Critics Choice Files: Green Mansions

Critics Choice Magazine Spotlight Swamp Thing #2 (1987)
Critics Choice Files: Swamp Thing, Green Mansions

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Similar to Critics Choice #1, the book starts with a colorful introduction.

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Book 2 of 3 from Psi Fi Movie Press spotlights Stephen Bissette with a lengthy and insightful interview. It’s a shame his name was misspelled in the gigantic headline.
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Bissette provides a candid look inside Pasko’s work on Swamp Thing, his focus toward the end of his run and Moore’s concerns with starting work on Swampy.
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Like the book felt in a number of issues, Bissette mentions the concepts and stories getting stale and tired.
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Bissette recalls his research trip to Houma.
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Bisette on Alcala and Totleben’s work
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This was the most interesting tidbit in the lot. Bissette mentioning that he used photos of Sigourney Weaver as a reference for Abby. I’ll need to comb through the early Bissette issues to look for the resemblance.
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I love that Bissette’s advice to artists and writers is to, “live a life”. We talk a lot about this kind of stuff at work. Living an interesting life inspires your work, your creative process and your outlook. It doesn’t require money, just time and some effort in taking yourself out of your comfort zone to try something new.
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I wish Bissette had directly addressed the question, “how far ahead did you plan things out?”. There seemed to be a great deal of cohesion and foreshadowing throughout their run. He does have some great moments regarding Karen Berger though
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Bissette discusses pushing the boundaries with issue #29 “Love and Death”
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Author, Martin Cannon continues where he left off in CC#1 by analyzing issues 34-50.
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2 thoughts on “Critics Choice Files: Green Mansions

  1. always love to read Mr. Bissette’s interviews. so full of info.
    can’t wait for your Collins interview. I’m just getting into her run on my read-through. I don’t think DC has ever reprinted her run and that’s a damn shame. the lady did it all! she had bone-chilling horror, a very sharp wit, and added a sense of family life that nobody else could have done as well. she was truly a breath of fresh air especially after wading through the Quest for the Elementals storyline.

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