Swamp Thing No. 5 – Italian

Swamp Thing No. 5 Italian (1999)
This Italian edition features issues 36-39 of Swamp Thing, series two. The book was released a year after the Essential Vertigo run and has a similar layout, as you can see.
 photo CCB285CC-0E83-4057-A3B2-602B8C9E2D56.jpg

The cover folds out to reveal all four Swamp Thing covers. I’m not sure why Calm Waters (translated) is on the front cover, seeing that ST #37 Growth Patterns is being represented. The rest of the covers are properly labeled and are not translated to Italian. The covers also appear to be re-colored.
 photo 4B45FDAA-837B-425E-BC76-D1064A7ADB78.jpg
ST #37 Growth Patterns               ST #36 The Nukeface Papers – Part Two

 photo 20018FFF-21F5-47CD-B011-1F9B97B0E4C0.jpg
ST #38 Still Waters              ST #39 Fish Story

 photo E7951013-EB67-41DD-A994-B360628A15F9.jpg

The cutest Swampling, in Italian
 photo 9C1B9D35-9C01-4720-8C4B-95E9048A6DF2.jpg

The interior is b/w. I enjoy seeing the details when the pages aren’t colored.
 photo 2E12AF9A-6D4A-4102-87A3-D49325C06C9F.jpg
 photo A7C4B81A-79E6-4A81-914A-919E7516DFDC.jpg
 photo 9AEC7EDA-49A5-4FA0-9A4B-1408D1B39A49.jpg


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