Swamp Thing No. 5 – Italian

Swamp Thing No. 5 Italian (1999)
This Italian edition features issues 36-39 of Swamp Thing, series two. The book was released a year after the Essential Vertigo run and has a similar layout, as you can see.

The cover folds out to reveal all four Swamp Thing covers. I’m not sure why Calm Waters (translated) is on the front cover, seeing that ST #37 Growth Patterns is being represented. The rest of the covers are properly labeled and are not translated to Italian. The covers also appear to be re-colored.
ST #37 Growth Patterns               ST #36 The Nukeface Papers – Part Two

ST #38 Still Waters              ST #39 Fish Story


The cutest Swampling, in Italian

The interior is b/w. I enjoy seeing the details when the pages aren’t colored.

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