Swamp Thing Fanzine!


There’s been a lot of excitement going around in the Swamp Thing world and I am extremely excited to share in the international Swamp Thing zine that I am producing. Evident through this website, I have a deep rooted passion for Swamp Thing. Swampy’s rich history has provided a great deal of creative and entertaining content over the past 40 years. The legendary creative teams that have worked on the comic, the two films, two television series and all of the unique/oddball collectibles has helped establish a focused, dedicated fanbase that is rivaled by few. These loyal muck-encrusted Swamp Thing fans are all over the world and I’ve been fortunate enough to share in their passion and establish relationships with many of them. To celebrate Swamp Thing fandom, I am designing and producing the world’s first international Swamp Thing fanzine. The fanzine will be a wonderful collaboration involving many talented people from around the world and will serve as something special for all Swamp Thing fans and lovers of fandom to share. The fanzine features character creator spotlights, interviews, pro and amateur art, a science corner (written by an actual scientist), and much much more! Creative contributors include Swamp Thing creator Bernie Wrightson, Rick Veitch, Nancy A Collins, Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder, Bill Munns, Rich Handley, Daniel Emery Taylor and many more! The fanzine will have a limited print run with a focus quality materials, making the fanzine feel unique and special to Swamp Thing fans. If you are interested in supporting the fanzine, to help offset production costs, please visit my Kickstarter page here:
Kickstarter.com – International Swamp Thing Fanzine

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