The Return of Swamp Thing T-shirt

The Return of Swamp Thing t-shirt
I don’t have a manufacturing date for the shirt but based on the movie it’s promoting, I’d say 1989. I recently acquired the shirt from a vintage clothing store out of California.
 photo 9C3D1D14-393A-4619-BA04-480854AB8496.jpg
The illustration on the shirt is based on artwork by Totleben & Bissette from Saga of the Swamp Thing #34 Rites of Spring
The illustration may look like a close copy of the last page of SotST #34 but notice the feet. The choice to put heels on Abby is quite funny.

 photo 749BDFAD-4E1F-4BED-B93A-29AE49EF24EB.jpg


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