Topp-Serien 7

Topp-Serien 7 (1977) Sweden
From what I could find, Topp-Serien means top series and the book is one of my favorite non-US publications in my collection. The book was published in Sweden and features Swamp Thing #15 (series 1).
It’s great to see Nestor Redondo’s title page re-imagined for a cover. The cover design feels more like a movie poster than a comic book.
Träsk Mannen translates to “swamp man”. Svart Maggi means “black magic”.

I forgot that series one featured a helicopter/lasso kidnapping. We see the same unorthodox abduction method in Swamp Thing 6 (series 2).0978FCFE-7FCC-4BE3-ACAF-864256F8E403

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