Series 6 Preview

Swamp Thing 1 (series 6) Preview
The Dead Don’t Sleep 
Swamp Thing previews and review materials are out-n-about and I’m more excited than ever for the release date, January 6, 2016. I’m quite interested to hear how fans respond. I know a number of loyal Swamp Thing fans stopped reading the character once the 52 series started due to the drastic change in direction and characterization. Despite the decline in readership, later leading to the series’ demise, the 52 timeline seemed to sink it’s hooks into quite a few readers. For some, Soule and Snyder are revered for revitalizing the character. I didnt quite latch onto series five and didn’t feel Swamp Thing needed to be reimagined (wings, horns and the like) but I can appreciate the efforts and enjoyed Soule’s run quite a bit.

It’s commonplace to nitpick and criticize, as we see and read on all forms of social media. So many opinions, so much effort, wasted on the unknown and what we aren’t able to control. It’s tiring, played out and usually focuses on the negative rather than appreciating positive attributes. At the risk of coming off as idealistic, I’m not interested in setting people straight but I am hoping folks enjoy the new series and what Wein and Jones have to offer. Whether you’re a Swamp Thing purest or a fan of superhero Swampy (new 52), the coming year is going to be exciting and Swamp Thing filled. Well, for six months at least.
 photo 845348AB-9C4D-4E11-B3A9-AAB28184D604.jpg
It appears that traditional Swamp Thing is back in business! Wein and Jones return Swampy to his roots within the horror genre. Kelley Jones’ artwork is spectacular. The whole book is filled with eye candy and fun details. Wein begins the book vividly describing Swampy and his surroundings. I’m enjoying the cadence and poetic tone he establishes.
 photo E46E9930-0DD7-4F02-BFA6-5C700B61B019.jpg
Page 2, panel 1 is great.
The wet, mossy brow of the muck-encrusted mockery of a man.
Swamp Thing’s origin is quickly and eloquently handled. Wein jumps right into the story.
 photo 5071EA0D-B0A3-4C73-B531-422723328DDE.jpg
Swampy is a lot more talkative and seemingly casual in his tone. I enjoyed the playfulness.
 photo B14BF4A4-7E67-4124-BAA7-68B6F62A3DE5.jpg
Yanick Paquette’s variant cover
 photo 7CC3529B-577D-40F8-B56A-DDAC228375F0.jpg

2 thoughts on “Series 6 Preview

  1. Looks like we have a pre-Alan Moore Anatomy Lesson, Wein written Swamp Thing by looking at the first few panels of the flashback scenes. If it was New 52 the origin would have played out differently; Holland giving himself to the Green by his on choosing and becoming the Avatar.

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