The Big Green Bloke & His Adventures Make it into Sandman

Sandman #3 “Master of Dreams, Part 3: Dream a Little Dream of Me” (March 1989)

Sandman 3 features a whole lot of John Constantine, with just a hint of Swamp Thing. If you’ve not read Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run, you may have missed some of the fun references to Swampy and Constantine’s adventures.


Morpheus is in town and he’s looking for Dream’s Sand Pouch. It was stolen from him some time ago and he’s intent on getting it back. John Constantine has had it for so long that he doesn’t remember where he put it, or if he still has it.


John is very surprised to see Morpheus at his door. Prior to this meeting, Constantine didn’t believe Sandman existed.


Constantine recalls that the pouch may be at Chas’ “lock-up” (self storage). Before the two travel to the lock-up to retrieve it, in typical fashion, Constantine takes the time to insult Morpheus. The best part of this insult is that John throws Swampy in on the ribbing!


Apparently John doesn’t find imitation to be flattering. I think Morpheus and Constantine would make a rockin’ trench coat band. 


While at the lock-up, John can be seen going through his old files. Half of the files reference Swamp Thing and/or the adventures he’s been on with Swamp Thing.


The “Brujeria” file references John’s information and dealings with the secret society of male witches. The Brujeria were referenced or appeared in Swamp Thing 46-49. The Brujeria are also referenced in Hellblazer 7 & 8. “American Gothic” was the story arc brilliantly crafted by Alan Moore, and is considered to be Swamp Thing issues, 37-50. I’d love to read what John has tucked away in his “The Plant Elemental” file.



Constantine finally finds a clue as to where Dream’s Sand Pouch is and the two go and retrieve it. I love this book and highly recommend reading it. It’s a great example of the destruction Constantine leaves in his wake. Many of those who’ve spent time with him, or whom he’s cared for, end up hurt in some way.


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