows what is going to happen.

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